Free To Roam Alone

Picture Books Hair: Tram . Necklace: Chop Zuey, When Elephants Dream .

When I first saw this jewelry set from Chop Zuey, I instantly became smitten. When I learned 100% of the proceeds of the sale go to the World Wildlife Federation? I was in love. Please, pick yours up today. Better yet, it makes the perfect Christmas gift for so many on your list and you will be helping wildlife at the same time. Win Win. I love it when it all ties together nicely, don’t you?

Free to Roam Alone Sweater: Drift, Draped cardigan **NEW** . Dress: Drift, Sexy Lil Mini .

Take from? Lets help wildlife while it still has a habitat we can view it in, not wait until most of their population resides in picture books or zoos. Just a thought, for what ever it’s worth to you. I hope your little elves are busy planning you a magical holiday surprise!

Waiting For A Friend

Waiting for a Friend

Do you suppose there is something wrong with me that I have a very limited desire to have an “other” in Second Life? I have had one once before, and I just don’t think I will ever have the heart to try again. To me, somewhere along the line the line changes, you become more interested in what is in the machine than what is in the oxygenated world and it just becomes all consuming. It’s just my own prejudice but I kind of want my consumption in the real world. I sometimes think I am just too picky to progress much further in real or Second Life relationships. Maybe because of my shyness, maybe even a little fear of men, who knows? But probably it’s just somewhere in the pixel dust I want a guy like the guy in “Love in the Time of Cholera.”

Waiting For a Friend

Is it too romanticized to expect a man who would wait forever for me to be ready for him? I’d like to think I’d do the same for him. Isn’t that what love is, a conflagration of yours, mine and ours? I honestly don’t know. I know I want this, but yet, I somehow am unsure if it exists. I’d just like to say I am filled with joy for those friends who have found it, just please don’t forget to take some time to enjoy the single noncommital friends in your loop, we may be a little scared and whacky, but honestly, we don’t bite. As for my special guy? Find me, I’ve been waiting since the days of cholera for the love of pete. Honestly! I have! I am wearing the scrumptious new dress from Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey, called the “Spring Fling Gown Set.” It’s a classy outfit and all of the jewelry is included! Hurry on down and grab yours today! Available in several colors! Taxi:

Girls spend hours deciding what to wear, and all guys do is try to picture us naked.

Spring 2013 kimono-esque

All business today. I am without a home for the moment, so the picture quality may decline a little bit. I shot and styled all of these in just an hour (incuding cropping). I hope the style stands on it’s own though. I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a model. A tiny fishing village does not equate to high fashion on any playing field. But, I am a thinker. And, a studier. As an aside, when I grew up I was taught to never start a sentence with “and” or “but.” When I went to college they said that particular rule of English structure has been thrown out the window. Ah well, so here I am, even I picked up some of those radical liberal viewpoints whilst being brainwashed in college. I’m glad my mom doesn’t read my blog, though, my common memory of her as I was growing up were comments like “don’t dangle your participle!” I’d imagine using and and but to lead a sentence would pretty much spell the end of her sanity. But… I digress, as I said. I am a studier and thinker.

Today I was following up on the current Trends for Spring 2013 as presented by Thinking it over, I decided to try to throw my interpretation on them. I had one set back, Second Life’s Spring lines aren’t out yet. But I think I did okay, well okay for a Cao. Who’s not a model. I’ll start with the 2013 styles will include modern plays on the kimono. See above? I am starting here, because what can I say, I love kimono’s. But also, because this picture is about a year old. See you guys think I dress funny, sometimes I am just a year ahead of the trend. 😉

Spring 2013 Contrast

The second trend we should be seeing is a continuation of contrasting colors. Not just black and white, like seen here. Also, Blue and orange, red and green. It is typically what you would think is a cool color, like blue and team it with a warm color, like red. These are brought down to singular, basic colors, but with so many colors on a spectrum, the sky is truly the limit.

