Outfit One:
Drift, Flirtini, Cancun Stripes **New**
Hairs: Lelutka, Pocahontas
Bag: Toki D, Elephant Bag
Hat: LaGyo, Sombrero
Glasses: [sYs], Carmen glasses

It’s raining on and off today so that must mean Spring is right around the corner. I love Spring, I think it like taking out a drab rug and shaking out the bits of debris and dust that have accumulated over the winter. It’s Spring, so soon we will have a lot of new pretties to wear. I am hoping for a mesh bikini in Pantone’s color of the season, emerald green. *Hint* My friend Kallisto Destiny of Drift has started to put out her fresh new looks for Spring and boy do they put me in a beach state of mind. All of these outfits come with a Color HUD so you have at the very least 5 colors in each outfit. So what are you waiting for? Go get them! I’m so nice I even included the taxi for you! Taxi: All other LM’s should be on my “Last known SLURL’s” page, if not just give me a call.

As for me, I am going to wander away for the day, rainy days just somehow mean time to shop for me, and I’ve some Spring buying to do.


Outfit Two

Shirt: Drift, Hungover Tank **New**
Skirt: Maitreya, Leather Mini **New*
Hairs: Exile, Crazy in Love **New*



Hair: Exile, Crazy in Love
Hat: Lagyo, Sombrero
Glasses: [sYs], Carmen



Outfit One:
Dress: Liv-Glam, Boheme
Pants: Maitreya, Couture Leggins
Horns: Boom, I am Aries *NEW* Taxi
Hairs: Madesigns, Raven
Gloves: Mimikri, Cuffed Gloves
Purse: Baiastice, Secchiello

Not much to share today, rainy day at the beach, a good book and a little March Madness. I sure hope you are enjoying your weekend as well! These are all wonderful selections from LivGlam, so if you are out and about shopping, stop by. They have so many different styles. It’s amazing! I enjoyed shopping there today so much, I’ve even included the taxi for you! a title=”Cab ” href=”//maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zen%20Couture/152/133/23″>Taxi:


Skin: Essences, Aries *New* Taxi
Hairs: .Ploom. , Mookie *New*
Earrings: Mandala, Leather Feather
Necklace: Mandala, Takayama


Outfit Two:
Dress: Liv-Glam, Vivienne Skull Dress
Shoos: GoS, Angelina
Skin: Essences, Aries *New*
Hairs: .Ploom. , Mookie *New*
Earrings: Mandala, Leather Feather
Necklace: Mandala, Takayama
Bracelet: Mandala, Sitennoah


Outfit three:
Dress: Liv-Glam, Bea Serendipity *New*
Hairs: .Ploom. , Aries *NEW* Taxi
Jewelry: Mandala, Leather Feather, Motusmame (ring), Hokusai (watch)
Shoos: PixelMode, Baby T’s
Glasses: Dumani, Cateyes
Handbag(s): LivGlam, K collection, Friday Clutch and La Vie



“You need to grow out of your shell.” I hate that expression, it’s appalling. When I was in elementary school the teacher would always say, “she is so shy, she needs to grow out of her shell.” Not, “even though your daugher is in first grade she reads on a sixth grade reading level.” Somehow this shell that I thought made me sound pretty ugly and grotesque was more important than intelligence in a grown up worlds perspective. Somewhere in the beginning of the 1900’s (I blame Dale Carnegie) we changed from a Culture of Character (citizenship, duty, golden deeds, honor, reputation) to a Culture of Personality (magnetic, fascinating, dominant, forceful). So what? It’s created a large mass of population who will always feel inferior, either due to true shyness or even a genetic introversion. Introversion is hereditary and can’t be beaten or taught out of the child, it is an integral part of who they are. So regardless of the intelligence of the child, they are taught social behaviors to help them develop into something they aren’t, a forced extrovert. Which in turn secretly tells them they are inept, less able than their naturally extroverted contemporary. Our focus has become warped by this constant focus on personality over character, it has created an obsession with looks, and success and somehow denigrates true brilliance. No wonder we have become a nation who always feels anxious and tense. We are always fighting our very own nature because society tells us we must. In fact it was only recently when I began to read, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain, that I realized I’m not defective, the world is. I used to believe I was shy. I’m not shy at all, I find it easy to speak with a passerby when I need help with something. I am a quiet thinker and listener, an introvert. I think a lot of the people I meet in SL and the real world probably are too. They just have been taught not to act it. It’s not us that needs to change its the view on this character trait that does.


I honestly could go on and on about this. I won’t though. So take from? Just know. I’m okay and you are okay too. Don’t ever feel you have some flaw if you prefer to write your feelings out, or prefer staying in with a book instead of going out to socialize at some mad party. It’s okay, it’s how you relax. Your probably an introvert like me. People are different and these differences mean absolutely nothing. Besides, some of the best things ever created were created by introverts. Without Sir Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, Theodor Geisel, Charles Schulz, Steven Spielberg, J.K.Rowling, all introverts, we would have no theory of gravity, theory of relativity, no Dr. Seuss, or Charlie Brown, none of the many and wonderful movies of Steven Spielberg, nor the Harry Potter series of books. I feel a little better about myself, a little more balanced, I hope you do too!

