On Kudzu

Like Kudzu moving over the landscape,  A pall is cast over our aspirations, Channelizing dreams to nigh nightmares; ~ Tom Wright


I’ve been a bit adrift in the Second Life recently, my first life is taking over like the insidious kudzu vine choking the last breath out of every living thing around it. I kept thinking I would blog about my current life, but then, something new calls me away. I wrote a notecard to explain my absence to some close friends inworld, even took a pic for a blog post, then nothing. I mean, I have logged in, I’ve landed at my platform in SL a couple of times these past weeks, but I just stood mute for an hour, gazing into cyber-space before logging off. This breadth of space on my blog was the same, I stared at a white sheet begging for word, then turned my eyes away and signed out.
Somewhere among these past nine years I grew up. Don’t get me wrong, I know grown people inhabit Second Life, heck, I myself am not “leaving,” at this point, just somewhere along the way, life happened. I’ve been given the opportunity, a promotion, as it were, but it won’t be seamlessly easy for me. I will need an additional class and a bit of training, but I’ve decided to take my employer up on the offer. The money is nice, but no longer feeling complacent and sedentary, quite frankly bored, is even better. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I’m hoping this doesn’t turn into be careful what you wish for. Time will tell.

Don’t count me out, I am still here, just here being relative at this moment in my life. I hope you have a gorgeous weekend.

Hair: Vanity Hair, Life is Hard @Hairology
Hat/outfit: Zibska, Alfhildr, @The Secret Affair
Ears: [Mandala], Elf ears long
Boots: Maitreya, Moccasin Boots

Ear Worm

19 thoughts on “On Kudzu

  1. I agree with Peep. Just be your wonderful self and do what makes you happy. Do we miss you? Of course, but only because we love you. Every creative soul goes through times when they need to step back and restock their secret stash of creative goodies.
    Just know that I will always have a yummy waffle cone full of some scrumptious ice cream waiting and ready for you. Hugzzz and rainbows, unicorns, and sunshine for you always!

  2. Life does move on, my dear friend! Best to be doing something, rather than getting bored with it all. We’re not meant to live in a vacuum but to experience whatever comes our way. I am saying that looking back over a lifetime of experiences, some of which I would have avoided if possible – but then I wouldn’t be the person that I am now without the good, the bad and the ugly. Second Life is much more cut throat I find, than it ever was before. Everything is so serious, so technicolored and meaningful in a way that means nothing – if you understand what I mean. I go in there nowadays for the friendships and to do a bit of building, maybe. Once upon a time it was much more childish in a good way… folks enjoyed it more then, I think. All things evolve depending on the input of the participants and in such a melting pot, it goes the way of the mercenary and the mean which is a bit of a shame, considering the earlier years.

    Much love ❤

  3. Congrats on your promotion and for getting the extra money! That means more cash for real and virtual faux fur coats and for an extra set of keys. Just in case you get locked out of the house again 🙂

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