Fashion is a tyrant from which there is no deliverance; all must conform to its whimsical ~ French Proverb

I have to say, it’s been a rather interesting sabbatical from Second Life. As I painfully slowly type with my left hand and the middle finger of my right it makes me long to give the real world a middle fingered “FU”. But I won’t because this too shall pass. I’ve started the new job, admittedly hobbled due to the cast on said right arm due to a compound fractured right elbow. The funny thing is, my mama once told me “trouble comes in threes.” Have you ever heard it? The Friday of the week I started my new job someone rear-ended a vehicle and pushed the vehicle into my Jeep. Though unsettling, being the final destination of the crasher’s trip, the damage wasn’t too bad and I certainly wasn’t hurt. The Jeep is being fixed as we speak. Easy in, easy out, right? Well, apparently not hurt enough to please the Fates. The next Tuesday on my lunch hour I ran home to walk Katy. At 15 years of age, I pretty much have to contain her with a doggy gate because she has had seizures and since she takes phenobarbital I worry she will injure herself if she climbs anywhere. As I was leaving, sandwich in one hand, water in the other, my shoe caught on the gate and I knew me and the tile were about to be best friends. Not about to lose my death grip on the sandwich or the water, (what can I say, I was pretty danged hungry) I did the next best thing, I landed on my elbow. *note to self, “Self, an elbow is not the optimum surface mass of the body to land on in a pinch, next time land on the sammie”* The salt to the wound? By the time I had enough clarity about me to realize a bone sticking out and blood on white tile might not be a positive indication of a safe trip, Katy grabbed my sandwich and made a break for the door. Paper towels to arm, I grabbed an old elbow brace to wrap it, spent 15 minutes trying to corral Katy the Wild-Dog, and drove myself to the ER. Kinda a sad story isn’t it? Well, at this point, I can laugh.. a little… It was all just so typically Cao.

Rest in Peace my fierce protector

Oh. I reckon we were talking about trouble in threes weren’t we? Yeah, it came in threes. On Sunday I buried my best friend. On Saturday Katy had flu-like symptoms and couldn’t keep anything down. By Sunday she quit trying to. Around noon she started having seizure after seizure. The vet met me at his office and we gave her rest. Taylor wrapped her in a towel and buried her in a corner of his yard by a rose bush and he bought and placed a little Jack Russell Terrior-ist statue on the site so I can go out and sit with her whenever I need to. I make a practice of visiting each night to watch the sun set as that was our favorite time to walk. And as I sit or stand there next to her I can’t help but think of our lives together, hers and mine. She went to college with me, twice. She helped pick significant others for me by the wag of a tail or walking away rebuff. She waited patiently for me to come home every day and even let me tell her about my day before demanding I give her the  time a “real live girl” like her deserved. She learned to surf when I refused to give up swimming in the ocean. My Katy was a valiant, fierce and loyal friend to the end. I know there was probably no need to blog this post, but I felt a few friends of mine out there, the ones that transcend Second Life to feeling more like the comfortable real sort of friends, would want to know. So many of you have lived through my Second Life’s travels and perils, my real life days of having a posse and being undate-able, the loss of my father and the real life fears of having a five foot nothing tiger mom. Eight years in, you are in so many ways my family and I appreciate each and every one of you for it.

Ear Worm

Hair: .:cheveaux:., F059
Necklace: Pure Poison, Patched Heart
Earring: [Mandala], Hoshigaki & Leather Feather
Makeup: Zibska for TMP
Jacket: CoCo, Tuxedo jacket

27 thoughts on “Deliverance

  1. Oh my goodness, Hugs you so tight.. what a time you’ve had. Even though i dont you well Cao, Ive always loved hearing your stories about Katy, I’ll miss them and I hope you have a speedy recovery with your elbow. ❤

  2. I lost my Phoebe on Tuesday. I also have a whole lifetime of memories with her, including moving to a new country. These little creatures are pure unconditional love. Know that she will be waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Stay safe. ❤