Spring 2013 Collage

The next trend mentioned is collage. I earned a collage degree in 2008, oh wait. nevermind. I earned a college degree. The collage look is the use of sewing together different patterns to create a new look. They always seem to look a bit ethnic, or eclectic to me. Perhaps a bit Boho chic. Zaara is already in the game for this look since this is a last years sundress.

Springs 2013 veiled sheers

The next trend for Spring will be what is called “veiled” styling. There were a lot of sheer see-thru materials out this year during the RL fashion weeks.This one just hasn’t really come about much in Second Life yet, but it will be fun to see it if any designer’s decide to play with it. I’m wearing the sheer blouse from Gizza included in the Blazer suit outfit. (found by way of Chloe, kudos girl!). The rest of the look should be layered elements, but I stalled here due to time constraints and threw on a pair of quasi-layered pants.

Spring 2013 flounces

The next fashion trend you should be seeing this Spring is the flounce. I really like this look there are a lot of romantic and elegant things you can create with a flounce. Without the adorable layers of this dress, it would lose a lot of its depth and would be too plain to wear for anything other than everyday wear. I particularly love this look for Second Life because it adds a 3 dimensional effect in a basically two dimensional world.

Springs 2013 alpha females

And last, but certainly not least, and this is afterall, a look I wear more than others is the alpha female trend. Fuller eyebrows on women are back in (think Brooke Shields in the 70’s), as well as man cut jackets and pants. I like the look, but tend to like to soften it up some with things like wearing a bra as a shirt, or feminine jewelry.

Take from? Well of course, Second Life modeling isn’t really about playing dressup with your Barbie doll. You need to keep up with current styles, learn new styles or create a new trend in styles. It’s fun to throw on clothes, but to be the best at something you need to lead others by introducing those looks other avatars will crave to wear and own. I hope this was enough to get you excited about the coming Spring Fashions. Heck, I am just a lil Cao, a non-model. Just imagine what YOU could do! SLURLS are under the “Last known SLURLS page.

Outfit One:
Hair: Boon, BNG331
Makeup: Blackliquid, Winehouse
Earrings: Zaara, Hiral Wood
Necklace: ChopZuey, La Cascadeuse
Shirt: .Shi, Wrap Blouse
Skirt: Mon Tissu, Westberry
Shoes: Diktator, Dare Horseshoe

Outfit Two: Contrast
Jacket: Gizza, Blazer suit (female)
Pants: LWL, Harem IKat
Makeup: *LpD* Gia, eyes
Hair: Madesigns, Aria
Hairbase: 99 elephants, shaved
Jewelry: Mandala, Senjyu

Outfit Three: Collage
Dress: Zaara, Kitika Maxi dress
Hairs: Boon, PKJ371
Jewelry: Zaara, Hiral earrings, Parnini necklace

Outfit Four: Veiled
Shirt: Gizza, included in the Blazer suit (female)
Pants: Glam Affair, July
Hairs: Boon, PKJ371
Jewelry: A la folie

Outfit Five: Flounced
Dress: Tee*fy, Orelle
Necklace: LaGyo, Triumph
Earrings: Indy and Co, Maelle
Hairs: Boon, KBO906

Outfit Six: Alpha Female
Jacket: Gizza, Blazer suit (male)
Bra: Sea Hole, Catalina lingerie
Pants: Maitreya, Leggins
Hairs: Dura, boy/girl03
Jewelry: Mandala, ceekeeey earrings, Amida necklace



Quick blog today, so many things still left to do and running out of time. I rather errantly chose this week to uproot my home, while mix and matching away for the Salimar Luxury District’s grand opening party today at 12PM SLT. Oh, and writing the script and the general details of helping out where I can. You know how it is, making sure we have enough refreshments, and that there is toilet paper in the loo, waxing the runway, just stuff so easy even a Cao can do it. I do hope you will be there, remember one customer will win all the outfits the models are wearing, so it’s a huge grand prize! So don’t be late! Look! I’ma good girl, I sent the limo: Limo:


Belle Roussel, the incredible designer of Chop Zuey showed me some love a few weeks ago by dropping quite a few items on me and let me tell you, they are all incredible! I don’t want to call them jewelry, they are more art than jewelry. I am going to bring them out one or two at a time because each set it singularly blog worthy. I love Chop Zuey, the pieces there are substantial and never get lost on the runway. In Fact, I love it so much, I’ve even included the taxi.Taxi: But don’t dawdle to long there today, you have a grand opening to attend!

