Whats in the Bag final Logo A best friend feels free enough to walk into your house and borrow your shoos, even when you are still wearing them. (Logo pic for “What’s in the Bag” column found in Trend Magazine by Julie Hastings)

some are big, some are small, some are real, while some are fake. ~Unknown

Dag Hammarksjöld once said,”Every deed and every relationship is surrounded by an atmosphere of silence. Friendship needs no words – it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness.” Friendship is a very simple word, very commonly used these days. I believe for most, friend is used on a daily basis thanks to social media. Yet, the depth and meaning of friendship certainly goes beyond the simple and the common. We “friend” someone in Second Life, for easier future contact, though we may never even speak to them again. We friend them but are they really a friend? Other’s we friend inworld, on Facebook, or through blogs and the friendship is more business relationship, not exactly a friend, no? Acquaintance, I think.

Friends.Are.Like.Boobs.Friends do crazy things, and instead of telling them not to do it, you say “can I steer?”

But no man is an island, we all have one friend we can rely on. At least, I hope we do, even if the friend is a family member. Don’t discount family members as friends, they’ve truly seen us at our worst and tend to like us anyway, even if its only because they see their genetic fingerprints written on our face. I am such a virtual recluse, for this I am sorry. I think it’s not a snobbery on my part, please don’t take it as such, 5 years “in” I just grow tired at times and prefer to ground myself more solidly in the real world. It’s not that I find the real world so much better than my Second Life, I just prefer sunlight, oxygen, salty air and my Jack Russell Terrior-ist at times. Only one other person knows this, but Sunday during the Avenue tryouts? It was the typical lagfest and crashing unmoving sims, my brain wandered away to the outdoors and soon, my body did as well. Right in the middle of my two runway walks, I grabbed my sunglasses, leashed KT (her spelling, not mine) and took a mile walk along the beach. The point of confessing this now? To talk about the one friend, the only one I told. (until right now)

Cao pic 2 When you break something, like a leg, a friend doesn’t let you feel sorry for yourself, they bean you with a snowball to get your attention.

I have quite a few inworld friends and adore them all. Some of you are scary smart, some creative geniuses, some humorous, but all are always so generous to the quiet moods of a Cao. I thank you all. Mila is a heart friend, the one I would wish to bring to my real world with me because I think we’d be scads of trouble, so this could very well be written about her. But this time, this one person has been with me through thick and thin. And in a virtual world where minutes are measured in years, she has been with me for years, which I assume is decades. She carries me way more than I carry her (good thing she’s bigger than me by about a foot) and I am sure you know it’s Draakje Dailey, my little dragon. Take from? Yeah, you know it. It’s Friday, quit working all the time, it’s a Second Life not a first. But in the real world too, stop a second and just breathe. Have a chat with a best friend, life’s best moments are those we share with others in meaningful ways. Love, laugh, live. That’s my motto this weekend.

Snow Sled Outfits:
Shoulderwrap: MOLiCHiNO Foxtail Poncho – White
Pants: Maitreya Mesh Leggings – Black
Tunic: MOLiCHiNO Relaxed Tunic – White
Sweater: []
Boots: *GF*[Mesh] Fur Cuff Boots “Sasha” -black-
Hair:::Exile:: Collide: Light Blondes
Gloves: [celoe.mery.gloves.mine]

Hairs: Maitreya, Evi w. Scarf
Jacket: Gizza, Padded Jacket
Pants: Gizza, skinny pant
Mittens: Izzie’s
Boots: Maitreya, Stagioni

Cao pic 2
Hat: La Penderie de Nicole, My rainy day hat
Hair: Vanity Hair, Tubular bells
Jacket: Celoe, Maru
Pants: Dee Talez, Boyfriend short
Crutches: [HT+] crutches and boot
Boot: L and B, Elise



Okay, I don’t know. I got nothing. I’ve been feeling this way all week. I think it’s one of the reasons I hesitate to blog events. Events are no brainers, you just repost what was already posted, so easy I reckon even a Cao can do it. But it makes your creatively lazy. I do want to say, to all those who made the next round of Avenue, I send out a huge congrats! I tried out, did you know that? Yeah. I did. Didn’t get far though, one round. I guess me walking down the runway isn’t on their agenda. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not broken up about it a single bit, heck, on the notecard where they asked why do you want to be an Avenue model, I wrote, I only walk runway for charitable events these days, I’m retired. So I suppose since I wasn’t willing to waste time on them, they weren’t going to waste time on me either.


