Hair Fair 2015 – Important Info

Hair Fair 2015

One of the best “perks” of Hair Fair, in fact it’s the top of the list as a dream wish for other events, (do you hear me Collabor88, Uber, et al??) If you join the subscribe prior to the event Hair Fair drops the demo’s for the designers right onto your doorstep so you can try them all on PRIOR to winding your way to the event. So no more wandering around aimlessly for DAYS trying to find the perfect hair for that outfit your are styling! Slap my arse and call me Sally! These people are brilliant!! Check out the Deets on the Hair Fair blog! Well, my work here is done! ❤

More info:

Hair Fair Second Life 2023

Hair Fair 2015 Subscribo – TP HERE

Hair Fair DEMO Group – copy and past the following into local chat  



Sasy Scarborough

Whimsy Winx

HairFairSL Core

CharitySasy String

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Got Nothing To Wear Again?

Can't Find Anything to Wear?

Don’t worry about it! On March 29, 2013 at 1:00PM SLT, we are starting a new round of The Couturier’s Dock, featuring creatively minded designers, to you, our creatively minded consumer’s. Welcome to the Couturier’s Dock! We are Salimar Art SIM and it’s time to recycle this fun event and the inventory will disappear quickly and once the current inventory is gone, it is gone. We do not refill stock so don’t miss out on some of the incredible finds at the Couturier’s Dock. We purposely kept our designer’s list limited to some of the designers we feel have niched their own genre of fashion so the items available to you will be unique, limited to lots of 50 units, will be affordable at a price range of 50 to 500 Lindens (50% off the main store price) and we hope what you find will be a treasured addition to your Second Life inventory. We are very happy to have all of these dedicated SL designers committing items to this event and the only thing missing is YOU. Will you please join us?
The Couturier’s Dock: Taxi:

The Couturier's Dock


The.Body.Was.Willing. FFL: Makeup: Madrid Solo. NonFFL: Outfit: *SoliDea FoliEs* . Watch: Mandala. Hair: Boon. Hat: Mix and match Miamai, *SoliDea FoliEs*

The body was willing, but the mind was very weak today. I started this blog so early this morning, but I couldn’t even make it out of the starting block. Writing block happens, I suppose. Sometimes even people who spend the entire day rambling misplace their words. Staring aimlessly at the monitor didn't work, and eventually I just wandered away. My job allows me to work outdoors at times and for today, the words were written out there, hidden in the buzz of insects, whispering on the wings of passing butterflies, sung happily by flitting birds.

The.Body.Was.Willing.FFL: Makeup: Madrid Solo. NonFFL: Hair: Boon. Hat: Mix and match Miamai, *SoliDea FoliEs*

When we work so hard to please others, at times we forget to please the one we should love the most. Ourselves. I’ve been blogging Fashion For Life a lot this week, hard to believe it starts in just two more days! YAY! Everything I have tried on is just so wonderful! I know you will all enjoy the event this year! It’s just, sometimes, I can’t be shown what to wear. I am stubborn that way. I seldom wear from just one designer preferring to mix and match, but I’ve mostly stayed loyal now for about a week. But retired lil Cao’s have to crawl back to their comfort clothes, drag them on and feel like themselves again. In deference to my lil Dragon Draakje, I didn’t throw on my always conveniently tucked away sequined knicker shorts, I did though, pull on one of my many favorite *SoliDea FoliEs* outfits. Luckily, I didn’t even have to snap the pic. I dragged my heartfriend and fellow model Nattyzuzu (Natzuka Miliandrovic) behind her camera, she chose some incredible poses from her store Flighty Pixels Poses and she so kindly and gorgeously captured the look.

It.Takes.A.Village. FFL: Chop Zuey . NonFFL: Makeup: Mons ❤ Hair: Plume . Shirt: .Shi .

