Touched With Stardust

Touched With Stardust

We meet but briefly in life, if we touch each other with stardust – that is everything. ~Unknown . I wasn’t going to blog today. Remember? I am wandering a bit. But then I heard Squinternet Larnia designer of Donna Flora, Giulia, has not only lost her battle with cancer, she lost the war. No one could ever accuse her of not being a valiant warrior, she fought so long and so hard to win but deep inside another little chink has been placed in the armor of my soul because in my life, the score is now survivors one, non-survivors two. Though I did not know her in a real life sense, I can’t help but be re-awashed with the guilt and pain of being a survivor as yet another warrior loses their battle to this unrepentant, inexorable monster.

When someone I know passes away, it always brings my mind back to my beloved beach after a storm. There is peace there. Peaceful days, walking along the shoreline watching the pelicans circle and dive cleanly into the ocean searching for some unsuspecting fish swimming too near the surface. After the storm, the shore having been swept clean by swelling tides and wind, with the human detritus swept away; the ocean, like a giving mother, prods us with little reminders, small deposits of life lessons, for seashells are placed to be found by desultory walkers to remind us that every passing life leaves something beautiful behind. Giulia, like my beloved ocean, has done no less, she lived her Second Life as she did her first, giving us little life lessons, leading by example, loving and so giving to all.

Touched With Stardust“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” Richard Bach

Cancer may have two victories to my one, but each time, I have learned something and resolved to fight harder. I learned its okay to fall apart for a little while. It is okay I cried while writing this, it’s healthy to shed tears, but also, the sooner I get them out of the way, the sooner I get back up, dust off my big girl knickers, smile, and fight on. More importantly though, I was reminded, life is fragile, sudden, and so much shorter than it often seems. There may not be a tomorrow, not for everyone. Right now, someone on Earth is planning something for tomorrow without realizing they’re going to die today. This is sad but true. So spend your time wisely today and (always!) pause long enough to savor the sheer joy of being alive.

Take from? Yes, especially today. Every moment you get is a gift. It is, afterall, the present. Don’t waste time by dwelling on unhappy things. Spend each day on things that move you in the direction you want to go. Everything that happens to you, to me, is a life lesson. Everyone you meet, everything you encounter. They’re all part of the learning experience we call life. Our story. Our legacy to those we leave behind when we go. Never forget to acknowledge the lesson, acknowedge the good but especially own up to when things don’t go your way. Because the bad? Those are the lessons that meld you into the uniquely beautiful person you will become. An unknown person once wrote, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” I’ve a big feeling Giulia, free of pain and the daily battles with the ravages of cancer, is somewhere spreading stardust and dancing in the rain right now. Life is good.

Old Soul

Old SoulJacket: Sonatta Morales, *8*, Goldrose . Necklace: Mandala, Pearl Rain . Earrings: Mandala, Pine Cone .

I’ve often been told I have a very “old soul.” I didn’t think really hard about it, but by the time the third or fourth person made the comment I began to wonder why. I’m not truly sure still, but I reckon it’s due to a couple of factors. I have always been bookish, even in very young childhood but I am more so now, if possible. So I’ve learned a bit about human nature, nurture, and an insane amount of minute facts that tend to have no reward but to clutter my brain (or make me quite clever at the show Jeopardy). As an introvert, I spend a great deal of time watching and thinking, preferring this past time to actually speaking to people. Don’t get me wrong, I love, I absolutely adore, people. We are all so colorful, beautiful, smart, silly, cagey, grouchy, happy, sad, under-educated, over educated, homebody, busybody, well-travelled and not so much and so many other techno-colors of uniqueness. I adore you all because under this unique exterior we all share so many qualities; kindness, anger, meanness, hope, no hope, most of all the urge to be loved. But when it comes to life, I prefer my place sitting on the bench watching and listening to interactions to being the center of activity. Having lived my entire life with this quietness seems to give a person a predisposition to listening to the little voice within, the visceral intuition we are all born with, but some choose to ignore. So perhaps these are the qualities of an “old soul.” If not, I’d love to hear what you think.

Old SoulHair: KMadd, Ava . Pant: Glam Affair, Lou . Boot: [sYs], Divine .