The take from for all this? Of course there is one! Don’t try out for things unless you are willing to fight 110% to win it. Because if you aren’t completely invested, it’s not worth your time, but its’s a waste of their time too. So just say no. However, for those who made it, again, congrats! I hope you enjoy the next round and if it’s really what you want, I hope your dream is fulfilled! Oh, and since your not going to be eating those, could you pass me your Dorito’s?

Outfit One:
Pose: Manifeste
Hairs: Maitreya, Aisha
Face Jewelry (Bindi): Eshi, Shakti **NEW**
Dress: GIZZA, Hankie Dress **NEW**
Necklace: Zaara, Atiriya **NEW**
Shoos: Zaara, Ilaida Mojri


With.Shoes.Comes.Perspective.Feet: [Gos] “Toe point” Sweater: Ricielli Mesh, Laced Cardigans Set. (rest from yesterday.ewwww)

Yeah, yeah I know. It’s a woman thing, ah, shoos! If you’re a shoo hater, mosey on out of here, but if you are a major shoo ho, like I am, you’re going to love this blog because it’s like waking once again to Christmas morning and all the prezzy’s are yours! Have you ever wasted hours trying to get the skin on your shoos to match your avatars skin? Yep lots of raised hands out there, me too and I use “Color Cop” to make it “easy.” The worst thing is when you spend that hour or so and when you arrive at a new SIM they no longer match because of windlights. Well, slap my arse and don’t you dare call me Sally! [Gos] has a new revolutionary product, and it just amazed me with its ease of use.

With.Shoes.Comes.Perspective. Shoo: [Gos] Boutique, Marilyn. Skirt: Maitreya, Mini Vivid Leather Lust. Shirt: Leezu!, LBD Night Love

The HUD with the new shoes from [Gos] Boutique come with 250 skins preloaded. So there is a one time log in from the HUD, you pick your skin type and shade, save, and voila! Easy as lying in bed and reading a paper on a Sunday morning. For the first pic I loaded a Glam Affair skin I had stashed in inventory because I know it is a popular line for you all and it was a matter of 30 seconds to find the shade and save it. This second pic, which is the skin I always wear, was not listed on the list of 250. Hmmpf, go figure! No one ever thinks about us lonely old Cao’s! It wasn’t as easy as finding your brand and choosing the shade, but it wasn’t exactly laborious to get it right and considering I styled and took pics of all these outfits in under 30 minutes, I’d say my final result is close enough for a speed blogging foray, no?

With.Shoes.Comes.Perspective. Shoos: [Gos] Grace. Dress: Ladies Who Lunch, IT dress. Jewelry: Finesmith, Edina *NEW* LOVE! and hairs: Blackliquid, Succulent *Couturier’s Dock* Love also!

The best part? You only have to set the HUD once and all of your skin choices remain on the HUD ready for you to use with EVERY pair of shoes from [Gos]. Thats right, one HUD does it all! As an aside, these shoes are also rigged. And for those who don’t know what it means, don’t feel bad, I didn’t either so I asked Gospel Voom, the designer of the shoes. What a really cool dude he is, by the way! As for rigging, in the Gospel according to Voom, rigged means; when walking, or dancing, the shoes will mimic the natural movement and bend of a real life footstep. In other words, the ankle flexes naturally. So no more walking around with your foot always in a static position. YAY!

Take from? Let me see if I can think of one… Ah, okay. Silly me, the title. The take from? Why work so hard? It’s a second life, not a first. Shouldn’t your feet match your body seamlessly and without effort? Heck, I like the line so much I even included the taxi for you! Taxi:


SoliDea FoliEs - Tarantino Dolls Collection - UmaAnna Sapphire, Carley Benazzi, Caoimhe Lionheart and Natzuka Miliandrovic

My crazy fun friend Mila Tatham of *SoliDea FoliEs* has been at it again! I like working for her because there is never a dull moment! This time in tribute to the popular cult semi-classic, “Kill Bill” she has created the “Tarantino Dolls” collection. First of all, I am in awe of the models I worked with for this shoot! It’s amazing to have one supermodel in your Ad’s, but 6? I nearly fell off the platform Mimmi Boa, Vikeejeah Xevion, Anna Sapphire, Draakje Dailey, Carley Benazzi, and Natzuka Miliandrovic were all so dazzling!

