Now that I have consciously started to retire from Second Life, I’ve started to do something I have always wanted to do, explore SIMS. And when I ran across *Cica* (literally) I felt like a child playing in one of the many pictures I drew as a child. Somewhere between all the white and black, I just knew I would have to blog with the background. So after a few weeks of playing with concepts in my head, I decided I would go shop at one of my favorite designers Leezu! because the attire would have to be eclectic and colorful enough to pop out of the busy background.

I just love Leezu! the things there are so playful. For this look I chose the luscious violet shaded “scarf poncho“, added the adorable “Nadja” ballerina skirt which I recolored to a bubbly pink and donned violet “Maria” tights for added coverage and warmth. Wanting to playup the fun and lack of sun, I grabbed Gizza’s “Summer Hat” and pulled on a pair of [gos] “Wellingtons” in hot pink of course! With the funky cool pose from {what next}, which includes the umbrella, I knew I was ready to go back and snap away and sing to my hearts content in the rain. How can you not smile while wearing so much funktastic goodness?

In all the craziness we call our Second Life “employment” I hope you find some time to wander about alone and explore the little hidden treasures and romantic grottos. And when you do, it’s nice to know you can always find the perfect outfit to accompany you on your moments of virtual wunderlust. I love Leezu! so much, I even included the taxi for you. xo Leezu!: Taxi: