Wait for Me and I Will Go With You

Me: I’m finally happy
Life: Wait a sec

Wait for Me and I Will Go With You

Hold on a second, I will go with you. I think one of the reason’s I’ve been single for so long is because quite oft I don’t want to hold on a second. Especially by the second day of a weekend spent in a tiny condominium on the beach. When Taylor and I are spending time at his house there always seems to be just enough room for me to have alone space and for him to do, you know, whatever it is a gentleman farmer does on the weekend. As an aside, there is a new bunch of young bulls in the pasture behind the house and always wanting to please, I googled “treats for cows” and it mentioned strawberries are an “extra special treat.” Being an “extra special caretaker” I purchased a carton full of them and went out to introduce myself to the new moos. Having only the use of a left hand due to my broken right elbow I underhand threw one out in the direction of the bull. He kind of stared at me, I kind of encouraged back with something like “come on, try it, it’s so good.” He bent down and ate some more grass. Feeling that perhaps I hadn’t gotten my point across to him, I decided to throw another one and try to throw it a little closer to him. I wound up and tossed with as much umpf as a right handed non-pitcher could do left handed and it smacked him right between the eyes. His eyes got huge. I mean REALLY HUGE, he looked at me, then at the ground, then at me, and turned tail and ran over the hill. Strawberries are an extra special treat my arse.

But I digress. When I am at the beach and I decide I want to take a book and chair down to the beach and read, I’ll just go put on a bathing suit, grab the gear and go. But as I get closer to the door, every single time, Taylor says “hold on a second, I will go with you.” And then I sit and wait for 30 minutes while he puts on sunscreen, packs a cooler and does every little item on what I exaggerate to be a ten-page check list. (It’s my blog, I am taking creative liberties) I mean, gee, I can leave now, you can join me in 30 minutes and we both end up at the exact same place. Yeah I know, the adult thing would be to just tell him how I feel. Well I did! Almost two years ago I was walking out the door, chair in hand and I heard a “hold on a second I will go with you,” I turned around and told him “I’ll meet you down there, I wanted to leave right now.” I turned and looked at him, his eyes got huge. I mean REALLY HUGE….

Anyway, I am still more gone than here but wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend and a safe holiday if it is one for you. But though I am still gone, I hope you will hold on a second and I will go with… Oh.

Hair: Tableau Vivant, Luminay @ Collabor88
Makeup: Zibska, Aolani @SaNaRae 25 May
Necklace: Kunglers, Vilma Exclusive @ Penumbra Fashion Week
Earrings: Kunglers, Milena
Knickers: Maitreya, Anais **NEW**
Body: Maitreya, Lara


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