But it’s so late, the day has past me by somehow. So the take from? Yeah, it’s time. Wouldn’t the world be such a wonderful place if we all realized that under it all, we are all the same? We want food, shelter, clothing, well I do anyway, mama buy me some Jimmy Choos! We breathe air, bleed when cut, have hopes and dreams, some of which are stomped on and shattered by others. We stress, get tired and sick and dimes to donuts we’ve probably all loved and lost someone because no one is an island. No one is invincible, we all have moments to stand tall, usually cross referenced by the moments that we fall. But we are all here, why not embrace the good of those around you and forgive them their “bad?” Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all learned people isn’t singular, it’s plural. And that guy next to you that you don’t like very much? Well he’s people too. Sonatta Morales has floors and floors of the coolest vintage wear around, if you get a chance, check it out, I know you will love it! See? I like you so much, I even included the taxi: Taxi:

The Lonely Crowd

The Lonely CrowdHat/Hair: Miamai, Baron’s Tophat **FaMeshed**

You may worry about your drinking or pack-a-day smoking habit, but psychologists say there is a less recognized yet significant health hazard facing Americans: loneliness. How is that possible? I have 1500 friends on Facebook, for the love of pete. True, we can have more friends than ever, but Facebook creates a false sense of intimacy because it’s nearly impossible to have intimate friendships on a social media platform. In a recent University of Chicago survey found 20% of all individuals are at any given time unhappy because of social isolation. The sad part is, for most of us who are lonely, we’d rather not talk about it. Who cares? Well YOU should because lack of intimate friendships, someone to confide in, leads to unhappiness and even loneliness, which in turn creates physical illnesses. Besides the most obvious depression and suicide, in studies it has been tied to cardiovascular disease, increased stress, depressed memory, alcoholism, drug use and altered brain function.

The Lonely CrowdShoos: Miamai, Irene pump **NEW** . Pose: Katink .

People are so embarrassed about being lonely that few choose to admit it. Loneliness is stigmatized, even though everyone feels it at one time or another. Loneliness has an appalling reputation in American culture where the brash and confident are held to a higher regard than the shy introverts of the world. But the truth of the matter is, we are all social creatures and loneliness is color, sex, age, socio-economic, and religiously blind, and it doesn’t just affect a few people who lack social skills. At some time or another it could affect anyone, even you. So why do we make loneliness synonymous with being a loser? It’s built into our culture that thrives on resourcefulness, outgoing bubbly personalities, and successful people.

The Lonely Crowd Gorgeous outfit: Violator, PretaPorter, Bloom Top and Blossom Panties **NEW** .

But what about you? As I said, everyone gets lonely from time to time, but what can we do? The first step is to recognize that loneliness is a sign that something needs to change. Step out of yourself and see, catalog, the effect the loneliness is having on your life and relationships, both mentally and physically. Step up to the plate, consider doing community service or some other forgotten activity you used to enjoy, because by getting out there you increase your chances to cultivate new friendships and social interactions. Step around distracting relationships and focus on developing quality relationships with people who share similar attitudes, interests and values. And last, step away from negative thoughts and expect the best. Lonely people often expect rejection, so instead of driving people away by focusing on the negatives of a relationship, focus on the positive thoughts and attitudes in your social interactions. We can’t expect others to “save” us, we have to learn to depend on what is within ourselves and be the catalyst of our own changes in direction because true peace is found within us, not made by the presence of others. They may enhance our happiness, but we generate it. Just a little high gravity for a Monday. Now, a little therapeutic shopping at Miamai and Violator is just what Dr. Cao ordered. I hope you have a unlonely sort of day today!

Fameshed: Taxi:
Miamai: Taxi:
Violator: Taxi:

Fork in the Road

Fork in the Road

I’ve reached a fork in the road, and the wind whispers a change. I wrote at the beginning of August, and lightly whispered it on Monday, I’ve been feeling a little blue, a lot creatively uninspired and just plain tired. Every summer I feel this a little, it’s when my view focuses more out the window than in and my feet thirst for a little sand between the toes. Did you know that’s why I often shoot ¾ pictures for my blog? It not only shows the outfit a little better, but like in RL, I prefer to feel my walk through Second Life so nine times out of ten, I am barefoot. (Thank you creators for creating Mesh feet) The feet are the symbol of understanding, so it means metaphysically all that we understand stands under us in consciousness, and what is rooted there can never be taken from us. So it’s good to feel your way on your path to wisdom. I digress (as usual) I feel this way every summer, but this year it’s worse than usual.

Fork in the Road

So these past weeks I’ve thought so long and hard about me, my life, the ground under my feet, the steps left to travel (looks softly at Dr. Taylor, see you at 8PM). I’ve been stretched thin, something we all face from time to time. It comes from being a “people pleaser.” I love people, and helping people, even if it is just having big ears and no mouth. I’ve wanted to scale back blogging for a while now, I’ve blogged almost every single day for two years now, but I couldn’t let myself let go because with so many of you, it’s the only contact I have with you. I’ve learned so much about my followers, and the people I follow just by peeking in their blogs or them commenting on mine. As an aside, to my blogspot bloggers, I peek at you too, faithfully, I just can’t always comment because it makes me type in the “secret” spam code and I can’t ever seem to type it right. But I am at a fork, and walking away a little bit, I want to do more than snap and crop a picture. I want to style, to create a picture. So for those I promised to blog, I will try but I may not get there, I am sorry. I will still blog charities and awareness campaigns, they just fit about my shoulders well, but all else will most likely be mix and match. Thank you for understanding.

Take from? I love the Martin Luther King Jr. quote, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” So today, I took a small step of faith and letting go a little. We’ll never know what the future will bring. For now we have this moment, and this moment alone. Breathe, take a step forward and believe in yourself. The rest will fall into place. Least, that’s what I’m hoping. Looky there Draakje Dailey, I even put my knickers back on, I must be going out into public. SLURL’s on the “last know SLURL’s page to the left of this post.

Shoos: Bax, Regency Boot **NEW**
Knickers: Maitreya, Bodysuit
Hairs: Boon, YNO421 . Miamai, Songe (edited lightly)
Fur: *CoCo*, Fur Tippet
Jewelry: Mandala, polly
Shelf: Pilot, Bohn crate
Trunk: Lisp Bazaar, Steamer trunk ❤
Chairs: Adorkable Poses, Harmony Chair
Pose: Di's Opera, Sitting Vogue
Suitcase: Black HOF carrying case . Gray/blue: Di's Opera, vintage bags

Stop the World I Want to Get Off.

Stop the World I Want to Get Off.Hairs: Dura, B/G47 **NEW** . Earrings/Necklace: [Mandala], Noodle/Amida .

January 8, 1991. Jeremy Wade Delle. Had he lived, Jeremy would be thirty-eight years old now. Jeremy Wade Delle, the sixteen year old teenager who was so despondent with life he walked out of his classroom, came back with a .357 revolver, stood in the front of the class, said “I got what I really went for” and shot himself in the head. Jeremy Wade Delle, whose obituary encompassed one small paragraph, nestled neatly, quietly, in the interior pages of the newspaper. He died as he had lived, a quiet little nobody who was an easy target to pick on. I wonder if he had realized his “revenge” would be so soundly disregarded, would his outcome be the same? I wonder if someone, just one someone had picked up that paper and talked openly about it, shared it with the world, spread the word, would we be in this current crisis? Bullying is a serious problem that leads to many negative effects for victims, including suicide. Too many adults wrongly see bullying as “just part of being a kid,” a rite of passage if you will. According to the CDC, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people. For every “successful” suicide there are at least 100 attempts and those bully victims, like Jeremy Wade Delle? Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University.

Stop the World I Want to Get Off.The 24 . Dress: [[Masoom]], Cella . Hairs: Boon, KBO906 . Shoos: [Gos boutique], Marilyn . Purse: Belod, Crystal Clutch .

This blog post, it isn’t written to any specific someone, not a person of a specific age, ethnicity, gender, race, socio-economic status, or religion, it is written to you, just you, as a plea to every single human being. It’s time to stop the madness of this epidemic. When did teaching children kindness and compassion get swept under the rug? When did we choose to deny our child is a bully instead of trying to figure out why and to help them? Contrary to popular misconceptions, bullies generally have friends and a high self-esteem. They are, however, more likely to be impulsive, or easily frustrated, and lack empathy for others. Us. Them. It sucks to be the “them,” doesn’t it? God forbid my child is a “them” I raised him/her better, he or she is a leader, the most intelligent, popular kid in school. It’s this socio-hierarchal power, privileged mentality children are taught. Us. Them. Harboring and teaching exclusivity, superiority and taking it out on the person who got your order wrong at Burger King. What’s the cost of this mentality? A few victims of bullying were; Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, John Lennon and Steven Spielberg. Just to name a small few. Now think about all the potential inventions and creativity that never made it to adulthood. Us. Them. Shame on Us.