Take from? But of course! Sanity is highly over-rated. Every once in a while, let your hair down, push away obligations, dance barefoot in your knickers in a public fountain (well maybe not that one, I think I am the only one who can get away with that). But in all ways, enjoy your life, afterall, its the only one you have.

Jewelry Set: Chop Zuey, Too Much Sanity
Shorts and Shirt: .Shi, Circular top and Wrap shorts
Hair: Dura, girl29
Poses: Del May


The.Long.Goodbye. Photo by: Julie Hastings

I have been acting so spoiled. I hate it when I act this way, but I hate more to make myself play grown up and control it. I suppose it’s a major character flaw. Rather than face something I loath to face, I play ostrich and bury my head in the sand. Well, not exactly, that’s not true a’tall. Ostriches receive a bad rap on this myth; they don’t bury their heads in the sand, apparently only Cao’s do. I’ve held this picture for over a month now. Thank you Julie Hastings for creating it, I suppose I’ve let you down a little bit too by not showing it sooner, I just didn’t want to let go.

Winner- The Essence of PurpleMoon- Caoimhe LionheartPhoto by: Magissa Denver

Back in November, ugh, you see that? November, almost three months ago now. Purple Moon held their “Essence of Purple Moon” contest. It’s not like I didn’t know about it, I was a judge for the semi-finals, I went to the finals and walked. Is there an excuse for not saying thank you? I’d like to think there is, but there is not. I said a “speech” at the finals, but that was nowhere near the depth of emotion I feel. I read on a blog today that to write in a sentimental form is not authentic. This statement confounded me; perhaps it was because the writer is male? I do not know I just know it made me a little bit sad because I feel sentiment is as real and authentic as dark anger; it is just the lightness of being as opposed to another’s darkness. But, well, no harm, no foul, in the end it spurred me to write what I have put off for too long.

Cao MVW South Korea Photo by: Pam Astonia (jewelry: Chop Zuey)

I am the Essence of Purple Moon. Or more importantly, I was for 2012. I am no longer, life has moved on without me. Or has it? I was much honored to have been the “best on that day” and won the title, but honestly? The title? Well that’s just a little tag over your head. What I really won that day was something invaluable in a Second Life and a Real Life sense. I won a person I will forever call my friend. Poulet Koenkamp isn’t a designer, well I suppose technically she is, but to me, that is just something she does, a title over her head, if you will. What she actually is, is a wonderfully creative, outrageously funny, notoriously sentimental being of grand intelligence. What she is, is a patient friend.

Lean.Backward.In.Time. Photo by: Poulet Koenkamp

Thank you Poulet for letting me be the face of your brand. I realize now, this two plus months too late that I’ve not lost my face, it’s still firmly attached to my head, I have not lost a’tall. All I have done is gained. I have gained a cherished and precious friend. A friend, who when making my International costume for Miss Virtual World asked me to explain a Korean hanbok, to which I created and emailed a ten page PDF on the subject. You received it with aplomb, probably a quiet laugh and shake of the head, but you created the most gorgeous westernized Hanbok I’ve ever seen. As the year ended, I told you how sad I was and with utmost grace, you took me aside and stressed that though the crown is gone, the friendship will never be. Thank you Poulet for your faith in me as a model and a person, for being a friend, and for caring enough for me to hold my hand as I grew up some this year.

