There are lots of news at *LpD* recently and I just wanted to share a few. Above is the gorgeous Porcelain Doll skin available only at The Couturier’s Dock. Only 35 will be sold so runnnnnn! If you do miss out on this Nevery Lorakeet has plently of amazing skins available at her main store. The makeup is also available at *LpD* I love this so much, on my “Last Known SLURLS” page I have a LM to The Couturier’s Dock and to *LpD*

Out yesterday, at the mainstore I picked up these really groovy “Geena” boots and bag. Available in lots of colors, so just go pick out your fave! Suede and stylish, they will pull any outfit together in chic style. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself. I think you will find something just perfect for your glamorous style! xo

Outfit One:

Skin: *LpD* “Porcelain Doll”
Makeup: *LpD*, “Eve”
Jewelry, Donna Flora, “Oriente”
Kimono black: .Shi, “Chinoi homme”
Kimono red: Sweetaholic, “Ryouga”

Outfit Two:

Hair: Dura, “girl 29”
Earrings: Zaara, “Hiral
Collar: Mimikri, “Fur Collar”
Dress: *LpD*, “Balloon dress”
gloves: Mimikri, “Cuff gloves”
Bag and Boots: *LpD*, “Geena”


Contests, designers, agency’s are always giving “style challenges.” You know what I’m saying “style fierce” style like such and such designers summer line, etc. Well short blog for today. Just a little something to think about and come away with your own ideas. “Style like a flamingo.” Sounds easy enough, right? But is it really?

Because from where I am standing, I think the model on the right wins hands down in creative styling. The take from? Don’t just follow the masses, follow the instructions but make your interpretation unique, different, amazing! Sure the pink flamingo is normal, but the zebra one, well thats just too cool! I’ve never known a designer of fashion to become famous from creating the same thing as everyone else. I’ve never known a model to be the best by looking like everyone else either. A HUGE, HUGE! thank you to Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude, the flamingo is a gacha product and after trying about 8 times to get this rare bird, I finally begged, cried and threw a tantrum, to be met with the comment, “um, that’s why the zebra flamingo is R.A.R.E.” But after much contrition and asks for forgiveness, Allegory had pity on me. Because without this rare bird, the lesson in this blog would be meaningless. Don’t you think? If your ever looking for really good, quirky and unexpected items to bring your style from “hmm” to “aha!” check out Schadenfreude, you wont be disappointed. Schadenfreude: Taxi:

Outfit One:
Hat: Boudoir, Dancing Queen
Eye Makeup: Zibska, Margo
Lip Makeup, Lovely Mi
Bodice and stockings: Son!a, Sarah
“tail” feathers” Zibska, Lola


Now that I have consciously started to retire from Second Life, I’ve started to do something I have always wanted to do, explore SIMS. And when I ran across *Cica* (literally) I felt like a child playing in one of the many pictures I drew as a child. Somewhere between all the white and black, I just knew I would have to blog with the background. So after a few weeks of playing with concepts in my head, I decided I would go shop at one of my favorite designers Leezu! because the attire would have to be eclectic and colorful enough to pop out of the busy background.

I just love Leezu! the things there are so playful. For this look I chose the luscious violet shaded “scarf poncho“, added the adorable “Nadja” ballerina skirt which I recolored to a bubbly pink and donned violet “Maria” tights for added coverage and warmth. Wanting to playup the fun and lack of sun, I grabbed Gizza’s “Summer Hat” and pulled on a pair of [gos] “Wellingtons” in hot pink of course! With the funky cool pose from {what next}, which includes the umbrella, I knew I was ready to go back and snap away and sing to my hearts content in the rain. How can you not smile while wearing so much funktastic goodness?

In all the craziness we call our Second Life “employment” I hope you find some time to wander about alone and explore the little hidden treasures and romantic grottos. And when you do, it’s nice to know you can always find the perfect outfit to accompany you on your moments of virtual wunderlust. I love Leezu! so much, I even included the taxi for you. xo Leezu!: Taxi:


New and sizzling hot, is **Dirams ** “Kylie.” The perfectly sexy number for a lazy Sunday of wiling away the day with a significant other. Comfortable enough to lounge in, sexy enough to make him have visions of getting you out of it. But don’t take my word on it, wander on over, pick one up, and check it out yourself. I even made it easy for you, I sent along a taxi. xo Diram: Taxi:

Outfit Style:

suit: ** Diram ** Kylie
Hairs: Tuty’s Adorable, hair base
Glasses: Dumani, Cat Occhiali
Handbag: Dumani, Guise
Necklace: Mandala, Soul necklace
Shoos: Diktator, Horseshoe


Cao and Skip~Going Dior...

Skip and I have been working together for a couple of years now and somehow he always just “gets” me. I admit, I am a little quirky and not very graceful. So when I approached him about doing a “best friends” pic with the caveat being, we would duplicate a current “Dior Homme” ad, he didn’t even blink an eye. You go guy! See? He gets me, and I love him for it! But I am sure all who know me know I had no qualms about it either. hehe I am the MVW contestant who donned a beard and pretended to be Vincent Van Gogh when we were required to style to represent our favorite artist.


