I Ain’t Sayin’

The secret of how to live without resentment or embarrassment in a world in which I was different from everyone else was to be indifferent to that difference.~ Al Capp

I Ain't Sayin'Dress: [ZE] Zanze, Cassidy **NEW** . Hair: [Love Soul]. Hair *093* .

It’s been three days, I guess I can speak about this without embarrassment. If you read last week you knew I had a wedding reception this weekend for a girlfriend in my posse. It was an after six “cocktail party” sort of reception. Yeah I know, only in some Podunk drinking village with a fishing problem would they have such a thing. I had questioned out on FB if they thought a black cocktail would be ok for the reception and received a few affirmatives. But when it got down to it, okay honestly? Five outfit changes later, I settled on a silk caftan type top with elastic-waisted silk palazzo pants underneath. I preferred the LBD (little Black Dress) but the party was being held outdoors under one of those huge white tents and it was really cold for some reason. Unsure whether I was going to wear the LBD or not, I kept my spanx on while trying on my entire closet because Lawdy mercy I didn’t want to have to pry those bishes up again. Those who have read me a while know I have a love/hate relationship with Spanx. I spoke in depth about it Here: but let’s just say, I love the look, I hate the sweat equity involved.

I Ain't Sayin'Shoos: [Gos], Bordello, Rock Chick . Bag: Indy& Co, Snakeskin .

Spanx on, because they really do hide anything that dares try to poke out or roll, I headed out to the reception. Face it, I’m a non-dancing wallflower to the 99th degree. Um, unless alcohol is involved. So after about the 3rd martini, I decide I can dance it up with the best of them and headed out to twerk it so fine Hannah Montana decides she’s gonna have to retire basically dork dance like I’m known for. But I was hawt, I just knew I was, until I hear my posse laughing hysterically. I looked around, and everyone is looking at me and I look at Taylor (Dr.Ben) and he’s a little red faced and looking any where but at me, his dance partner. So I look down. And I look up. And I look down. Surely there is a hole in the floor somewhere? Anywhere? That I can fall in to?

I Ain't Sayin'Jewelry: [Mandala], Chunkeeey & Sagarmatha **NEW** . Makeup: Zibska .

Ah ‘ell, really? Again? Every social engagement I am ever invited to it has to be me? Luckily I was surrounded by my most trusted friends and total strangers and they’ve grown to expect this sort of thing from me because I reckon I couldn’t have made this up.. much.. The take from? Yep, here it is. Apparently, Spanx and silky elastic-waisted pants don’t play well together because while I was groovin’ it hotter than Tina Turner at the ripe young age of 60, my pants had wiggled their way around my legs to end up pooled at my ankles. I know, it’s cool to be me because once again, Nailed It!

Heavy Metal

Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment. ~Alexander McQueen

Heavy MetalHair: Tableau Vivant, Dreaklocks **TMD** . Bra Piece: .aisling., Chest Lace **We ❤ Role Play** . Shoulders: ieQED, Dragon Pauldron .

Denial is an outright refusal to admit or recognize that something has occurred or is currently occurring. Heck, as humans it’s one of our best known defense mechanisms. It functions to protect our ego from things we can’t cope with. While this may save us pain or anxiety, it also requires an awful lot of energy. Especially in those moments in our lives when we turn to escapism to salve over the hidden pain of our denial of what’s really eating us in real life. You know those moments, the times we spend too much time in Second Life, or any other of the sundry of online games out there. Sitting in front of a TV or computer so long you feel like you’ve melted into the furniture. The point where when you finally do log off, you aren’t very happy, well perhaps you’re superficially happy, but if you’d scratch the surface a little deeper you’d realize, over all your current lifestyle isn’t very meaningful in the grand scheme of things or remotely close to where you dreamt you’d be at this age back when you were 12 or 13.

Heavy MetalSkirt: Ricielli, Highwaist skirt . Shoos: [Gos], Bordello Rock chic . Bracelet(s): [Mandala], Pearl Rain . .aisling., Faranth .

