Red Kind of Day

I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red. ~ Maria Sharapova


Current bid on the Skip Staheli picture is 15,000 Lindens. Bidding ends July 26,2015. Only two days left! The first picture, which can be taken with me in the background with you, (I was thinking ala Hitchock style) with the style of your choice. And my besty Skip has very graciously announced he will offer a Second picture of you for FREE! See why I love him so much? Follow this LINK to see some of his other work. To bid, you only need to contact me via one of the many different ways found at the very bottom of the page at this link, HERE or simply by dropping an inworld NC to, Caoimhe Lionheart (yep that’s the name I go by inworld) However as many of you know, I’m not inworld an awful lot, so NC will probably be more reliable than an IM though email at is probably your fastest response.

Hair: Tableau Vivant, Marea @Collabor88
Pantsuit: HMAEM, Jasmine **NEW**
Glasses: HMAEM, SoliDea FoliEs Luxury
Bag: Azoury, Triangle Bag
Belt: *Diram, Chain Belt
Earring: [Mandala], Prophecy
Pose: KaTink

Ear Worm