My besty Dragon and I were trying to organize me the other day so we named off as many events as we could think of and the dates they start. I’m a disaster of the worst sort when it comes to remembering dates. After having written it all out, I thought to myself  “Cao (that’s what I call myself, Cao), is it very nice to have all this knowledge and not share it with your friends?” Well, Cao decided it would be a terrible thing to be known as a knowledge hoarder, so here it is. Heck, I reckon I could even leave a taxi for you to make life that much sweeter. Hope you can use this, click on the Taxi! after the event and I’ll even send you a TP if you are inworld right now. Yeah, I’m kinda a nice Cao like that.

21 Shoe:    21st day each Month for 48 hours      LM’s found at:  Taxi!
The Arcade Gacha: Quarterly on 1st day     LM: Taxi!
The Chapter 4: 4th Day of Month       LM: Taxi!
Collabor88: 8th of every month       LM: Taxi!
Cosmopolitan Sales Room: Biweekly       LM: Taxi! 
The Designers Circle: Every 14 days      LM: Taxi! 
The FAD Fashion Event Monthly on the 28th LM: Taxi!
Fameshed: 1st of the Month     LM: Taxi!
The Fantasy Collective: 3rd Week of the Month     LM: Taxi!
@ First: 1st Day of the Month      LM: Taxi!
The Instruments: Once Monthly      LM: Taxi!
Kustom9: 15th of the Month      LM: Taxi!
The Liaison Collaborative: 15th Day of the Month      LM: Taxi!
The Men Department: 4th day of the Month      LM: Taxi!
My Attic @The Deck: Bi-monthly      LM: Taxi!
On 9: 9th day of the month      LM: Taxi!
The Seasons Story: Quarterly on 10th day      LM: Taxi!
The Secret Affair: Bi-monthly on the 15th      LM: Taxi!
Shiny Shabby: 20th Day of the month      LM: Taxi!
Uber: 24th day of the month       LM: Taxi!
We ❤ Role Play:   4th day of the month      LM: Taxi!

For a well-maintained and up to the minute and comprehensive list, please check out my friends over at Seraphim SL! Taxi:


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