Thoughts on this? Just let go, bend your sense of style gender lines, besides, suits for women are hot right now. So go with it. Though for fit you may want to stay to the females lines, but honestly? This suit was way too cool to pass up. But I am going to say one thing, I’ve never said before about a designer, Epicosity? You need to work on your customer “no service.” While at the store there were two people there who represented the store, I had a question about fit, since obviously I am a woman wearing a mans suit. I IM’d both and dropped a NC to one, and neither bothered to contact me. I understand they may have been AFK, but a call back maybe? Kind of sad, since I mentioned I would be blogging them. But overall, the suit is perfection, and Skips was good too, but then, he can make a burlap bag look like nirvana. A huge, enormously gigantic thanks goes out to Sue Hunniton of “Pics and Poses” who made this incredible pose and to my favey faves Gala Charron of *ArtDummy! for the totally slick “Drafting Chair.” I hope you are all having a groovy Tuesday! xo

Outfit Cao
Pants: Epicosity “casual chinos”
Jacket: Epicosity, “Blazer”
Shoos: Epicosity, “slip ons”
Collar: Gizza, from the mens ” Barong Tagalog” outfit
Shirt: Schadenfreude, “Noir Eleanor” Blouse
Hair: Dura, Boy08

Outfit Skip
Suit: Will post soon, he is gonna smacker me, I can’t read my own writing to see who he said it is. *head desk*
Hat: Entente
Glasses: Entente
Hairs: Entente
Cigarette: Hoorenbeek
Ring: Renavita

“I would spend at least one day a week-whatever day I had off-shopping for the next show. A lot of times, I’d have seven or eight outfits in one show. There might be a gown or cocktail dress, but… I felt the clothes had to be special.” ~Donna Mills

“I would spend at least one day a week-whatever day I had off-shopping for the next show. A lot of times, I'd have seven or eight outfits in one show. There might be a gown or cocktail dress, but... I felt the clothes had to be special.” ~Donna Mills

Much of this Donna Mills quote is so true of me. I try to limit my spending in SL by shopping only one or two days a week, picking up multiple items from my favorite designers and then spending another day or two taking blog pictures of them. One of my favorite stores to go to, when I want to find something special is always Gizza. Giz Seorn always creates from her heart, and it always seems her heart is attached to so many other inworld residents hearts because she so often creates our deepest desires.
While wandering her store the other day I ran across this gown, the flawless gown, and it so truly is! The one I purchased is this most passionate shade of Magenta, the a-line shape is simple and elegant enough to befit any royalty. The skirt is gently pleated with accentuating tendrils of silk falling from the sides of the bodice giving it such a textured 3 dimensional feel. The princess line of the bodice is enhanced with sweet, matching shaded flowers. A perfect 10 all alone, the only touches I added were the “Tulips” hair from Vanity Hair and this incredible jewelry “Scatteredhearts” from Finesmith. Perhaps different shades, but with so much precision and perfection, sometimes its sweet to add a little whimsy, it truly does mark the look as one’s own, no?
Gizza and Finesmith are currently running a clever Valentines contest “All You Need is Love” where you style an outfit in reds, whites, black or pinks, bedeck it with Finesmith Jewelry and create a photograph of it. The prize is 15,000L. So head over to the store and create your Valentine’s desire today. Taxi:

“I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.” Coco Chanel

Violator Di Vernice Urban Lutz Lotus
Finding myself a little backed up on the things I wish to blog, I emptied out my closets and started to shimmy into the different items to take some photographs. In the midst of the boxes and bags I found two gowns from Soraya Vaher of the Violator design house. Loving the eclectic nature of SL’s haute couture, I lovingly unboxed the pair and wow! The gowns are so exquisitely beautiful; it’s like finding a hidden treasure while combing the beach.

The gown shown above is the “Di Vernice” in red and gold. The material of the gown is exquisite and enfolds the body like liquid fire. The skirt is layered for added dimension and the entire ensemble includes a gold blossom jewelry that wraps within the skirting, up the bodice to the shoulder and finishes with a divine eye accentuating piece. Such a gorgeous gown, how could you not command attention while wearing it?

The picture below is the second little present I found in my closet and it is the “For My Lust” gown. When I put this on I instantly fell in love! The red and black silk is simply deific, the feathers heavenly! The banded waist hugs smoothly the sensuous area of the waist, the color blocking draws the eyes to a girl’s womanly curve. The neckline, shoulder and belt are hard-lined with craftily detailed jewelry that is independently works of art. The feathered wand and earrings are included and pull the entire look together. This is one of those gowns that upon donning, you just feel like a sensuous, desirable woman.

If you are looking for something to up your Glam factor, either of these offerings would fit the bill. Check out Violator today, I know you will simply love what you find! Taxi:

Violator For My LustUrbanlutz I love you