Why do we do this anyway? Are we a society who runs from real world financial difficulties, loneliness, bad relationships, crappy parents, ugly childhoods, our fears? By escaping we rob ourselves of psychological maturity and wisdom because it’s only with dealing with the reality of our lives that we gain understanding and wisdom. Besides, when you turn off whatever your crutch is for the night, the reality is still there, waiting for you and unfortunately just like the other “crutches” we use in our lives, pain medications, alcohol, drugs, sex, this form of escapism as a psychological addiction is no less addictive than the others. Look around, psychological escapisms destroy just about as many relationships, marriages and families as substance abuse. Don’t get me wrong, too much involved in anything can be a bad thing. Just don’t for a second fool yourself into believing psychological addictions are safer.

Why here, why now? The class is still out on this one but I suppose it’s because I just found out there was a campaign to annihilate the perfectly good word “bossy” to affect a change in our culture, which they claim undermines girls who exhibit leadership skills by labeling them negatively. To me the most stunning fact is the campaign is spearheaded by two women who lead, so somehow they lived with this “stigma” yet were able to worked past it enough to become a COO (of Facebook), and another who is the CEO (of the Girl Scouts of America). Oh the barbarity, the abuse, how did they survive it all and not become escapists and live in total denial of their bossiness? The point? Reality sucks at times, not just for you, but for me, and her, and him too. The point is, we all have labels, we all have guilt, fears, pains, we shouldn’t have to remove all negative connotations from the dictionary because in reality, the words wouldn’t really be gone, we would still “know” them. Just like all those other slang nasty pairings of words, being out of print doesn’t make them gone, it just moves them underground, whispered stealthily as you walk by. And dimes to donuts, it’s going to suck a ‘ell of a lot longer if you don’t face and come to some terms with whatever it is you are hiding from and when you do finally log off and face it, well, who knows, you just might gain a little wisdom, self esteem and might I even add happiness, to boot. But, that’s just my take on it, use it for whatever it’s worth to you, quite possibly that’s not an awful lot. I’m just being a little bossy, it’s a high gravity Monday after all.

Wandering On

It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes. ~Thomas Aquinas

Wandering On

I’ve blogged events steadily since February, so today, right now in fact, I am taking a much needed break for at least the weekend. I hope your weekend, whether it’s a holiday for you or not, is surrounded by the love of family and friends. I wanted to leave with these pictures posted up. I have to admit, I think this is probably my fave dress for casualwear. I hope you like it too. As for me, I’m off to meet Dr. Ben’s family. They live in Georgia so I’m sure I’ll hear a lot of “I declares,” “aren’t you specials,” but I won’t let it bother me, I reckon after the second Mint julep I won’t hear much of anything. Oh! and Peep? I’m leaving the spork at home, apparently his parents frown on stabbings at dinner parties. Figures!

Wandering On

I included the below dress because first of all, I loved it! But also, it just happens to be free! Amazing right?

Wandering On

Outfit One:
Flower: LaGyo, Bizarre Flower http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Love%20dAlliez/73/188/23
Hair: !lamb., Sheila http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lula/107/105/34/
Dress: !gO!, Khaleesi https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/28800
Necklace: LaGyo, Mia
Bracelet, LaGyo, Valma bangle
Purse: LaGyo, Lora
Shoos: L&E, Signature sandals https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/942
Feet/Hands/Eyes: SLink/Slink/Mayfly https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/14153
Nails: Nailedit! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/145953

Outfit Two
Hat: LaGyo, Skulls Hat
Hair: !lamb., Craft spells
Dress: !gO!, Marta **FREE**
Earring: LaGyo, Luz
Necklace: Lagyo, Maya
Ring: Lagyo, Skull
Bag: *LpD*, Buckskin bag https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/34948
Boots: Maitreya, Stagioni https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/14076
Poses: .slouch https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/72745

On Kids

On KidsHair: .lamb, Xtal . Hairband: ///offbeat///, elmo .