Black Mamba-Solidea FoliesMimmi Boa and Draakje Daily

I am always proud to show the newest line of *SoliDea FoliEs.* I love the colors, the fabrics, and the originality of Mila’s designs. In fact, I like it so much I even included the taxi for you! SoliDea Folies: Taxi:
67089_337323899713519_1121415445_nVikeejeah Xevion and Draakje Dailey

In fact, I like it so much I even included the taxi for you! Taxi:

Kill.Bill.Revisited. Mila Tatham and Caoimhe Lionheart

Unified Heart 2013 – A homage to Leonard Cohen

In Jan 2012 we had a phenomenally successful exhibition – Unified Heart – where 20 artists interpreted the words of a Leonard Cohen song of their choice.

A Thousand Kisses Deep by Skip Staheli A Thousand Kisses Deep~ Skip Staheli

Now we are doing it again! This year we have thirteen of the artists from last time and eight additional artists are participating in Unified Heart 2013.

To Be Free by Corinne Helendale To Be Free~ Corinne Helendale

An exhibit in homage to the beauty and genius of this iconic Singer songwriter who has been a part of many lives for many years.

The Future by Jessica Belmer The Future~ Jessica Belmer

Presented by Morgana Nagorski and sponsored by LUMIPro Professional Lighting System @ the recently launched Palais Orleans Gallery Complex.

Thanks For The Trouble You Took From Her Eyes~ Amona SaviraThanks For The Trouble You Took From Her Eyes by Amona Savira

26 January to 21 April 2013
With opening receptions
6:00-8:00PM SLT Saturday 26 January
and 10:00AM -123:00PM SLT Sunday 27 January.

Come Healing by Harbor GalaxyCome Healing~ Harbor Galaxy

Please find time to join us for this momentuous event!

Say Goodbye To Alexandra Leaving by Morgana NagorskiSay Goodbye To Alexandra Leaving ~ Morgana Nagorski

As each of our artist creatively interpret what the songs means to them.

I Tried To Leave You by Maloe VansantI Tried to Leave You~ Maloe Vansant

The artists participating:
Aelin Quan
Acacia Merlin
Amona Savira
Burk Bode
Callipygian Christensen
Cat Boccaccio
Corinne Helendale
Dantelicia Ethaniel
Dixmix Source
Harbor Galaxy
Jessica Belmer
Kato Salyut
Kira Westland
Lily Laufer
Maloe Vansant
Meilo Minotaur
Morgana Nagorski
Petra Messioptra
Ronda Saunders
Sare Ethaniel
Skip Staheli

Bird of Paradise by Kato Salyut Bird Of Paradise~ Kato Salyut

The curator: Morgana Nagorski

I Left a Woman Waiting by Dantelicia EthanielI Left A Woman Waiting~ Dantelicia Ethaniel

Taxi: Taxi:


Psyche.Space.Sugar.Candy. Jacket: Drift, City Coat. Pant: La Penderie De Nicole, My High Pant. Hair: Dura, Girl30. Hat: NYU, cashmere tweed. Purse: HoF, Vander Satchel. Shoos: Miamai, Lois.

I know I said today I would blog Unified Heart 2013, but I think it will hold until tomorrow the opening day. (Psyche) Because that was yesterday, then I read this on a friends FB page, “Did you know the people that are the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the one who takes care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the 3 hardest things to say are I love you, I’m sorry, and Help me.” And every single word pinged a little knock on my heart. In fact, while writing this I just had to take a moment to breathe, to reflect and to draw myself out of myself just to write the next sentence. To those I have hurt or not helped, I am sorry I thought what I was doing was so important I couldn’t help you. For those who have hurt me, I forgive you whether you want me to or not. For those who need care, I am here and my ears and my heart are open. For those who think this doesn’t apply to them, read it again and really think about yourself. Life is good, when we allow it to be so. Just realize, we all occupy space and at times it is a microcosm of it, so watch those elbows and knees, those thoughts and words, because our space often orbits one anothers. The take from, yep its here. Sugar is sucrose, which is actually two simple sugars stuck together: fructose and glucose. Adding a little acid (lemon juice or an acidic personality) causes sugar to break down, which can be okay, I suppose. We’ve all got THAT friend, right? But if you get too many acidic friends, the over-saturation causes the sugar to crystallize and it’s all, erm, uh, “gritty” from there. So I guess the take from is, do you want to be the sugar or the one who causes all the “grit”?

