It seems so long since Skip and I did our first fantasy picture. I think it was probably this one. Link: But it is something we both seem to enjoy, so I was excited to do a fantasy Christmas card to give to all of my blog, flickr and Facebook friends. So here it is. The take from? And, as you know, there always is one. Afterall, I always have words stuck in my head, but I promise, no “word and peace” today.

This is my “grown up Christmas Wish.” This Christmas let your heart shine a little brighter, be a little more open to possibility. Christmas is not a time nor a season but a state of mind. Cherish peace and goodwill, look to others with a little more forgiveness, and feel the joy of the season with the heart of a child. Be glad, be hopeful and feel the good of the world spiritually. Because there is nothing quite so poignantly sad than to wake up Christmas day and not be a child. So soften your view and embrace the season as a child. That is the little wish I have for each and every one of you.


Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs*, mix of two outfits. Snowball and Glitter
Wings and Wreaths: Caverna Obscura, part of Holly Faerie Outfit (wreaths, neck and head)
Antlers: Boudoir, Frosted Antlers
Legs: Gauze, Demon legs
tights: Dark Midday Designs, Cute Uggs
Nails: Mandala, Polly
Hairs: Dura, Boys and Girls 38
Ears: +pe+ Elder ears, heavy metal
Poses: Pics and Poses and DelMay


glamdammit POE5 gift
Jewelry: GlamDammit “POE5” set, Hairs: VCD, Antlers: Boudoir, “Frosted Magic”

I never did understand why only men should receive good tidings and not the fairer species, so I resoundly wish a good will to all! Yes, once again its time for the now infamous Peace On Earth Hunt. Year five actually, in Second Life terms I think that means it started in the Paleolithic era. I used to try to “do” hunts all the time but never really found much of anything I am afraid. Not meaning the designers gifts weren’t amazing, I saw them blogged from here to kingdom come with envy, I just mean apparently my seeing-eyestick couldn’t access the nook and cranny the gift was so deftly cemented in to. But a few weeks ago I thought I would try again. I can’t recall which hunt it was, I burned its traitorous name from both my long term and short term memory. There was a clue the item was, I dont know, but basically supposed to be near the piano at Tres Beau. I just love Tres Beau, so I hopped on over there and got to work. An hour later, sweating from the labor of lifting and relifting all parts of the piano looking for the gifty, a tear fell down, and downtrodden I went home in acute embarrassment. They seriously need to consider an impaired hunt for those of us that are huntually challenged, I would stand here now and confess my impediment if the makers of these hunts would just once have a clue like, “see that gift box sitting right under the right paw of the mountain lion who hasn’t eaten in weeks? Thats the gift.” Well, praise the Lord and pass the tax rebates, I heard a little rumor yesterday, Sequoia Nightfire, CEO of POE5 realizing the impaired weren’t allowed to be involved with this whole Peace on Earth thing and Good Will to just those who could find the stuff, created a nice comfortable “lounge area” where people like Cao can relax in a big fat Lazyboy chair, scarf down Cheetos and heckle the other hunters hunting and pecking through the debris looking for the gift, and as they hunt away, I can pick up the gifts comfortably from my armchair. Yu-AY! The hunt runs from December 1st, 2012 to January 6th, 2013 so plenty of time for the rest of you to find the goodys! Have fun!

maitreya ymre glam dammitt twiggy mimikri lace cami ison highwaisted skirt
Jewelry: GlamDammit, “Twiggy”. Hair/Hat: Maitreya, “Ymre”. Shirt: Mimikri, “Lace Cami”. Skirt: Ison, “Highwaisted skirt”

Recently I did an article in Trend magazine on Winter attire and one of the amazing models pooled for the shoot was Mozart Loordes. After all was done, deadline met and everyone looking smashingly well-heeled and well, me just being there looking cute, I was speaking to Moz a little bit. He was telling me about his store GlamDammitt, a store he and Lexi Vargas co-design for. I believe the store has both clothing and jewelry, with styles for men and women, so its a one stop shopping experience. Moz very kindly offered me two pieces of jewelry, the first the adorable earrings and ring I wear in the first picture, the stores POE5 offering.The emerald earrings are festive and have a very nice celtic feel to them, the golden and diamond ring I think I will wear to every runway show I am in from now on, pithy and sweetly it says”Calm down, Merry on.” I could use this ring in real life when the holidays turn to stress laden gift giving. Whats not to love about having a nice laugh in the middle of the merryment? The second piece, “Twiggy” works both with casual and formal attire with its glamorous gold and black metal rings, interlaced with pearls. A perfect focal point to most styles! If you get a chance, stop by Glam Dammit, I know you will find something perfect! And while there, hunt for the POE item and Be Merry! Here, I even included the Taxi! Taxi:

POE5 Official Poster  [New and Improved!]