Caoimhe MVW South Korea  by Purple Moon Photo by Pam Astonia

Take from? Yep there is one. A title is a silly thing in all honesty, so don’t hate yourself if you’ve never won one. Some of the best models I know, have never won one, yet looky there, they are the best, because they work hard. (remember? Best THAT day is what wins a contest, not ability.) If you have been blessed to win, don’t take the title, the money, and walk away. Give back. It’s almost a shame you get the title before you earn it. So do the right thing and earn it after the fact. You were the best THAT day, now be the best for the entire year you wear the title. Represent with dedicated honor. You may have the title, but time will tell if it truly belongs to you. Taxi:

Miss Essence of PurpleMoon™ 2013 - Press Release Photo by: Poulet Koenkamp


ld major what a croc beret maitreya girdle mimikri breezy cameo ruby blossom

I am having one of those weeks from ‘ell. You know the one, that week where you seem to get further and further behind? So just a little short blog today. YAY! I have to tell you, in Second Life, UNlike my first life, I run around in my knickers, well, a lot! Ask my little dragon, she probably thinks thats all I own. But she’s a cool besty because she never makes me go change. And to be truthful, I can’t even figure out why I do it. Probably some deep seeded flash back from my mom always telling me to wear clean unripped underwear in case I got into an auto accident. Have you ever been told that? One day I’d like to meet the person who gossiped that rule to the right ear before the rule went viral. So, mum, this ones for you. As you can obviously see, no ripped knickers on the Cao. I know, I know, I am going to have a kid twice as bad as I am one day.

When you travel around in your day, don’t forget, that stranger you pass may just be someone as awesome as you are!

coming and going

Outfit One:

Hair: LD Major “Beret”
Shirt: Mimikri, “Breezy”
Knickers: Maitreya, “Bra Top and Girdle”
Shoos: LD Major, “What a Croc”

Outfit Two:

Hairs: Lelutka, “Rykiel”
Jacket: Leezu!, “Douce Mon”
Shoos: Miamai
Dress: Son!a, “Sequined mini”
Necklace: ChopZuey “La Cascadeuse”

Backdrop by the incredible Ruby Blossoms Taxi:



I cant help it. I am goofy that way. But any time I wake up and my feet hit the ground, I have to smile. Life is good. When I see someone I know in my morning wanderings, I have to smile. Life is good. When I get the chance to log into a Second Life and I am surrounded by such groovy and creative friends, I have to smile. Life is good. My personal fave? When I am blog reading, or Facebook scanning and run across something I really, really want and I know I can have it because in SL it doesn’t cost all that much, so not only can I have it, but I can have it right that second with instant gratification? Life is Grand. That’s the way I felt when I saw Tabata Jewell’s new hair “Midnight Oasis” I was hooked. I ran over to the marketplace, dropped down the change, and the next time I logged in, it was waiting like a Christmas prezzy at the door. I’ll be honest, and this is where I am a little goofy, I mean you all know me, I am soooooo slow about blogging things that I should probably just call my blog vintage SL, but I pushed everything else to the back of my “to blog” folder and snapped a pic right away. So here it is. Vanity Hair’s “Midnight” Oasis. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Outfit One:

Hairs: Vanity Hair, Midnight Oasis
Earrings: Chop Zuey, Attention Whore
Necklace: Dahlinks, Victorian Jet Mourning jewelry
Eye Makeup: Zibska, Cleo
Jacket: House of Fox, Color Me Scarlet
Shirt: [Foppish], Fit and Flare dress
Leggings: Maitreya, Couture Leggings
Handbag: Ison, Kabuki Croc



I dance most of the days of the week, what can I say? I love Second Life, I love all the residents who contact me when I log in, I love the ones who do not because they are too busy working on their creative endeavors. You are all so amazing, gifted, funny and always so very nice! For this, I thank you! No blog today, it’s a casual weekend for me, a three day weekend no less, so I may wander away a bit. I just wanted to wish you all a gorgeous and peaceful weekend, and enough time in your day that you can free your mind of all cares and worries, and just dance, even if only in your heart.


