Fowl Feathered Friends

Fowl Feathered Friends

Okay, I can’t help it. I love feathers and I love creative fashion. It’s one of the reasons me working for *SoliDea FoliEs* is such a good fit. Mila Tatham designs very creatively. But there are a lot of these truly creative designers out there. One of the others brands I simply can’t live without is Faint Paulse’s Ladies Who Lunch. I started playing with this outfit Saturday, but it was such a nightmare in SL getting anything to attach I finally said “uncle” and left. I think today was a little better, and I hope you like. I am keeping with the low velocity one more day, so Draakje? short and sweet, so there!

Fowl Feathered Friends 1

Take from? There is a new round of Hottie Cooterati’s Zodiac, and its Taurus, and I’m a Taurus, so HAVE fun for my birthday month! And buy me lots of prezzy’s, okay? See, so nice, I’ll even include the taxi. Taxi to Zodiac!:

Outfit One:

Skin: Essences, Taurus **Hottie Cooterati Zodiac event** (Thanks Anderian Sugarplum :**)
Hat: [LWL], Blush Veil hat
Hair: Tuty’s, Adorable
Earrings: Mandala, Leather Feather
Makeup: Mons, Burning eyeshadow (**Taurus Hottie Cooterati Zodiac event**)
Gloves: Mimikri
“Wings”: [LWL], Vesuvius, feather part of hip pieces
Shirt: [LWL], MFM11 Aviary Top
Tutu: [LWL], Aviary Tutu
Socks: ALB, Joy (part of a boot set)
Shoos: [LWL], Faint! Precarious Platforms



Well, Fashion for Life week is almost done. Today is the last day. I am a little melancholy actually. Something about this week always makes me miss my sister in law Kim who died from leukemia a few years ago. I think one of the saddest realizations of cancer is we can’t always save our loved ones, family, or friends. But it’s nice to know we can have a part in trying to help others, to save others. I am a little extra sad today because I set a rather lofty goal this year of six million and we are a little short. Just a little bit. It’s true I only bought one outfit from the event. I bought it this morning, but that is because as a blogger we could receive all the outfits for free to blog. But I do believe in standing behind what I am selling to my followers, this morning I went to the “Kiosk of Hope” and I dropped my Lindens in the bucket. A hundred US dollars worth actually. Because if there is even a 1 percent chance that my donation will save someone from the loneliness I feel at the loss of my best friend, I would gladly give all I have so someone else doesn’t have to feel like this. It’s not for any self-satisfaction, it’s just the right thing to do. If you find the time, please stop by. If you don’t have enough or don’t want any of the 100% donation outfits, please just drop a Linden in the bucket like I did. One Linden can make a difference, every single Linden counts, every single Linden is donated to Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. Please, just do it, show me, show everyone, sometimes even a lofty goal can come true. I’ll even make it simple and include the taxi for you, it means so much: Taxi:

little lola lola soleil crown b


Hair: Lelutka, Vibrato
Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs* Little LolaLola
Crown: *SoliDea FoliEs* Soliel Crown **L’Accessoires** Exclusive to new Round!


*SoliDea FoliEs presents. Lolly.

A tribute to Galliano. Lolly

The show went on, the dream of a dress is out now. I hope you enjoy this gown as much as I do! Thank you to each of you who have participated in Fashion for Life’s Relay for Life event. We couldn’t do it without your generous donations to the American Cancer Society. Don’t forget the raffle starts today. The LM is on the blog post prior to this. And here is the list of remaining events. I hope to see you there! =**






*BOSL Radio will also stream across all 9 sims in partnership with SL club ‘The Velvet’.

* There will be a public ‘BEST FFL PHOTO CONTEST’ for the duration of this event. The winner will receive items from participating FFL designers.

“When I saw the amount of new and beautiful creations being made for FASHION FOR LIFE 2013, my head span like Linda Blair’s in her best moment. How could we possibly showcase all this new fashion in one week while organizing the event at the same time? Thank God for SL FASHION AGENCIES! They all graciously jumped in to give us a hand. I am forever grateful.” Frolic Mills, BOSL & Co, CEO


The Dream Auction to Benefit Relay for Life

*SoliDea FoliEs**___




2:00 PM SLT

@FFL Event Sim

Imagine how exciting it would be if you were the high bidder in an auction, and you won the opportunity to meet with your favorite SL Fashion Designer and request your dream fashion creation . . .

What would you ask for?