Psyche.Space.Sugar.Candy. Cocktail: Gizza, Karenina *NEW*, Jewelry: La Penderie De Nicole, Squared Diamonds

My friend Kallisto Destiny, bish that she is, emailed me yesterday a screen shot of her closet filled with the new items from Maitreya… Knowing I wouldn’t be inworld until today around 9AM SLT, but I forgive her, she’s not really the acidic kind, she’s more the pointy elbow person. I digress, but I had to put a little character assassination in there, because Cao’s are that way.(hmmm maybe I’m the acid) A few weeks ago, Kalli the designer for Drift, sent me this amazing “City” coat. I’ve always loved classic style and there is nothing more classic than a chic houndstooth, no? I paired the coat with a classic cut pant “My High Pant” from Marcopol Oh of La Penderie De Nicole. I’ve missed Marco a lot lately, but I finally spoke to him inworld a few days ago, he is doing fine, other than he is currently having computer issues, but his new computer is on the way and we should see him about again in February. And the best news is he is going to be opening a new store at Salimar’s new mall! YAY! For those who do not know, we have renovated Salimar and in addition to the bigger, brighter area for the Couturier’s Dock (shhhhh next round January 30,2013- more info later) there will be several stores available there including, *SoliDea FoliEs*, *LpD*, LD Major, AD Creations Dollhouse, HMAEM, Le Penderie De Nicole, just to name a few. I’m looking forward to his return, and the return of the Couturier’s Dock. I sure hope you are too. In the mean time, check out Gizza, Drift, Dura, and La Penderie, I know they have something for every taste! Look down below, I actually even included the taxi’s for you!

Psyche.Space.Sugar.Candy. Jewelry: La Penderie De Nicole, Squared Diamonds, My Pinned Cameo. Hairs: Dura, girl30

Drift: Taxi:
Gizza: Taxi:
Dura: Taxi:
La Penderie de Nicole: Taxi:


Caoimhe Lionheart My Precious Princess Face Photography by: Skip Staheli

I recently asked on FB whether there was anything anyone wanted me to blog and my friend Osprey Terasaur had a few items she wanted addressed. And as luck will have it, some of her questions segue perfectly in line with a subject I want to blog, tomorrow. The “Unified Heart – where 20 artists interpret the words of a Leonard Cohen song of their choice.” How does this fit her question? To shorten the length, I picked out a few of her items here, Osprey asked, “How you started SL … How you got into Modeling with the ups and downs of the whole thing … when was Caoimhe born on sl .. how old is she (your toon not you in RL) any background story you have made for her character …”

Cao Red Silks by Skip Staheli <3 Photography by: Skip Staheli

In 2007 while in college at the University of Florida, (class of ’08, Go Gators!) extra credit for a computer class was to explore Second Life and talk about its pros and cons and about our thoughts on virtual computer platforms for social and business platforms. UF had an inworld campus much like the real world campus, it was amazing! So I began SL in March of 07 with my first avatar. Second Life is a wonderful experience, but by December 22, 2008 I grew so tired of the drama, and deleted the avatar. I am pretty mellow I guess and I never liked watching grown up’s filled with so much teenage angst all the time. Just the thought of it still makes me feel like I should be in a bathroom puking to get my youthful girlish figure back. No offense intended for those who enjoy the scene, it’s just not me.

Geisha by ShiffTy Ricantaur Photography by: ShiffTy Ricantaur

What I DID enjoy was the artistic perspective SL offered. I used to love recreating art, or creating pictures of fantasy, and where I lacked the skill to create it, I used photographers like Skip Staheli for that, I was good at styling the look. So if you look at a lot of my old work, it typically revolves around art or fantasy. Cao Fantasy: . I’d give Skip a picture or describe where I wanted the look to go, and he in his magical way would create the vision. I should note this is not exclusive to Skip, I used several very talented photographers, but he was the one I worked with the most for these artistic interpretations.

