drift cozy sweater boatneck sweater and diva yuri3

Okay, Okay, well maybe not that itchy wool type my mama made me wear growing up, but to me, nothing is finer on a lazy Sunday then to pull on a bulky cotton sweater and a comfy low waisted non-binding denim skirt. I mean, think about it, in Florida, especially near the beach where the salty ocean breeze makes things stay a little warmer than inland, sweaters are about it for the year. So I was really excited to see my friend Kallisto Destiny of Drift came out with an outfit that truly mimics what I pull on for long comfortable weekends in the real. The sweater is boatnecked so you don’t feel like you are choking and it gives it a nice feminine peek of shoulder, the long denim skirt has pockets for the miscellaneous minutae like driver’s license, car keys and maybe a credit card. Always need one of those in case you drive by a sale, right? Best part? She offers it in so many colors you can mix and match all winter long! So open a bottle of wine, grab the fruit, cheese and crackers and enjoy a comfortable day with a few friends, in this outfit your certainly dressed for it.

DDrift cozy shabby denim and boatneck sweater with dura girl 30 hair

As an aside, for those “other” days, filled with meetings and *sigh* work. Drift has the Mutiara Dress, also available in many colors. It is safe enough for work and yet feminine and elegant enough for semi-formal events. If you get a chance, check out Drift today. Kalli always designs something young, fun and created for all styles and tastes. And for those loyal “Drifters” a little sneaky information, Drift will be one of the newest designers in the next round of the Couturier’s Dock. So get ready for some awesome additions to our inventory!

drift fs pearls boon hairs diram belt

Outfit One:
Hairs: D!va, “Yuri3”
Sweater: Drift, “Boatneck”
Skirt: Drift, “Cozy Shabby Denim”
Makeup: Kooqla

Outfit Two:
Hairs: Dura, “girl30”
Sweater: Drift, “Boatneck Sweater”
Skirt: Drift, “Cozy Shabby Denim”

Outfit Three:
Dress: Drift, “Mutiari”
Necklace: Finesmith, “pearls”
Hairs: Boon, “BNG331”
Belt: Diram, “Leather Belt”