Stop the World I Want to Get Off.The 24 . Suit: Snowpaws, Peplum suit .

Take from? Bullying is not normal behavior or just part of growing up. Bullying is not a harmless problem that we can erase after another child is sacrificed. Eddy Vedder on this Pearl Jam video says it all when he wrote “Jeremy.” And as for me, I will not rest until the day Jeremy Wade Delle, Ryan Halligan, Megan Meier, Amanda Todd, Rehtaeh Parsons and countless others have a voice. I may be a quiet nobody, but for them, with them, I will have a voice. If it’s your child or teen who is acting like a bully, quit the denial and get them help, because bullying can have a negative impact, not only on the victim, but also on the bully and the school or community, ‘ell, on the world. Because in the words of Abraham Lincoln, “I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody.” I just wanted to put up something a little high gravity to think about as we slide into the weekend. If you want to find out how you too can help, take a ride on the link following:

2013 Second Life Fall Fashion Horizon. part 2

2013 Second Life Fall Fashion Horizon. part 2Hair/hat: Eater’s Coma, Hair 26. Glasses: Dumani, Cateye . Earphones: NeurolaB Inc . Backpack: Chrysalis . Skirt: La Penderie de Nicole, School girl mini . Shirt: VG, beater . Jacket: The Secret Store, Bow-lero .

I had another high-gravity blog for today, but, well, its hump day, I’m at the top of the hill and somewhere mid-morning I lost my motor-vation. But as luck would have it, I planned to show some new items from my good friend Marcopol Oh of La Penderie de Nicole and looky there, it just happens to fit into those those 2013 Fall Fashion trends I was speaking about last week. Beginning with this youthful tartan skirt: from red checks, blue and yellow, this season your inner clan beckons, and though seen here in skirt form, it should be seen peeking up here and there in all areas of designs, from hats to dare I say, shoes? Here are some of the inspirational idea twists real life designers like Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney gave to kilt fabrics in 2013.

2013 Second Life Fall Fashion Horizon. part 2Hat/Hair: Dura, B/G 18 . Purse: Tee*fy, Cross shoulder bag . Earring: [Mandala] . Skirt/Shirt: La Penderie de Nicole .

Another essential trend for 2013 is smooth leathers that wear like a second skin. As Karl Lagerfield said in regards to the Chanel 2013 Fall/Winter show , “Chanel where soft leather stuck to legs as a type of stocking tucked into boots.” La Penderie de Nicole just came out with the “My Studded Tank” and “My Tight Skirt” in multiple colored leathers, perfectly in tune with this trend. Add a sweet leather jacket and it’s all Fall business from there.

Take from? Especially in the Second Life market, the designers are certainly putting their own playful stamp on designs, this upcoming season. Why? It just makes sense. Second Life epitomizes youthful exuberance and this works remarkably well with the current youthful trend of transparent fabrics teemed with patent leather, a tartan clad ingénue or a sophisticated grunge charmer. Lets get out there and play with these new Trends and make SL one of the unique places it promises to be. Hey, I like La Penderie de Nicole so much, I even included the taxi for you! Taxi:

Hooliganism, Tomfoolery and Letting Life Be.

Hooliganism, Tomfoolery and Letting Life Be.Hair: Vanity Hair, Diavolo Taxi: . Earrings/Necklace: LaGyo, Luz/Maya **NEW** .

A friend of mine is going through a tough space and I thought a lot about her last night and this is what I came up with. When we develop friendships with people who allow us to be ourselves, the good ones allow space for us to grow; even when we come to them with our life learned prejudices, resentments, and disappointments. They say to us through their words or actions, “You are accepted here and you can stay as long as you need. I will not love you less.” But how about when the people we love, who have been taught right versus wrong, venture away and engage in irresponsible behavior? What do we do then? I think perhaps its best to step back and look from a different angle. What if they are not acting rebellious but are simply testing the waters of life, trying to validate or invalidate what they have been taught. Of course our first knee-jerk reaction is to stop them; we love them and don’t want them to see additional pain. But think about it, if it was you being defiant, would you want to feel controlled with a finger waggling in the face, or would that just make you leap farther?

