Slowly the Urge to Get Back Up Leaves Me With the Desire to Sit Back Down

My Mother is five-foot-two, and I’ll be honest with you- She’s the only person I’m scared of ~ Kiefer Sutherland


I’ve recently slowly returned to the second world and actually shot five different blog styles. Yay me! Any way, it’s a slow process. The mum is moved and happy as a pig in, well, what ever it is pigs waller in. Now I am onward towards my newest mum challenge, you may know the one “But they said it was a “free” trial” (as opposed to the $49.95 a month that’s been showing up on her bank statement). Can someone please send me a Xanax and a cup of jo? Yeah, it’s almost that bad, parents, you have to love em because from what I’ve researched you can’t leave them safely at the fire station.

As an aside, I recently was asked to style for Versus‘ magazines Spring/Summer edition. I spent a small fortune researching the heads, at an average 2500L’s a shot the exploration is not for the light of wallet. In the end, I chose to wear one of the originals from TMP.  Since a mesh head isn’t an item I normally wear, I decided to make the expense “seem” worthwhile and will be wearing it this upcoming week in my blog posts. Just letting you know incase I forget to give the cred’s where the cred’s is due.

Hair: .:cheveux:., F059 @ Hairology
Necklace: Pure Poison, Patched Heart Necklace @ Uber
Earring: [Mandala] , Hoshigaki
Jacket: *COCO*, Tuxedo Jacket
Bra/tap pants: Ison, lace trim shorts and bralete @ Uber

Body: Maitreya, Lara V3.5
Head: TMP, soft
Makeup, Zibska for TMP
Pose: Nantra

10 thoughts on “Slowly the Urge to Get Back Up Leaves Me With the Desire to Sit Back Down

      1. and you do too and you own it. I think what happens when it looks different is how people imprint their own personalities into it and that makes a world of difference! xox

  1. You look great in your head!!
    I Have yet to find the time to play with mesh heads. I Have a few Genesis ones and a logo but haven’t found time to play with them . lol I still need to update my outfits with the Maitreya update.

    1. Lol that’s grand since I am kinda attached to it! 😉 Seriously tho, I have quite a few too and I have a difficult time finding one I really like enough to wear all the time. The odd thing is a LOT of them look so kick arse on the Ad and on other people, but on me, it’s like YIKES! Dust those bad boys off and put ’em on Owl, I wanna seeeeeeee!

    1. It’s really strange, I’ve never liked any mesh heads on me, but this one DOES look pretty good. I just wish it had the features the Lelutka ones have. Huge hug Moco, have a happy weekend!

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