Cao~as Alice
Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Photo by Skip Staheli

I am still pulled away into a real world, and as I said to my blogfriend Nightlake, Nightlake’s blog: the most astonishing thing I have found is that more than being in a Second Life, I have missed reading all of your blogs, seeing your pictures and commenting on all the wonderful things you all share. Friday is my major ” blog read” day, over 90 of you,and I felt a little bereft not checking in to see how your day is going. In the mean time, I apologize in advance, but I wanted to reblog one of my fave Second Life blogs, because it is why I love the virtuality of the Internet, the endless possibilities it gives to us all. So please be patient and wait for this litte Cao, only a few more days. I hope you will come back to see me.

My friend and fellow blogger, Harper Ganesvoort recently put a challenge up on her blog Harper’s blog: that sounded really fun! She challenged fellow bloggers to create and style their favorite fictional character. Those who know me, know that is something I do on a regular basis. It seems my head has been stuck in a book since I was three years old. Oh, the places I have been and seen, without even leaving my home! But on this week I have been a bit selfish and only dedicated time to my real world self, so, in keeping with her blog I am going to handle this challenge with a two prong approach. I am going to show a recent picture I had done by Negatif Studio Negatif Flickr: as well as some of the fictional character’s I have done in the past. I hope you enjoy! ❤


The picture above is not a fictional character. In a recent copy of Vogue I was reading an article about Emma Stone, the actress, and I just fell in love with the outfits she was wearing. Vogue always seems to get the clothes perfectly matched to the interviewee’s personality, the Olsen twins were equally perfect. But when I saw this outfit, or rather, something similar to this outfit, I just knew, that outfit is Cao. I never claimed to be elegant, I am more gawky than graceful and this Emma masterpiece defined me. The credit’s for clothes will be at the end of the blog.

Swan Lake (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Photo by Skip Staheli

Madama Butterfly (Puccini)
Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. Photograph by Pam Astonia

Cleopatra, Historical figure of Epic proportions. photo: Shifty Ricantaur

Caoimhe Lionheart AD Royal Wedding ala Cendrillon ou La petite Pantoufle de Verre
Cendrillon ou La petite Pantoufle de Verre (Cinderella). Photo by Cherie Parker

Caoimhe Lionheart Victorian Goth
Edgar Allen Poe’s “Annabelle Lee” by Cherie Parker

Vogue replica Outfit
Hat/Hair: Wasabi Pills, “Magician”
Tie: [Mandala] “Smexy tie”
Jacket: Gizza, “Velvet jacket”
Scarf: Maitreya
Shirt: Hoorenbeek, (men’s line)

What A Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World

Today’s blog will be a quick one. “YAY!!” Say’s my besty, Draakje Dailey. Ah heck, and probably 99% of you out there. This Spring, when you are playing with colors, don’t forget your Color wheel! Ever wonder how some of your favorite fashionistas put colors together to create eye-catching and fabulously colorful outfits? Well, The color wheel is an excellent wardrobe tool!


For a positive success, it is best to make the following combos using the color wheel as your guide:

1. Colors directly next to each other (i.e. yellow and yellow-orange; yellow and lime-green; violet and blue-violet, etc.)
2. Colors that form right (90 degree) angles with each other (i.e. yellow and red-orange; blue and crimson; green and orange, etc.) *I find the crimson a bit of a misnomer as the colors are more in the purple shades, but will call it this since it’s on the color wheel that way.
3. Colors directly across from each other (i.e. yellow and violet; blue and orange; red and green, etc.)
4. Colors that form a T (i.e. blue, orange, and crimson; yellow, violet, and red-orange; green, red, and orange, etc.)
5. Colors that form an X (i.e. blue, orange, crimson, and lime green; yellow, violet, turquoise and re-orange)

What A Wonderful World

Since brown is a neutral, it will go with virtually any color on the color wheel. I love to pair a chocolate brown with cobalt blue or fuchsia for a fun and bold combo. Of course white, black, and the hues of blue found in denim are also neutrals that go with just about anything.

What A Wonderful World

As for all of those accessories we as fashionista’s wear? The color wheel also applies to them. Go crazy with colored hats, bags, shoes, or scarves. When choosing jewelry, pair gold (or gold-toned) jewelry with your warm colored outfits. Warm colors have a yellow, gold, or orange undertone to them. Wear silver (or silver-toned) jewelry with your cool colored outfits. Cool colors have a blue, pink, or red undertone to them. Always remember though since colors are broken down by hue, temperature, intensity, and tone any single hue can be either warm or cool. You will have to look at the undertones.

Take from? See? Color isn’t something to fear, just keep a color wheel handy and take the power into your own hands! Get out there and Color your world! I was amazed how much color I saw available when shopping for this blog yesterday! All SLURL’s should be under my “last known SLURL’s” page to the left, if not, give me a holler.

Orange and Blue Outfit:
Hairs: Boon, YNO 421
Lipstick: Lovely Mi
Glasses: Emery, Era Taxi:
Earrings: Mandala, Leather Feather
Watch: Mandala, Hokusai
Necklace: Bon Kings
Shirt: Ricielli, Summer Mini **So many colors and prints, a virtual color wheel on its own!* Taxi:
Shorts: Ricielli, Summer Mini Top *ditto*

Lime-Green and Crimson Outfit:
Hair: Boon, BNG331
Sunglasses: Emery, Leopardess
Belt: Emery, Fuschia
Top: Emery, Candy
Skirt: Emery, Running Free
Purse: Ricielli, Mesh Gia (In Easter egg)



Outfit One:
Dress: Liv-Glam, Boheme
Pants: Maitreya, Couture Leggins
Horns: Boom, I am Aries *NEW* Taxi
Hairs: Madesigns, Raven
Gloves: Mimikri, Cuffed Gloves
Purse: Baiastice, Secchiello

Not much to share today, rainy day at the beach, a good book and a little March Madness. I sure hope you are enjoying your weekend as well! These are all wonderful selections from LivGlam, so if you are out and about shopping, stop by. They have so many different styles. It’s amazing! I enjoyed shopping there today so much, I’ve even included the taxi for you! a title=”Cab ” href=”//″>Taxi:


Skin: Essences, Aries *New* Taxi
Hairs: .Ploom. , Mookie *New*
Earrings: Mandala, Leather Feather
Necklace: Mandala, Takayama


Outfit Two:
Dress: Liv-Glam, Vivienne Skull Dress
Shoos: GoS, Angelina
Skin: Essences, Aries *New*
Hairs: .Ploom. , Mookie *New*
Earrings: Mandala, Leather Feather
Necklace: Mandala, Takayama
Bracelet: Mandala, Sitennoah


Outfit three:
Dress: Liv-Glam, Bea Serendipity *New*
Hairs: .Ploom. , Aries *NEW* Taxi
Jewelry: Mandala, Leather Feather, Motusmame (ring), Hokusai (watch)
Shoos: PixelMode, Baby T’s
Glasses: Dumani, Cateyes
Handbag(s): LivGlam, K collection, Friday Clutch and La Vie



“You need to grow out of your shell.” I hate that expression, it’s appalling. When I was in elementary school the teacher would always say, “she is so shy, she needs to grow out of her shell.” Not, “even though your daugher is in first grade she reads on a sixth grade reading level.” Somehow this shell that I thought made me sound pretty ugly and grotesque was more important than intelligence in a grown up worlds perspective. Somewhere in the beginning of the 1900’s (I blame Dale Carnegie) we changed from a Culture of Character (citizenship, duty, golden deeds, honor, reputation) to a Culture of Personality (magnetic, fascinating, dominant, forceful). So what? It’s created a large mass of population who will always feel inferior, either due to true shyness or even a genetic introversion. Introversion is hereditary and can’t be beaten or taught out of the child, it is an integral part of who they are. So regardless of the intelligence of the child, they are taught social behaviors to help them develop into something they aren’t, a forced extrovert. Which in turn secretly tells them they are inept, less able than their naturally extroverted contemporary. Our focus has become warped by this constant focus on personality over character, it has created an obsession with looks, and success and somehow denigrates true brilliance. No wonder we have become a nation who always feels anxious and tense. We are always fighting our very own nature because society tells us we must. In fact it was only recently when I began to read, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain, that I realized I’m not defective, the world is. I used to believe I was shy. I’m not shy at all, I find it easy to speak with a passerby when I need help with something. I am a quiet thinker and listener, an introvert. I think a lot of the people I meet in SL and the real world probably are too. They just have been taught not to act it. It’s not us that needs to change its the view on this character trait that does.


