If I’d Only Known Then

Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it. ~ William Feather

Lincoln Cove bch cottage

This week just flew by. On January 1st, if you had told me we would be three months past Christmas in a blink of an eye, I’d have called you a dirty dog liar. But looky there, it’s March 3rd. I wonder if that means I am finally of the age where, in the old days, I’d look at a person (insert parents name here) and think to myself “boy are they old and out of touch.” If only I’d been wise enough to know that, no, I was the one who didn’t quite know life yet. Anyway, I digressed from a simple have a happy weekend to geezer speak. I don’t know about you, but I think I am going to find me an old person this weekend and let them glean a little knowledge on me. Wishing you a fun weekend with a little wisdom tied to the back end.

Hair: Truth, Polilla @Uber
Head: The Mesh Project, Babydoll
Makeup: Zibska *Just Buy them All!*
Dress: =Zenith=, Ballerina @Uber
Wraps: fri., reverie wraps @Uber
Body: Maitreya, Lara
Home: Moco Emporium Lincoln Cove Bch Cottage @Home & Garden Expo w. 100% proceeds to Relay for Life

17 thoughts on “If I’d Only Known Then

  1. I plan on stopping and smelling some roses this weekend. Then knowing me I’ll probably sneeze.
    Hugss Cao and have a good time hunting the wisdom of the elders this weekend.

    1. Have fun smellin the roses! Just remember in the words of a wise one “blue flower red thorns, blue flower red thorns. Blue flower red thorns. Man this would be easier if I wasnt colored blind!”

    1. whew I thought I had done something wrong bc I rarely wear shoos! 😀 The “shoos” are the “wraps” listed. They are at Uber and created by fri. Huge huggy smooch Moco ❤

      1. Thank goodness I can go shopping now, can’t wait. I’ve been wearing the same outfit since the Homes & Garden Expo began 3 weeks ago. Big huggsies back atcha ❤

      2. Very funny…I was wondering ‘why all the mesh flies’. Anyway I have just spent a fortune and also bought the gold version of the dress you have and the butterfly wrap shoes as the other wraps did not quite fit but it all looks fab!

      3. so strange, my foto is unedited so they worked on me. Were you wearing a maitreya mesh body? Well, anyway, I am glad you made it work and you always look fab! :*

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