Contests, designers, agency’s are always giving “style challenges.” You know what I’m saying “style fierce” style like such and such designers summer line, etc. Well short blog for today. Just a little something to think about and come away with your own ideas. “Style like a flamingo.” Sounds easy enough, right? But is it really?

Because from where I am standing, I think the model on the right wins hands down in creative styling. The take from? Don’t just follow the masses, follow the instructions but make your interpretation unique, different, amazing! Sure the pink flamingo is normal, but the zebra one, well thats just too cool! I’ve never known a designer of fashion to become famous from creating the same thing as everyone else. I’ve never known a model to be the best by looking like everyone else either. A HUGE, HUGE! thank you to Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude, the flamingo is a gacha product and after trying about 8 times to get this rare bird, I finally begged, cried and threw a tantrum, to be met with the comment, “um, that’s why the zebra flamingo is R.A.R.E.” But after much contrition and asks for forgiveness, Allegory had pity on me. Because without this rare bird, the lesson in this blog would be meaningless. Don’t you think? If your ever looking for really good, quirky and unexpected items to bring your style from “hmm” to “aha!” check out Schadenfreude, you wont be disappointed. Schadenfreude: Taxi:

Outfit One:
Hat: Boudoir, Dancing Queen
Eye Makeup: Zibska, Margo
Lip Makeup, Lovely Mi
Bodice and stockings: Son!a, Sarah
“tail” feathers” Zibska, Lola



I know, I know. I’ve heard myself say it at least a hundred times, “I am retired.” But sometimes, things change, and most times for a really good reason. A reason like, one of your favorite agency’s, BLVD Model Management, and one of your favorite Entertainment Empires, BOSL (Best of Second Life), and two of your favorite designer’s, Gizza and *SoliDea FoliEs* , ask for you to attend. Well, how could I pass all that by, and really, why would I want to? I had a blast! I have to admit, I was a little scared, I’d never been in a show that was threatened with a cyber terrorist attack, heck, I couldn’t even figure out how to mute the big bully. But in the end, good over-powered evil, the show went on, and boy, the entire week was simply amazing! My congratulations to BOSL, BLVD, Metaverse TV, and all of the designer’s who participated! Also, thank you to all who came to watch or watched on TV. There is nothing quite as exciting as walking a runway to the sound of applause and wedding proposals. (*cough* Zachary!) You are all so kind and uplifting, such wonderful friends, thank you always for your support of a silly lil Cao.

Outfit One:

Dress: Gizza, “Baroque”
Hat: LaGyo, “Royal Black”
Hair: Tuty’s, “adorable”
Earrings: [Mandala], “Noodle Geisha Red”
Rings: LaGyo, “Bizarre Flower”
Makeup: Nuuna, “Katy”
Lashes: Boudoir, “Serious Eyeliner”


Outfit Two:

Jacket: Gizza, “Padded Jacket”
Pants: Gizza, “Capri”
Hat: La Gyo, “Propeller” hat
Makeups: Nuuna, “Zion” and “Astro”
Shoes: L&B, “Elise”


I just love the designs at Boudoir, Vitabela Dubrovna and her sister Precious Restless, create the most amazing fairytail and designer items. This is an older previously unblogged picture, but as you can see the creative nature of the outfit never goes out of style. The dress is “Bad Butterfly” and is gorgeous with its winglike skirt. The actual wings are from Material Squirrel, the jewelry is the “Caoimhe Angel” set from Finesmith (see Draakje? someone thinks I am an angel. *adjust’s halo*) and the black headpiece is from Ladies Who Lunch and is called “Faint! Alejandro.” Not all fashion modeling is pret-a-porter, so explore and find the genre that is just right for you!

Cao~Dark Waters

I know, the title of the blog, it’s sad, but oh so true. Life is often hard, sometimes frustrating but then aren’t the best things in life the things we have worked so hard to achieve? Sure, anyone can dream, but why just dream? Why not make your dreams come true? You’d think being a model in Second Life would be easy. But really it takes hard work, a strong sense of style, and a large dose of humor on the best of days. Lags no fun when you are walking around in a store, it’s down right brutal during a runway show. But if being a model is what you really wish to be, it is also fun and rewarding. No you won’t get rich, but the people you meet, the things you create, the looks you inspire, are irreplaceable.

I think of modeling as a way to chronical the history of Second Life Fashion because history and art are “my thing.” The degrees to which the fashion industry has evolved over the years is quite simply, breath taking. And I am not just speaking of the technology, I mean, who doesn’t remember teleporting from one SIM to another and losing your hair and half of your clothes? I also mean the creative skill set of so many of the Second Life designers as well. I am thankful to be a model at a time when Second Life fashion so seamlessly follows the real world fashion industry. How else could I afford these haute couture styles? Well, really, how could a girl from a tiny little fishing village in Florida even find anything haute couture? I live in the bathing suit and shorts capital of the world.

So get out there, make the best of your time as a model, enjoy the ride, because it is truly a one of a kind experience. As an aside, I have a NC with tips for reducing lag, if anyone is interested in snagging a copy, drop me an Instant Message or notecard and I’ll drop it off to you.