I honestly could go on and on about this. I won’t though. So take from? Just know. I’m okay and you are okay too. Don’t ever feel you have some flaw if you prefer to write your feelings out, or prefer staying in with a book instead of going out to socialize at some mad party. It’s okay, it’s how you relax. Your probably an introvert like me. People are different and these differences mean absolutely nothing. Besides, some of the best things ever created were created by introverts. Without Sir Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, Theodor Geisel, Charles Schulz, Steven Spielberg, J.K.Rowling, all introverts, we would have no theory of gravity, theory of relativity, no Dr. Seuss, or Charlie Brown, none of the many and wonderful movies of Steven Spielberg, nor the Harry Potter series of books. I feel a little better about myself, a little more balanced, I hope you do too!

Dress: Countdown, Action! Pink *NEW*
Watch: GIZZA, Asia *NEW*
Jewelry: Kungler’s, Abaco *NEW* (to me at least)
POSE: Behaviour Body, Editorial poses *NEW*
Shoos: N-Core, zen



I’ve gotten kind of mean in my “old”age. Naw not really, I’ve just accepted who I am, and who I am not. I’ve a friend who recently asked for my help and so I gladly helped him. “All hands in” is my motto for friendship. After the initial thank you, well things went to ‘ell in a handbasket. Yep, no good deed goes unpunished. But it does bring me to today’s tip for aspiring models and new models. Be dependable. Seriously. Before you sign on for a show make sure you can make all of the practices and can be at the show an hour early. Attending the practices shows the agency and the directors that you are dependable and your work ethic shows professionalism. Two items all agency’s look for in their models. Get that reputation, its worth it, trust me. Being early for the show ensures you are presentable. Arrive an hour early and put on each outfit you will wear, and don’t change until you are completely rezzed. Doing this creates a “memory” and should help with rezz issues in high lag areas.

les petit details 1

Take from? Sure! Sometimes real life comes up, but if there is even the remote possibility of this happening, don’t sign on for a show, it’s bad form. No agency wants to think they have everything in place set to go and then have a model come and “cry them a river” why they can’t make it. Or worse, to not show a’tall. If you want to make it to the top of Second Life’s modeling, be someone others know they can depend on. Today I am wearing one of my fave designers Nevery Lorakeets *LpD* (Les Petits Details). There is absolutely nothing about the new “Giglio” dress that doesn’t scream playful romance. The second I donned it, I just fell in love with it. The “Garbo” purse and “Candy” shoos are from *LpD* as is the skin. When I was shooting this yesterday, I wasn’t on my usual viewer, so I didn’t notice until I logged the pics were coming out a little ashen. It is a lucid pale offering available right now at the Skin Fair. The “Artica” skin is simply divine! To pull the look together to an adorable chic, I chose designer Chiaki Xue’s DURA brand “boy-girl17” hair which includes the hat! YAY! Love it when a plan comes together. All in a thirty minute styling. I’ve had so much fun, I’ve even included the taxi’s for you!

*LpD* Taxi:
DURA: Taxi:



Ok, I admit it. I am addicted. I am addicted to this show I just found on A&E channel called “Duck Dynasty.” It’s about this family in Louisiana that has made a boatload of cash from selling of all things, duck calls. I fought it for months, I truly tried to take the high road, who the davil needs another show about rednecks, they seem to make fun of them more than highlight their wonderful qualities. But this one just sort of crept up on me. I can’t help it, words are my favorite drug of choice. I love them, I love their sounds, I love their uses. I was tuned in the other day and the patriarch was talking about his sons living in fancy subdivisions married to “city girls” and how the family was turning Hollywood. Only he didn’t say Hollywood (Hol·ly·wood), he says “going all Hah-leewood” stressing the hah. I had to back it up and re-listen three times, amazing genius! That is now my pronunciation of this word, I’ve been saying it wrong for years! The show is a plethora of new sounds for me, so if I start to say things a little differently around here, try to understand, I am just trying to assimilate myself into my new society. And to fit into my new Hah.leewood persona, I had to don the perfect outfit, Mandala jewelry, and that greatest of all accessory the Diva’s doggy right? As luck would have it Djod Karu of *Diram* showed me some love yesterday and dropped me this gorgeous “Eve” dress in mesh with the matching turban. The outfit can be mixed and matched since it is a seperate skirt and shirt and comes in many colors, I could be wrong but I counted at least 6 colors. The brooch come with the shirt, I’ve just attached one to the turban as well. The gorgeous everyday and cocktail dress will be available March 23rd at the mainstore. Yep, here’s the taxi for you! Taxi:


Monday, I was honored to take part in Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy’s newest modeling class as a guest speaker. I don’t rightly know why they would want a silly Lil Cao there, but when Aunty Mimmi calls, you better runnnnnnn. No, truly, it is an honor, I love Mimmi to pieces and still remember when I was one of her lil hunnies. She taught me 99% of what I know about modeling, and I will be forever grateful to her for her kind (and patient) tutelage of me. I tend to wander away, but she always brought me back to attention. She has a great new class of up and comer’s, it will be interesting to see which models take her teachings to heart and brings it to the next level. Because of the class though, I’ve decided to finish this week with how to differentiate yourself from other models.

Today’s first thought, for new models and aspiring models, never focus so much on your favorite model that you try to “BE” them. Create a unique face that is yours alone. Personally, I think models should pick their country region first, and then create the avatar as he/she would appear in your nationality. An Eastern European woman would look different than a Scandinavian, or an Asian, or an African, Latino, etc. If you need help just google image the “Beautiful women of (country),” sure you might get “those” websites, set your search to safe so you wont be surprised, appalled, frightened, fired because you’re at work… Even with blended cultures, regions don’t lose the markers that make them unique. As an Asian, I am notoriously small, hence the name Lil. When you have the base of your qualities of your face, tweak it to give it uniqueness. I have to say strongly here, sometimes it is the imperfections that make a person truly unique and beautiful.Don’t be afraid to add imperfections, look at it this way, everyone goes for the perfect beauty, so the only way you can make yourself stand out is to have small imperfections and make them a part of you in every single model activity you do, so others will see your face and know its you. Without having to look over your head at your name. This is the single most important part of branding yourself as a model, face recognition.

Take from? Yes, creating your model avatar is the first step and is important to spend time on. Take the time to do it right. Network and get feedback. Don’t be scared to scrap it and start over because in the beginning of your career is the only time you should be tweaking your face. If you always show up looking differently, who will know you by sight? Remember, your brand and goal is face recognition. Create carefully and don’t fall so in love with your face when you are creating it that you become blind to what you are looking at, look at the face not as if it is YOU, look at it objectively like it belongs to someone else, so you can see where you have made mistakes (if you have). Do the hard groundwork now, and hopefully one day, like the Duck Dynasty, you too can go Hah-leewood.


shrimp boat at dawn

Just a little something to remember for those who structure their lives from sun up to sunset. I am one of those laidback people that get up whenever, go to bed or eat when I feel like it and just really take the term “play it by ear” to the next level. I can’t help it, there isn’t too much in this world that honestly frustrates me. Florida isn’t known for its jetset lifestyle and neither are Cao’s. I know to you people out there who are “driven”, my lackadaisical arbitrariness would probably drive you up the wall. I can’t help it, I just feel that in the journey through life, we should explore the nooks and crannies, and search out the whimsy, because honestly, we will both get to the finish line at about the same time. The story of the turtle and the hare wasn’t too far off the mark. Take from? Live each day as if tomorrow you will die, because you just might. You never know what the future entails for you, so make sure you squeeze every bit of life and happiness out of the days you do have.


Those who have followed my blog for a bit know, I don’t blog skins. I am one of those models Frolic complains about when he says update your skin! I’ve worn the same skin for years. I change makeups not skins. Well, my friend Aleida Rhode of Elysium dropped off her three skins for 2013’s The Skin Fair (March 15 thru March 31st) with the comment, “if you don’t like them, you don’t have to blog them…” I actually love all three! So I will start with this one, “Liv.” The thing that strikes me the most is the naturalness of the eyebrows. YAY! Haute Couture eyebrows, finally! See? I’m a nice Cao, I’ve even included the taxi: Taxi:


This outfit was gathered up today when I went blog perving. I can’t help it. Yes, I am a blog-a-holic. While dickering around on my flickr friend Jay Nathan’s “Battlescar’s” blog,Taxi: , I was pushing his buttons, actually following his links, and ran across one of his sponsor stores, KidDreamz’s, [Dynasty]. I know, normally girls don’t shop menswear, but darn it all, it was a peacoat for crying out loud! I couldn’t resist! So Jay? I borrowed your jacket, I promise, I’ll return it. Um, next time I see you. My inworld name is JaneDoe Resident.