Outfit One:
Hair: Boon, BNG331
Makeup: Blackliquid, Winehouse
Earrings: Zaara, Hiral Wood
Necklace: ChopZuey, La Cascadeuse
Shirt: .Shi, Wrap Blouse
Skirt: Mon Tissu, Westberry
Shoes: Diktator, Dare Horseshoe

Outfit Two:
Hair: LaViere, Ambush
Earrings: Mandala, Senjyu
Shirts: .Shi, Bareback Turtleneck sheer with halter
Pants: Glam Affair, Lou
Bracelet: Mandala, Hokusai
Shoes: Nardcotix, Mana

Risk.Care.Dream.Expect. ~Derek Davis

Four simple words with such impact. They seem so random and unrelated but in reality each word impacts the other creating a tanglible twining correlation. Every good dream requires some risk that you will have to care enough about the dream to take the risk and drat it all, if you are willing to take the risk you darn sure better expect to succeed. No? Isn’t that just how life is? I think we all struggle at times, just living can be a trying event, but imagine, awakening one day and your world as you know it is forever changed. Not due to any negligence on your part, but due to a cataclysm of nature. Walk a short moment with the feet of the residents of Emilia, Italy, google the photos, we live in such an open world, but please find it in your heart to risk, care, dream, and expect change, for them, for yourself.

Risk.Care.Dream.Expect. ~Derek Davis

The picture above is the incredibly beautyful Emilia “Daylight” sundress being offered by Aubry Brinner of Elmont for the Emilia project. The dress is haltered with a flowing skirt that tickles around the calves as you walk. It is color block banded just below the breasts to pull the viewer’s eyes upward. The only accessories are the Mandala earrings and JeSuis bracelet and nails. Four items that pull together well for a simple elegant casual look.

Risk.Care.Dream.Expect. ~Derek Davis

This second picture shows the gorgeous offerings of Chop Zuey, “Mignonette.” Such a pretty summer collection with its copper coloring and starfish like accentuation. This set would look just as good dressed up as dressed casually for a day at the beach and is of the quality we have grown to expect with Belle Rouselle’s jewelry line. The hairs for this pic are playfully cute and are from Vanity Hair.

Risk.Care.Dream.Expect. ~Derek Davis

This kicky cute mini- sundress the “Whimsy dress” is one of Sira Savira of 1 Hundred’s outfits for Hope For Emilia. The fitted sleeveless bodice, cinched loosely waist and flouncy skirt in a bespeckled satin is just plain fun! How could I not play up this cute look with Lamb’s Hat/hair and the adorable pink boots from *LpD*?

So with these new peeks at what can be yours, and the knowledge that you can so simply help others while gifting yourself, I hope this weekend you wander over and pick up items for your own unique wardrobes! Muwah! Have a peaceful weekend! I’ve had so much fun, I’ve even included the taxi for you!

Elmont at Emilia: Taxi:

Chop Zuey at Emilia: Taxi:

1 Hundred at Emilia: Taxi:

HOPE FOR EMILIA is an exciting event that will last from July 22 to August 9, 2012 and will include a Summer Fashion Fair, fashion shows, an art expo and entertainment events to fundraise for the victims of earthquakes in Emilia, Italy. Also exciting is the Art Exhibition to take place beginning on August 3rd, at which artistic creations from the grid’s most accomplished artists will be on display and available for purchase.
For more information, please visit the following sites:

Let’s Give the region of Emilia, Italy hope

Hope for Emilia

Emilia-Romagna Donation Site





•Sat. July 21st at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Fair opens to Bloggers and Press

• Sun. July 22nd at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Fair opens to Public – LM’s will be sent

• Sun. July 29th at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Show I Featuring Hope for Emilia Designers

• Fri. August 3rd at 1.00 pm slt Art Expo Opening

• Sun. August 5th at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Show II Featuring Hope for Emilia Designers

• Thurs. August 9th at 1.00 pm slt Closing Party