I need a “break” today. As I sit here with a weeks worth of designers to blog all I can think of is wandering away for a bit. Those who follow me, know I’ve been known to do so. The added bonus for me today is here I am, winter in Florida. I live, in this podunk fishing village, in my little condo on the beach and the past three days the temperature has been in the 80’s, so after work I am going to turn my laptop off for the evening, take my Jack Russell Terrior-ist for a long walk, and enjoy the taste of the salty air. Virtuality is fun, but always remember, life is filled with smells and tastes too, so don’t get so wrapped up in the aquarium of Second Life that you neglect to truly live.


As for the title, and the take from. Yes, there always is one. I think I’ve been thinking about all these inworld contests I’ve been reading about lately. I believe most of them are above-board and truly try to pick the most qualified “best on that day” model but some will not be, it’s human nature for some judges to just pick their favorites. I always say “best on that day” because I think we judge one another on the basis of our history of knowledge of each other so we can always say “I didn’t win but I am a much better model than so and so and they won. It’s rigged.” But perhaps, just maybe, on that day, she or he was a little better than YOU. I digress, I was schooled today to not use “but” because it shows a loss of thought, had he only known I suffer from many losses of thought, anyway, why not join the contests for the fun of the challenge, the good natured competition and the time spent with friends? That way, if you do happen to be the best on that day, it becomes a welcome surprise instead of an assurance that you are worthy of reward. Because I think every single model I know, ‘ell every single human too, is worthy of some reward, we all do the best we can, with the limitations we have, and all work pretty hard to perfect ourselves. No? Just a thought…. And looky there, absolutely no outfits to list SLURLS for… Now THAT’s a lazy Friday Cao…