Cao~as Alice Photo by: Skip Staheli

So in reality, my dream has never been to be a Second Life model, my dream has always been to be a part of creating art in a virtual platform. I am now more model than clay, but I think that is just a bi-product of the need to blog. I am perhaps not the best person to get a perspective of SL modeling from, I’ve never really thought myself to be one, but I will cover my opinion of the ups and downs of being an SL model on a later date. For now, I’ve probably just cured the insomnia of 98% of my readers.

What.Is.And.What.Shall.Never.Be. My Interpretive Styling for Avenue Magazine’s Modern Romantic

So the take from, and yes, there is. I think 110% of styling, is going beyond what is apparent to the naked eye. For these contests, don’t just copy the theme, give it an unexpected interpretation. But also,and most importantly, give it an artistic interpretation, only then should you never go wrong. I want to leave here with a small teaser for tomorrows blog about a few of the artists in Second Life, because I hope you will make the time to see the exhibit “Unified Heart – where 20 artists interpret the words of a Leonard Cohen song of their choice.” (January 26th thru April 21st,2013) Here is one of my faves of the entries by the incredibly gifted Dantelicia Ethaniel. But I enjoy them all so much, I’ve even included the taxi for you:

I Left a Woman Waiting by Dantelicia Ethaniel “I Left A Woman Waiting” by: Dantelicia Enthaniel


The.Long.Goodbye. Photo by: Julie Hastings

I have been acting so spoiled. I hate it when I act this way, but I hate more to make myself play grown up and control it. I suppose it’s a major character flaw. Rather than face something I loath to face, I play ostrich and bury my head in the sand. Well, not exactly, that’s not true a’tall. Ostriches receive a bad rap on this myth; they don’t bury their heads in the sand, apparently only Cao’s do. I’ve held this picture for over a month now. Thank you Julie Hastings for creating it, I suppose I’ve let you down a little bit too by not showing it sooner, I just didn’t want to let go.

Winner- The Essence of PurpleMoon- Caoimhe LionheartPhoto by: Magissa Denver

Back in November, ugh, you see that? November, almost three months ago now. Purple Moon held their “Essence of Purple Moon” contest. It’s not like I didn’t know about it, I was a judge for the semi-finals, I went to the finals and walked. Is there an excuse for not saying thank you? I’d like to think there is, but there is not. I said a “speech” at the finals, but that was nowhere near the depth of emotion I feel. I read on a blog today that to write in a sentimental form is not authentic. This statement confounded me; perhaps it was because the writer is male? I do not know I just know it made me a little bit sad because I feel sentiment is as real and authentic as dark anger; it is just the lightness of being as opposed to another’s darkness. But, well, no harm, no foul, in the end it spurred me to write what I have put off for too long.

Cao MVW South Korea Photo by: Pam Astonia (jewelry: Chop Zuey)

I am the Essence of Purple Moon. Or more importantly, I was for 2012. I am no longer, life has moved on without me. Or has it? I was much honored to have been the “best on that day” and won the title, but honestly? The title? Well that’s just a little tag over your head. What I really won that day was something invaluable in a Second Life and a Real Life sense. I won a person I will forever call my friend. Poulet Koenkamp isn’t a designer, well I suppose technically she is, but to me, that is just something she does, a title over her head, if you will. What she actually is, is a wonderfully creative, outrageously funny, notoriously sentimental being of grand intelligence. What she is, is a patient friend.

Lean.Backward.In.Time. Photo by: Poulet Koenkamp

Thank you Poulet for letting me be the face of your brand. I realize now, this two plus months too late that I’ve not lost my face, it’s still firmly attached to my head, I have not lost a’tall. All I have done is gained. I have gained a cherished and precious friend. A friend, who when making my International costume for Miss Virtual World asked me to explain a Korean hanbok, to which I created and emailed a ten page PDF on the subject. You received it with aplomb, probably a quiet laugh and shake of the head, but you created the most gorgeous westernized Hanbok I’ve ever seen. As the year ended, I told you how sad I was and with utmost grace, you took me aside and stressed that though the crown is gone, the friendship will never be. Thank you Poulet for your faith in me as a model and a person, for being a friend, and for caring enough for me to hold my hand as I grew up some this year.