  3. oh Cao, what a painful time and yet you still bring us beauty in your words and image. accept a big hug from me ❤

  4. Fifteen years of best friends is a long time, longer than a lot of marriages. When all is said and done ‘best friends’ are the most unselfish relationship because neither party has any ulterior motive. Dogs are best friends to us humans and we’ll always have them in our hearts, like you do Katy, like I do my favorite dog who was my companion throughout childhood. They don’t live as long as we do but they compensate for this in so many joyful, cheeky and affectionate ways. Katy won’t be your last dog but she’ll be the one you remember the most. I’m sure our Maker has places for such animals in Heaven because it’d be a poorer place without them ❤ Much love from across the ocean ❤

    1. And you know I am always here in both of your worlds as well. You are such a cherished part of my life DraaDraa Dragon, from the day you started stalking me *cough* to today, a besty to the end. ❤

  5. Losing a loved pet is so damn hard. The wiggle themselves into our very souls and they leave a huge hole when they go. My cat Bolsley is the only thing keeping me sane. And he knows I am talking about him and he runs over with a Meao and a rub on my pants just to let me know, hey notice me! I hope the sunsets give you some joy. Cruelly life goes on no matter how hard it is. For you a special (Hug)

  6. Can anyone tell me why my name thingy does not show my picture? It used to. It just stopped one day and no matter how many more pictures I put in, it just wont let them show. I’m sick of this pink mess that I assure you is not me!

  7. May God bless you, I was hoping it was something far easier to cope with for the last thing. I’m so sorry, Caoimhe. All I can offer is a hug from a distance and my prayers, but they’re yours.

  8. You’ve surely had your woes this time, and I’m not trying to make light of them when I say this. I’ve lost way too many animal friends over the past decade or so to not know the feeling; add to that your other “fun,” and…. (Helpless shrug) Prayers and love for you, Cao.

  9. Cao recently a friend told me about a Quaker ritual that I would like to share with you. I would like to Hold you in the light. To hold someone in the light is to seek, through prayer, to bring that person into deeper contact with the Divine Presence. Some Quakers imagine the person for whom they are praying actually bathed in a beautiful, gentle light, or picture them surrounded with a halo-liked quality.
    Iam pagan for me to Hold you in the light is well pretty similar. Bathing you in soft healing pink light and sending energy for you to use in whatever way you need to.
    Cao Iam holding you in the light!
    Hugs ❤ Owl

  10. Cao, my dear sweet friend, my heart aches for you. Just so you know I am formulating a plot to kick the Fates in their collective as…um…posteriors. 🙂
    I am also searching for an ice cream cone of the month club, but I have had trouble finding one. Why no one mail orders ice cream I have no idea???
    I am glad you are healing both on the outside and on the inside. Those little precious furry friends we have in life all leave a place none other can fill. It’s the happy memories they leave in their wake that we resurrect when we need a smile. Those times they woke us up in the middle of the night when they were puppies, to go outside after we could have sworn they were just let out. To the times when we tried to teach them that they are supposed to bring the ball back to us, not make us chase them to get it back. Then there are all the times they just spent quiet time with us cuddled on the couch with some ice cream 🙂 and a good movie.
    Your elbow, your jeep, and your heart will all heal, each bearing the scar from a life well lived and filled with fond memories. Hugs and wishes for a speedy return to us Cao, because we really have missed you.

  11. So sorry to hear about Katy, what a time you’ve had..just awful. It’s not easy getting over something like this as she was such an important part of your life for so long. I hope that you can console yourself a little remembering the wonderful life you gave Katy full of love and fun. Sending you a million more hugs ❤

  12. Oh my sweet coahow. I came back from my holiday and since this weekend i wondered where you are. So sorry for this all. Gone from your sight but never from your heart, knowing katy will be close to you. Big hugg ❤

  13. what a very beautiful and poignant tribute to your little friend Cao. It’s wonderful to write from the heart. I’ve found many online friends through blogging!

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