Take a look at our impressive designer line-up for this auction:

Mirja Mills: .:EMO-tions:

Syane Cisse: [sYs] design

Madrid Solo: Solo Enterprises

Mariska Simons: Blacklace Lingerie

Mila Tatham: *SoliDea FoliEs*

Kimmera Madison: Tres Beau

Belle Roussel: Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery

June Dion: Barerose


Giz Seorn: GIZZA

Zalyn Bailey: VOGUE

Mami Jewell: AZUL

Yula Finesmith: * F I N E S M I T H – Jewelry and Accessories *

Amutey DeCuir: Bliss Couture

Enzo Champagne: CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture


Fine Print:


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Dhá giorraíonn an mbóthar

Dhá giorraíonn an mbóthar

Life’s funny. I’ve been so out of sorts all week and today is no exception. Workwise, its been a slammer. I hate it when my First Life gets in the way of my Second Life. Well to be honest, I am equal opportunity, I hate it when my Second Life gets in the way of my First Life too. Oh wait, and most of all I hate it when my work life gets in the way of my personal life! I think retirement is wasted on the elderly(sorry mom and dad). One of my mum’s most cherished memories of me is when my kindergarten teacher asked me to say what I wanted to be when I grew up to which I immediately replied, “I want to be retired.” Hey I always did like to dream big! But well, I didn’t marry it, or earn it, so here I am.

Dhá giorraíonn an mbóthar

I am having a casual weekend, and I hope you all are too. Don’t forget tomorrow is the Tribute to Galliano Show, I can’t believe Fashion For Life is already winding down, last I heard, over four million has been raised. I hope you will help get the number over six million this year. This is a 100% charity, 100% of the money earned goes directly to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life program. So come, give and receive the gorgeous outfits from the participating inworld designers. And if you can, some see me walk the runway tomorrow. I wish I could show you my “Lolly” gown from *SoliDea FoliEs* it is amazing! I know a lot of fashionista’s out there who are going to swarm the vendor for it! As it is, I’ve had to carry it around for two solid weeks now and not show anyone! Let me tell you, that’s kind of tough for a lil Cao to do. We like to show off all the pretties! So please come tomorrow and see me! 10AM SLT! Here’s the LM to get you there, I’m kinda nice like that. Taxi:

Take from? Well of course there is! It wouldn’t be Cao’s blog with out one. Back to the title, “Dhá giorraíonn an mbóthar”, when the travel gets rocky and the traveller grows weary always remember its okay to ask for help, because “two shortens the road.” Today, in honor of my week from ‘ell, I’ve decided to sneak out of the office a little early to kick start my weekend. It is St Patricks Day weekend after all. So I leave you with, ‘Ballaí don ghaoth, agus díon don bháisteach, agus deochanna in aice na tine, gáire chun cheer leat, agus iad siúd grá agat in aice leat, agus go léir gur féidir le do chroí mhian! (May you have: Walls for the wind, and a roof for the rain, and drinks beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, and those you love near you, and all that your heart may desire!)


Hair: *booN, YNO421
Stole: *COCO*, Fur Tippet and Pearl
Jewelry: Mandala, Pearl Rain
Glasses: (Goucci), Neutral Oversized Sunglass Taxi:
Cocktail: (Goucci), Scarlet Silk Dress
Purse: [Belgravia], Totem Purse – Tango Crocodile
Gloves: Mimikri
Shoos: N-Core



I was speaking with a dear friend in Second Life yesterday. Something recently happened to her in her first life that left her just a little off-kilter. We’ve all been there probably. I think we are given tragedy every once in a while to remind us not to rush through life with single minded purpose, to live with all the senses, to slow down and remember to feel. I don’t mean this to minimize anything anyone is going through, I could never even know what another person is facing, I am speaking in a personal nature of the tragedy’s that have befallen myself. And yes, like everyone, I have had a few. But for myself I say, and in hope it will help some of you, take a little time to savor the pain, it is yours to hold but as time passes, forgive yourself, and let it go. If there was a lesson to be learned from the tragedy, learn it, but always, even you deserve forgiveness, kindness and peace. Life is for the living.


Here at this end of the year, my last blog of the year, I want to thank all of you! I don’t get around Second Life very much anymore, being “old and retired” and all (thanks Zaara and Kim for telling me so!) Thank goodness my Dragon bought me a motorized wheel chair for my rez day.. o.O But anyway, thank you all for always being so funny, so fun and just plain nice to me. I have so many wonderful friends in Second Life and each of you holds a place in my heart. You are all so creative, so amazing, I just know I would adore you in real life too if we were ever to meet! I’ve received a gazillion and one Christmas holiday cards, about as many best wishes IMs and I can’t tell you how much I treasure all of them! So before I cry and get sappy, I wish you the best holiday you have ever had, I hope santa knows your wish list and gives extra, and I can’t wait to start this all over from the beginning with you all on January first! So behave for another day or two, then swing from the chandelier’s if you so wish on December 26th. I figure we have a week to be naughty then its back to “work” again! I want to send a special thank you with love to Draakje Dailey, my dragon. Of all the friends she had to get stuck with it had to be a Cao who is lost more than found! Thank you for all you do to make my Second Life function right. (Though I half think she is the one who keeps making me crash…) She knows so much about things, I think she might have a Linden in her pocket… love you all! Namaste.