Caoimhe MVW South Korea  by Purple Moon Photo by Pam Astonia

Take from? Yep there is one. A title is a silly thing in all honesty, so don’t hate yourself if you’ve never won one. Some of the best models I know, have never won one, yet looky there, they are the best, because they work hard. (remember? Best THAT day is what wins a contest, not ability.) If you have been blessed to win, don’t take the title, the money, and walk away. Give back. It’s almost a shame you get the title before you earn it. So do the right thing and earn it after the fact. You were the best THAT day, now be the best for the entire year you wear the title. Represent with dedicated honor. You may have the title, but time will tell if it truly belongs to you. Taxi:

Miss Essence of PurpleMoon™ 2013 - Press Release Photo by: Poulet Koenkamp


laccessoires solidea cristalli lamour fou dura hairs 03 A Doll’s Girl Grows Up and Moves Away

Headpiece: SoliDea FoliEs, Cristalli *L’Accessoires*
Hairs: Dura, Girl03
Outfit: *SoliDea FoliEs*, L’Amour Fou
Head: *CoCo* Doll

Quick post today because so much to show and so little time. L’Accessoire’s is having another event, so run! I love accessories! Baubles, baubles I could bathe in them! And don’t get me started on shoos!!!! Lots to show, so I’ll hush my mouth and bring them on. I hope your weekend was an amazing experience! xo I enjoyed this experience so much, I even included the taxi for you! Taxi:

laccessoires bds yeriak shoos caoimhe handbag There are many advantages to having a really large handbag!

Shoos: {{BSD}}, Yeriak *L’Accessoires*
Handbag: {{BSD}}, Caoimhe **NEW**
Hairs: Dura, girl and Boy 40 **NEW**

laccessoires handverk leather feather clutch mansala ohoshisama earring osenbei neck steking ear hokusai watch lwl treet mini See? I’m in shape, I pump leather!

Purses: Handverk, Leather Feather clutch *L’Accessoires*
Necklace: Mandala, Osenbei **New**
Earrings: Mandala, Ohoshisama **NEW**
Watch Mandala, Hokusai
Ears: Mandala, Steking **New**
Cocktail: LWL, (Ladies Who Lunch), Street Mini
Hairs: [E], Conclusion

Laccessoires 22769 Lacante collar miamai luna Mandala rushana chopstick and steking ears

Hairs: Miamai, Luna
Collar: 22769, Lacante *L’Accessoires*
Hairsticks: Mandala, Rushana Chopstick **NEW**
Ears: Mandala, Steking **NEW**

Laccessoires Azoury Monster Glam Spike Shoulder pads Solidea Folies extinct Maddesigns aria Well there ya are, Proof I’ve been around since the dark ages! I’m almost extinct

Hat/Glasses: Azoury, Animal *L’Accessoires*
Shoulder Pads: Glam Affair, Spiked Shoulder Pads *L’Accessoires*
Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Extinct
Hairs: Maddesigns, Aria

Laccessoires b and w shena fulo gigi Everyone looks smart with a hat and a pair of killer earrings!

Hat: B and W, Shena *L’Accessoires*
Earrings: Fulo, Gigi *L’Accessoires*
Outfit: [sYs], Hussarde **GROUP GIFT**

laccessoires nyu cashmere tweed cap cherry velentine bow tote chanel infinity scarf nuuna skin graves latex and sakide garter Mannequins, the new sexy..

Skin: ++Nuuna++
Hat: NYU, Cashmere tweed cap *L’Accessoires*
Scarf: Cherry, Chanel Infinity *L’Accessoires*
Bag: Cherry, Valentine Bow Tote *L’Accessoires*
Latex: Graves
Garter: Sakide

laccessoires mons lion king set diva yuri RAWRRR, enough said!

Hairs: D!va, Yuri
Jewelry: Mons, Lion King set \O/ *L’Accessoires*

Laccessoires eclipse ancilla If you get in a celluar deadzone, put your shoo on your head!

Shoos: Eclipse, Ancilla! GORGIE! *L’Accessoires*

Whew! Outfit!