Hooliganism, Tomfoolery and Letting Life Be.Jacket: Gizza, Cotton jacket **found at the 24** Taxi: . Dress: Mimikri, Tussi . Handbag: Handverk, Leather Feather . Pose: Inflorescence

Sometimes what we may feel is rebellious, willful, and hard-hearted behavior, might actually be the tests in life, growing pains, and sufferings that ultimately form them into the adult person they are destined to become. Shoot, I suppose at times, my mum thinks I am the poster child for willful disobedience. Not intentionally, I’ve just always found I learn a lesson strongest when I am living it, not when it’s being told to me how to avoid the pitfall before the lesson is learned. And the best part is, having endured the suffering forms a mind muscle memory that leads me to avoid such actions again. Don’t get me wrong, reliving hardships still befall me at times, (deja doodoo, I think I’ve been through this crap before) but usually a niggling gut reaction reminds me I’ve wandered that slippery slope before and I back away before I relive past mistakes. Somehow it seems necessary, and honestly, OK, for me to “learn the hard way” because I needed to fall to gain strength and perhaps a little bit of wisdom too.

Take from? We all, at times, suffer from acts of hooliganism and tomfoolery, so our gut reaction is to protect those around us from repeating our mistakes. But if you truly love this erring person, let life be, learn not to judge the choices of their hearts. The best we can do is await them at the bottom of Blockhead Hill to catch them if or when they fall. The best part is, by letting a person learn and grow on their own, by their own means, it somehow enriches the relationship because the loved one appreciates that no matter how bad they flub up, you won’t stop them from making the mistake, but you sure will be there to help them pick the pieces back up.

Winds Whispering Change

Winds Whispering ChangeHair: Vanity Hair, Boys will be Boys . Earrings: [Mandala], Ohoshisama .

I am going to be very low gravity today, Nevery Lorakeet of *LpD* just released a marvey little dress perfect for all occasions. The *Eri* comes in three colors, white, black and pink and it moves divinely, looks chic and is perfect for all types of events where you want to look pulled together with crossed T’s and dotted i’s. Throw in some jewelry from Mandala, a glam ring from NYU from the current round of L’accessoires, one and done.

Winds Whispering ChangeDress: *LpD*, *Eri* **NEW** . Necklace/watch/bracelet: [Mandala], Osenbei, Utamaro, Hokusia . Ring: NYU, Minimal Bold **L’Accessoires** . Pose: Inflorescence ♥

Take from? It’s the title. There’s changes coming, I’m not sure exactly what they are but I feel them all the same. Have a wonderful Monday, and while you are out and about enjoying your day, telephone or agree to meet a friend or family you know lives alone. Because to many people you may be just one person in a vast world of people, but to this person, who perhaps is lonely, you just possibly could be THE one person in the world they want to talk to. How’s that for short and sweet Draakje Dailey? Here’s you a taxi: Taxi:


WallflowerHair: Miamai, Degarda . Jewelry: [Mandala], Pearl Rain .

It would seem we most often hurt those closest to us. I suppose more often than not, I do the hurting not the receiving, but well, today was an exception. Where am I going with this? Heck if I know, just thought I’d put it up here and see how it settles on my shoulders. As an aside, I was honored to judge this newest round of MVW academy 105 students and it was a lot of fun. Some of you still need a little bit of experience, mostly in choosing poses, but for the most part, I was very much impressed with all that I saw so kudos to you all! So my advice to you students, and potential students. MVW academy is not the end of the road. If you graduate, or if you do not, don’t set back on your laurels, or don’t quit if you don’t pass, if a virtual model is what you want to be, MVWA will not make or break you, it enhances you. So study, practice, network and learn from others, help, volunteer and advocate for those less fortunate.

WallflowerDress: *SoliDea FoliEs* Kiki (w. the white and black shoulder piece) **NEW**

A majority of what you do from this day forward is trial and error, so get rid of the mistakes, learn but do not dwell on them, let them go, we have all, well if not others, I have personally made all those errors myself, it happens. If I had chosen to quit, or live daily with my errors instead of turning them into the amusements I commonly talk about, I never would have traveled beyond a beginning model. I know at times this seems overwhelming, but it will become easier. Just always remember, when it does become easier, pay it forward to other new models because no one becomes rich modeling, but the experience and the friendships are what you will remember most fondly about your times in the virtual modeling world. Well, that’s my two cents worth on it. All SLURL’s are on my “last known SLURL’s” page to the left of this post. Have a wonderful weekend, because Monday will be here soon enough.

WallflowerShoos: BSD Design Studio, SuperModel *found at The 24* (yummy!)