Skin: Elysium, Liv **2013 Skin Fair**
Jacket: [Dynasty], Peacoat
Earring: Mandala, Otsumami
Necklace: Mandala, Osenbei
Ring: Mandala, Polly
Makeup: Zibska
Hairs: Exile: Crazy in Love
Shoos: GOS, Angelina



Slipping.In. Collabor: Hairs: Tableau Vivant, Hathaway. Flowers: Glam Affair, I Follow Rivers . Non-Collabor: Jewelry: Mandala

You’ll have to excuse me, though I’ve no true excuse a’tall. Well other than I am the manager here. Kind of nice to manage something, even if it is just a small rented space on the information super-highway, isn’t it? I seem to have misplaced my day, in all honestly. It started out high gravity, I was a half hour late for real work. I’d like to blame daylight savings, but well, no, its just me. But I wont beat myself up, it is what it is, and here I am faults and all. A tip for models, for what its worth. Keep some folders in your inventory of complete outfits by styles. That way if you log in and find you are supposed to have been somewhere about 10 minutes before, you can throw on that folder that says “business casual” or “girls night out” and not worry if you are missing items like shoos or knickers. Me? Naw, I just show up half dressed, but I’ve been doing it for so long, I think they believe this is just how Cao’s dress.

Slipping.In Jeans: Angel Dessous, Mesh Jeans Shirt: Angel Dessous, from the Adele gown . Hair: Tableau Vivant, Hathaway . Flowers: Glam Affair, I Follow Rivers.

These are some of the new mesh items from Nando Korobase of Angel Dessous. I tried on all the pieces and pulled out some faves. I love a comfy pair of jeans or short skirt on a high gravity day. It’s just seems to make the entire day ease away more comfortably. Don’t you think? I tried to get in Collabor today, it’s a little packed. I did cam in to grab the gorgeous hairs from M4rilyn Magic of Tableau Vivant and this groovy little flower hat from Aida Ewing of Glam Affair. But for the event itself? I think I have to write it up to places I’d like to see one day. Kind of like last weeks Gacha event. I mean really, they should let Cao’s in a few days early, don’t you think? We are mostly docile and clean up after ourselves when we leave, they probably wouldn’t even know I’d been there.

Slipping.In. Skirt: Angel Dessous, Lara . Corset: Angel Dessous, Xenia . Shoos: Celoe, Aelia . Jewelry: Mandala, Amida . Hairs: Lelutka, Vibrato

Take from, yes there actually is one today too. Some days, especially Monday’s if you find they are starting off really bad, ease back and coast a day. Sometimes it better to take a mental health day then to let the day continue to stress you and make things worse. If you do just the cursory work when a day is going to ‘ell, you’ll have less to fix the next day. Just something to think about. If you get a chance, run by Angel Dessous and by Collabor. If you get by Collabor, tell em to show a Lil Cao some love every once in a while. 😉 Slurl’s are on the left on the SLURL’s page.


Gizza epaulettes mandala otsumami motsumame sitennoah celoe may

No blog today! Just a Cao being another kind of soldier, a soldier of fashion. With something new. Giz Seorn of Gizza is releasing these sets as a gaucha, so be a little patient because they are worth it. Fab! I am blogging it a lil early, the next Gaucha event starts March 1st so get those running shoos ready! In the mean time, you can always sneak over to Gizza and pick up some of the other great stuff there.

Gizza Mainstore: Taxi:
Gacha: Taxi:

Gizza epaulettes mandala otsumami motsumame sitennoah celoe may diktator Dare

Outfit One:
Hair: Boon
Earrings: Mandala, Otsumami *NEW*
Neck wear: Gizza, Epaulettes *NEW*
Shoos: Diktator, Dare

Eyeliner: Glam Affair, Pearled eyeliner