Fashion for K.I.D.S. is a two week long charity event which will take place from April 14th to April 21st, 2014. that will help to feed the bodies and minds of young children. The two Miss Virtual World 2014 Candidates, Sienna Bellios and Shelby Matfield will collaborate in this effort , and raises funds for K.I.D.S., a children’s charity that aids in the development of children through nourishment and education (literacy). K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distress Situations) donates 97 percent of donations to the children and families they serve. The charity helps many kids in distress situations such as homelessness, low literacy rate, victims of domestic violence, children with serious illness, and military families. More information on this charity can be found at http://www.kidsdonations.org

On KidsOutfit: Wicca’s Wardrobe, Lollipop **100% Proceeds directly to K.I.D.S.** .

During this event, a host of 18+ designers willing to set up small vendors of their creations – with one creation donating 50% or more to the children’s charity. Since the charity is to aid children, the designers will have an array of bright colors to represent children, and just in time for spring! To cap off this event, we will host a grand fashion show on the BOSL sim, featuring the awesome women of Miss Virtual World 2014! It is our hope that through this colorful, spring fashion event, that we raise a substantial amount of lindens to give to K.I.D.S.


Each day families all around the world struggle for food, clothing, and shelter. Each day a parent loses their job and with the loss of a job, usually the loss of their home follows. We work hard to make ends meet, rob Peter to pay Paul, struggle to care for our children but the truth is, the vast majority is just one pay check away from poverty. And while as adults we suffer, those who suffer the most are our children. Info from: (Sazzy Nirpaw, http://sazzynirpaw.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/through-a-childs-eyes/)

Last Chance

As a rock star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world. I have a chance to do both. ~Bono

Last ChanceHair: Dura, **Japan Fair Limited** . Necklace/earrings: +M’s Avon+, Yasta set **Japan Fair** .

1,446,482 = 5,786= 5.7 Shelter Boxes. http://www.shelterbox.org You guys rock. That’s all I can say. This is the last weekend of the 2014 Japan Fair and they aren’t going to dwindle out, they are going to finish up big. Let’s change the world, one emergency shelter at a time. Here’s the rundown of the shows this weekend, so if you are sitting in idle pop over there to check it out. I’m doing a “meet the parents” weekend, so I probably will be more away than here. I’ll tell a little bit more later, but for now, I hope your weekends going to be grand!

Last ChanceKimono: Lakshmi, Oiran **Japan Fair** . Poses: [[J’Adore]], **Japan Fair** .

4/19(Sat) 6:30amslt
Japanese Entertainment Night
produced by BBOY-DAN and Guest DJ
(ダンスエンタテインメント ”花魁道中” & ” 新撰組” と三味線ミックスDJライブ)
Japanese style dance entertainment ”花魁道中”, ” 新撰組” and
live “shamisen” (Japanese instrument) mix DJ show


4/19(Sat) 10amslt
日本時間 翌4/20(日)am2:00~
MIX Brand SHOW 2
produced by Les Garcons
Mix Show by 2 mens brands


4/20(Sun) 6amslt / 1pmslt
日本時間4/20(日)22:00~ / 4/21(月)5:00~
produced by BLVD Agency & Japanese Model team


On Nothingness

Life is an illusion. I am held together in the nothingness by art. ~Anselm Kiefer

On Nothingness

Nothingness, the state of being no longer seen, heard, or felt. I suppose we all fade into it at one point or another. I’m not speaking of death because I’m pretty certain that’s an inevitability. But I speak of sinking into the void of emptiness, the micro-moment in the cosmic universe when something ends and right before something new begins. I reckon if you hold your breath at the exact perfect second you will hear the pfft of the flame extinguishing right before the emptiness permeates the air. Right as you hold your breath and shut your eyes at the pain of the ending as if to ward off it’s jagged edges, a calm cold darkness settles about you like an invisible cloak. Yeah, that kind of quiet.

On Nothingness

Hair: Tableau Vivant, Dreadlock **NEW** The Men’s Department
Glasses: *Cila*, Studded Shades **L’Accessoires**
Jacket: [sYs], Ankaa jacket
Top: .Shi, Daleth Wrap
knickers: [FemmeFatale], Bettie Waist
Boots: [Belgravia], Electra
Hat (on mannequin): [Europa], pith helmet
Mannequin: [RO], Dress Form

Pose: Del May