I don’t know what it is, but I hardly ever take a profile picture of myself. I suppose it’s because I blog. So I am always blogging clothes or items, not my face. But recently when I saw one of my fave loves, model and blogger extraordinaire, Diconay Boa, wearing the “Couture Birdie” hat from The Boudoir, a madcap trendy boutique of the simply brilliant sisters, Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless, I wanted a turn! Not because I thought I could do it the justice my friend Dico does, she is an incredible artist, I simply snap pictures, but because I think this hat is truly a one of a kind statement piece.


For the overall look, I paired the stunning symphony of feathers with a “boyfriends jacket” the new Gizza, “men’s mesh tuxedo jacket.” And no, this won’t be the new trend, Cao’s in men’s clothes, I just loved the outrageous “smoking jacket” feel of this coat. It has a certain retro-posh male movie star appeal to it, don’t you think? Don’t worry, next time I promise to put some pants on.

Cao~Caoimhe's Symphony...

But the thing I love most about The Boudoir, is the versatility. Skip and I created this pic, well, I styled, he worked miracles over a year ago and created it from a real world piece of art I found. The mermaid outfit is a fave of mine from the Boudoir, I love the scales of the bodice and the multi-dimensional tail. And as so many of you know, I use Boudoir quite a bit, expecially during MVW because so many of its parts are modifiable and this is often needed for indepth styling challenges. And the best part about the Boudoir, is they have so many different genre’s of fun to choose from.

So if you get a chance, stop by The Boudoir and Gizza, let your mind create and visualize a whole new you! Here, I even paid for your taxi’s: Boudoir Taxi: and to Gizza’s: . Taxi:

Look 1:

Hat: Boudoir, “Couture Birdie Hat”
Earrings: Indy & Company, “Sylph”
Hair Base: Vaya Con Dios

Look 2:

Jacket Shirt and Tie(in hand): Gizza, “Mens Mesh Tuxedo” *New*
Garter’s and stockings: Maitreya
Hat: Boudoir, “Couture Birdie Hat”
Earrings: Indy & Company, “Sylph”
Hair Base: Vaya Con Dios

Look 3:

Mermaid: Boudoir, “Sea Dragon Mermaid”
Face Tattoo: The White Widow ❤


Caoimhe Lionheart Caged

One of my favorite aspects of Second Life is the whimsy. Sure, you can be a “super model” but you can also bend the depths of reality in a majorly creative way. For the 2012 Miss Virtual World Contest, we were given the assignment of being a scary, sexy super-model. I know, right? But the point is, in SL all things are possible with a little bit of imagination. And for these difficult styling assignments I always have a folder filled with Landmarks labeled ‘Designers Who Like to Play Nice.” Anytime I purchase from a designer who allows their items to be “modified” I drop their LM in this exclusive folder.

For this “project” I truly couldn’t think to do the typical “witch” or “demoness” I wanted my character to be a more “believable” scary sexy thing and thought just the right touch of senility, with a major dish of whimsical, might be the trick. Since some of the items were non-modify, the *SoliDea FoliEs* cages at the midsection and the leg, I had to create around these “static” items a persona of what I call the “crazy bird lady.” Once I had my theme, the rest was just a matter of pulling together the accessories. Two of my FAVE! designers for changing and modifying is “Boudoir” and “Eshi Otawara.” Both designers allow a lot of wiggle room but for this style, Precious Restless and Vitabela Dubrovna of Boudoir seemed the way to go. Since it was Halloween they had a lot of goodies on sale and this outfit was created from the use of the “Veinity Fair” dress and the “Burlesque.” I sized and moved the pieces until the veins poked out of the dress in spots, and recolored the bow (which was brown) to a blood red to match the veins. From here, I added jewlery from Finesmith, the stockings, “Love Girl” are from Eshi Otawara, the hat, Boudoir, is the “Little Birdie” hat which pairs very well with Lelutka’s “Rykiel” in a gorgeous red. The boots are Similar Italian, ‘Genova.” To complete the outfit, what would a crazy bird lady be without the addition of “Blackliquid Tears” found easily at Blackliquid Makeup?

Cao Red Silks by Skip Staheli <3

I wanted to include this picture, it was from the Angel Dessous Semi-Finals, we needed to be a creature from the Hobbit. This entire outfit was “non-modify” but I needed to stay in the Angel Dessous family since they sponsored the contest. The point being, when you look at the vendors, don’t look at the entire picture, look at the pieces and parts of each outfit and visually create your own unique piece. This is actually the parts of 4 different outfits blended together to form one really “scary” (hey I am always just a Cao) Balrog. The jewelry is Finesmith, and the incredible hairs are from MADesigns, and the headpiece is Miamai.

Try not to think about modeling as being a clothes horse. Go out! play! Have fun with Fashion! ❤