Outfit One:
Hat/Jacket: *SoliDea FoliEs*
Boots: Belgravia
Jewelry: Mandala
Hairs: Tuty
Trunk set, What Next?
Mannequins, :AOF:
Pose: Del May

Outfit Two:
Shirt: Mon Tissu, ruffled Shell
Fur: Mimikri
Skirt: Ladies Who Lunch, from the Ava gown
Gloves: Mimikri
Jewelry: Mandala, Watch *NEW* Sitennoah. Necklace, Onigiri. Earrings, Leather Feather. Rings, Motsumame, Annuttra
Hat: Miamai, Memento Fascinator
Hairs: Boon, PKJ371
Pose: Corpus, Love my Dico! ❤



Betty Boop, of the racy black and white cartoon circa 1932, had a last gasp of fame in 1988’s “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” movie. Do you recall it? She’s does a cameo as the cigarette girl and when asked why she’s doing the “menial” labor, she replies “Work’s been kinda slow since cartoons went to color. But I’ve still got it. Boo boo be do, boo.” I wonder if those cartoonist from the 1930’s era could even imagine a time like the world today with Second Life? I know I can’t imagine a time without it! Just goes to show, never limit your ideas or think them crazy. Dream really crazy big, work hard and create and you too could be an Imagineer of the endless possibilies of tomorrow!


I was going to skip the blog today, but when I saw Chiaki Xue of Dura hair fame had released a new hairs today. I knew, I just had to blog it! In one word, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!! Swing by Dura today and check out all the incredible styles! I know you will love them so much, I even included the taxi! I like to be helpful like that! (the other LM’s should be on my “Last Known SLURLS” page. Boo Boo Be Do! Taxi:


Hairs: Dura, Girl 42 *NEW!!* runnnnnnn
Jacket: Mimikri, Fur Luxe Leo
Clutch Baiastice, Pida in Ice
Pants: Leezu!, Glitter pants
Boots: Miamai, Karya
Poses: Manifeste



I wonder why, in Second Life, it is so impossible to pass up on purchasing a dress you wouldn’t dare to wear in real life? I don’t know the answer to the question, but I am glad I can buy it. I just hope my mama doesn’t see me in it.



Hair: Tuty’s, “adorable”
Earring/Bracelet: Mandala, “Ceekeeey” and “Pearl Rain” bangle
Necklace: .Shi, “Stone” necklace
Gown: .Shi, “Toga”
Nipple Cover: Miamai, from the “Rapt” outfit, Rapt:


Voyeur. Diram, Chloe Cape and Brigitte hat. Hairs: Tuty’s “mathilda” Pose: Del May

Not a lot of words to blog today, resting and enjoying the weekend since after a few weeks of unseasonable chill (50’s to 70’s) here where I am in Florida, we are now having a bout of nice weather. So, I think I’ll wander away for the weekend. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend as well! This first cape is a new offering from Djod Karu of *Diram*. Below is the information on where to find it! Enjoy!

_________________________ D I R A M _________________________


CHIC Management’s 3rd Annual
W i t h L o v e < 3 H u n t
by Keira Seerose.

THE CHLOE CAPE, It will be hidden in DIRAM Store and will be Sold: 10 LS

• November 30th @ 4pm SLT: The hunt begins.

• December 28th @ 4pm SLT: The hunt ends.

Diram Megan dura36baiastice ikna ocra golden Also, just released, Diram’s “Megan” available, is the hat, jacket, shirt and pants, in so many mix and match colors it’s too much to show them all. Purse: Baiastice “Ikna” and Hairs: Dura girl36

And for a little fun, since it’s why I blog, a mix and match. I enjoy all the styles at Diram so much, I’ve even included the transport. Taxi:

diram blake the plank le leather bag bandit catena necklace pasha ring nyu debut hiwaist pant

Jacket: Diram, “Blake”
Pants: Nyu, “Debut” highwaist pant
Bag: Plank, “Leleather” bag
Jewelry: Bandit, “Catena” necklace, “Pasha” ring.
Pose: Behavior Body, “handbag set”