The take from? Yes, here it is. Written just for you Nattyzuzu. There are times when you are asked to do so many things. And people don’t realize how busy you truly are. So even though the body is more than willing to help, listen to your heart, listen to your mind. If it is tired, uncreative, feeling uninspired, your work wont be its best anyway. Kindly tell the people asking for help you would love to, you just can’t do so at this time. As friends they should truly understand and appreciate your honestly. Because who wants help from someone whose heart is only half into helping them? And if they are upset, are they really friends a’tall? Well, there ya are. I found my comfort clothes, now if I can just get a certain little dragon to make me some mac-n-cheese, life will be perfection!


Are.the.Things.That.Make.Me.Me. ~A.A.Milne


Happy to report, the doctor said I am me. In case you were wondering, that is. I had two more pictures to share from Morea Style and thought I should keep these seperate, since the items are all Fashion for Life 2013 related. The gown was created by Morea DeCosta, the jewelry set is a work of art by Yula Finesmith of Finesmith jewelry and the pose, another one of the incredible poses from Dahriel of *PosESioN.* . The lipstick is from Ekilem Melodie of Mons and the eyemakeup, also a FFL item is Madrid Solo. I hope your day has been playful and filled with the whispers of dreams answered.

The.Things.That.Make.Me.Different. Hair: Osmose <3333 (Come back I love you!!) This pose is by my heart friend NattyZuZu from her store Flighty Pixels.

Hope to see you March 9th 2013 at Fashion for Life! SLURLS on left under A Fashion For Life page. Event will be open on Saturday!



The.Things.That.Make.Me.Different.Hair: Miamai, Songe. Makeup: Zibska. Lashes: Boudoir,Serious Eyeliner

are the things that make me.~ A.A. Milne. Went shopping the other day. I never could get into (as in SIM full) the Gacha event, so I decided to explore old faves. A really long time ago I was in the Miss Morea Style contest. I even made it to the finals. Having never even been to a modeling class or in a runway show, it small wonder I lost to Serene Faith, who went on a week later to win Miss Virtual World 2011. Heck, I’d reckon I probably wasn’t even top five. Below is my entry picture, goes to show, a photographer (Skip Staheli shot this) CAN make a difference in the initial selling, so get some top pics in the portfolios, aspiring models. boy I’ve changed haven’t I? Then I suppose I have, I am three years older. This picture looks like “stop the madness.” I’ve felt that way at times, haven’t you?

Caoimhe~In Ecstasy

Where does time go? It’s as if while we are busy thinking ourselves all important and dallying with this or that, playing at a Second Life, real life is being gathered under the furniture, collecting itself up into little dust bunny’s, waiting the execution day when the Vacuum gets just the right angle of suction. Kind of sad isn’t it? To think we cower from real life at times. I don’t blame you, as far as realities go, the second one has a lot of the characteristics of the first one. So perhaps it is trading one journey for another. I just sometimes wonder if what I gained from Second Life is worth the loss of 1,825 days?

The.Things.That.Make.Me.Different. I love this bear, its a Gacha at the “Depraved Luck of the Irish Fair”Taxi:
But then I think about friends made, friends gone, laughs, learns (and boy have you all taught me quite abit) If not of an intellectual level at times, always of either an inspirational or sociological one. Culture, yes that’s probably the best word. I’ve become an international student of virtual anthropology.


The take from, I think. Is in the virtual world of sameness and “trying to fit in” somewhere. Don’t forget the thing that makes you beautyful is not your sameness, but your difference. We are all born unique, and in this uniqueness we have, we own, something no one will ever have. Show this beautyful uniqueness in both worlds. It is your richest crown.

(outfit notes coming.. (I have to go to the doctor))


The.Playing.Ground.and.the.Big.Picture. FFL- *LpD* Steam Cloud Makeup and Earrings.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do it, no Lil Cao thinking blogs during this Fashion for Life pre-opening week. Honestly I did try. I held it since Friday. But then there is always a catalyst. And I am, above all things, a watcher and thinker. I have a friend who is ill with Parkinsons Disease and suffers their days with debilitating pain, involuntary shaking and once a week excruciating physical therapy. In the midst of an argument the spouse of the friend complained everything that was wrong with the marriage was due to my friends disease, as if having the disease were a choice.

