Beauty Begins

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. ~ Coco Chanel


One time, about six months ago, I thought to meet Dr. Ben at the door like this. I didn’t think it through too much, much to my dismay. I scrambled home early, showered and donned some pretty knickers, put on a coat (don’t be a hater, fake fur I sware) and proceeded to wait. And wait. That’s the thing about doctor’s, their schedules are pretty flexible with emergencies and unplanned changes of plans. The longer I waited the more tipsy I became. I am rather shy by nature and there was no way I was pulling this off without a glass of wine or twelve. Anyway as it grew later, a rather upset and needy KT the Wonder Dog (her nickname for herself) made it rather apparent that if I didn’t take her out she was going to find one of my favorite things to make her deposit on. That’s the thing about not thinking it through. A thinker would have at least put on clothes, a drinker would just go for it, I mean, how long can it possibly take? Right? Grabbing KT’s leash we wandered out the door, us outside in the chilly freezing 95 degree Fahrenheit (35C) night. Me and my best girl KT, me and KT and a rather warm night. In a coat. Me and my KT, a rather warm night, a faux fur coat and blistering heat, in nothing but knickers and a faux fur coat. But don’t worry about me, the old Cao, because right about the second the first bead of sweat rolled down my back to wedge firmly in my knickers I realized I’d walked out and left the keys to the locked front door INSIDE the house.

I’d dare to wager that was the night romance died in Crescent Beach, Florida. Yep, I’d take that bet. Hey I can’t make this chit up and just thought I’d pass it on incase any of you decide to get a wild hair-brained idea like it. Think of it as a community service.

Hair: [Due], Kojima
Earrings: (Kunglers), Morgana @ Cosmopolitan
Necklace: (Kunglers), Sabrina @ We ❤ Role Play
Coat: *COCO*, Long Fur Coat
Knickers: DeadDollz, Zephyr @ Uber
Pose: Nantra

16 thoughts on “Beauty Begins

  1. lol aww I bet you were cute and whoever had to come get you back inside happy with your choice of attire.

  2. Laughs! Typical doctor, as you say 🙂 Now I have to imagine you breaking into the house again, complete with dog and fur coat lol

    1. Lol thank goodness no! When you know who came home I didn’t talk to him for a week! Now he calls me when he will be late bc he knows what a disaster waiting to happen I am 😡

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