The.Playing.Ground.and.the.Big.Picture.1st box I opened was menswear…. But, I loved it! (worn without shirt and tie) FFL- Hairs: Dura, FFL1. Suit: Innuendo Italian, Neth. Purse: *CoCo*, Lip clutch

I held it in, well until yesterday that is. The office I work in is along the waterfront. The waterfront is a vibrant area with a marina, a few restaurants and a huge playground where families gather to let their children play. After work while driving along the waterfront my travels were mired and crawling due to policemen searching in the water for a fisherman who was killed while boating. I was very angry when I noticed cars stopping in the road to watch the process, it’s a road, quit watching and just drive! Of course, this didn’t happen, while stopped so the idiot in front of me could watch, I looked at the crowd gathered along the jogging path watching the scene unfold. People were there with their children, young children, all under five years old, looking to see a dead body. I was simply appalled! Is this something a child should see? But then, while sitting there a moment longer, it hit me. When it comes to the big picture, I am as obtuse as my friends spouse, the spectators, and the idiot driver. In my small ego-centrical way, in my worry of getting from work to home so I could walk my Jack Russell Terrior…ist, the big picture was hidden from view. Someone had lost a son, brother, father, spouse, friend, lover, or all of the above.

The.Playing.Ground.and.the.Big.Picture.FFL- Dress: *LpD*, Steam Cloud dress. POSES: *PosESioN* poses, Chic.

Take from? Yep, even this week. Cancer, like death, touches each and every one of us at some point. Whether in our own family, ourselves, a neighbor, loved one, or a friend. Are you the person who will help, or the person who will sit in your car and think about how your life has been inconvenienced by this victim? Me? I choose not to stand around and watch, I want to make a difference. Like this song, one of my favorite of all time, like The Fray, I choose to try to learn “How to Save a Life”. March 9th 2013, please join us at Fashion For Life in Second Life, it’s not just about Fashion. Together, we will make a difference. Remember 100% of the proceeds from sales goes directly to the American Cancer Society. SLURL’s are under the Fashion for Life Slurl’s page on the left of this blog. Feel free to use them through out the week of the 9th March.

Fashion for Life Begins March 9th 2013

Fashion for Life Begins March 9th 2013
Hat: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Tiffany
Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Tiffany
Hair: Boon, BNG331

It is so close to the time, one week. Fashion for Life isn’t just about Fashion. I look forward to it every year, this is my third in Second Life and I hope you will lend a hand and help too. All you have to do is purchase one item, every purchase helps. The wonderful part of SL’s Fashion for Life event is you don’t just donate, you receive a product for your donation, something you would possibly wish to buy anyway. All the designers items are donated to the charity at 100%. One person can make a difference. Don’t think cancer is some vague disease that will never effect you. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States alone. I personally lost my best friend/sister in law to leukemia at the age of 36 and watching the disease progress is devastating. There are many types of cancer, but all cancers start with a single abnormal cell. Abnormal cells multiply quickly. They spread to other parts of the body, invading healthy body tissue and organs, yet almost half of all cancer deaths can be prevented with early detection and treatment.

Fashion for Life Begins March 9th 2013
Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs* Isabella (Gacha item)
Hair: Exile, American Woman

Relay For Life is the signature fundraising event of the American Cancer Society. The Relay For Life of Second Life is the largest, most successful fundraising event in our virtual world, raising more than $5.4 million in 2012. From noon March 9th 2013 to noon March 17th 2013, the biggest, boldest and most fabulous fashion event of the year will take place, helping to raise funds and awareness on behalf of the ‘American Cancer Society.’ All SLURLS under Fashion for Life SLURLS. Event will not be open until March 9th, 2013.