Dress: Countdown, Action! Pink *NEW*
Watch: GIZZA, Asia *NEW*
Jewelry: Kungler’s, Abaco *NEW* (to me at least)
POSE: Behaviour Body, Editorial poses *NEW*
Shoos: N-Core, zen



I’ve gotten kind of mean in my “old”age. Naw not really, I’ve just accepted who I am, and who I am not. I’ve a friend who recently asked for my help and so I gladly helped him. “All hands in” is my motto for friendship. After the initial thank you, well things went to ‘ell in a handbasket. Yep, no good deed goes unpunished. But it does bring me to today’s tip for aspiring models and new models. Be dependable. Seriously. Before you sign on for a show make sure you can make all of the practices and can be at the show an hour early. Attending the practices shows the agency and the directors that you are dependable and your work ethic shows professionalism. Two items all agency’s look for in their models. Get that reputation, its worth it, trust me. Being early for the show ensures you are presentable. Arrive an hour early and put on each outfit you will wear, and don’t change until you are completely rezzed. Doing this creates a “memory” and should help with rezz issues in high lag areas.

les petit details 1

Take from? Sure! Sometimes real life comes up, but if there is even the remote possibility of this happening, don’t sign on for a show, it’s bad form. No agency wants to think they have everything in place set to go and then have a model come and “cry them a river” why they can’t make it. Or worse, to not show a’tall. If you want to make it to the top of Second Life’s modeling, be someone others know they can depend on. Today I am wearing one of my fave designers Nevery Lorakeets *LpD* (Les Petits Details). There is absolutely nothing about the new “Giglio” dress that doesn’t scream playful romance. The second I donned it, I just fell in love with it. The “Garbo” purse and “Candy” shoos are from *LpD* as is the skin. When I was shooting this yesterday, I wasn’t on my usual viewer, so I didn’t notice until I logged the pics were coming out a little ashen. It is a lucid pale offering available right now at the Skin Fair. The “Artica” skin is simply divine! To pull the look together to an adorable chic, I chose designer Chiaki Xue’s DURA brand “boy-girl17” hair which includes the hat! YAY! Love it when a plan comes together. All in a thirty minute styling. I’ve had so much fun, I’ve even included the taxi’s for you!

*LpD* Taxi:
DURA: Taxi:



Ok, I admit it. I am addicted. I am addicted to this show I just found on A&E channel called “Duck Dynasty.” It’s about this family in Louisiana that has made a boatload of cash from selling of all things, duck calls. I fought it for months, I truly tried to take the high road, who the davil needs another show about rednecks, they seem to make fun of them more than highlight their wonderful qualities. But this one just sort of crept up on me. I can’t help it, words are my favorite drug of choice. I love them, I love their sounds, I love their uses. I was tuned in the other day and the patriarch was talking about his sons living in fancy subdivisions married to “city girls” and how the family was turning Hollywood. Only he didn’t say Hollywood (Hol·ly·wood), he says “going all Hah-leewood” stressing the hah. I had to back it up and re-listen three times, amazing genius! That is now my pronunciation of this word, I’ve been saying it wrong for years! The show is a plethora of new sounds for me, so if I start to say things a little differently around here, try to understand, I am just trying to assimilate myself into my new society. And to fit into my new Hah.leewood persona, I had to don the perfect outfit, Mandala jewelry, and that greatest of all accessory the Diva’s doggy right? As luck would have it Djod Karu of *Diram* showed me some love yesterday and dropped me this gorgeous “Eve” dress in mesh with the matching turban. The outfit can be mixed and matched since it is a seperate skirt and shirt and comes in many colors, I could be wrong but I counted at least 6 colors. The brooch come with the shirt, I’ve just attached one to the turban as well. The gorgeous everyday and cocktail dress will be available March 23rd at the mainstore. Yep, here’s the taxi for you! Taxi:


Monday, I was honored to take part in Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy’s newest modeling class as a guest speaker. I don’t rightly know why they would want a silly Lil Cao there, but when Aunty Mimmi calls, you better runnnnnnn. No, truly, it is an honor, I love Mimmi to pieces and still remember when I was one of her lil hunnies. She taught me 99% of what I know about modeling, and I will be forever grateful to her for her kind (and patient) tutelage of me. I tend to wander away, but she always brought me back to attention. She has a great new class of up and comer’s, it will be interesting to see which models take her teachings to heart and brings it to the next level. Because of the class though, I’ve decided to finish this week with how to differentiate yourself from other models.

Today’s first thought, for new models and aspiring models, never focus so much on your favorite model that you try to “BE” them. Create a unique face that is yours alone. Personally, I think models should pick their country region first, and then create the avatar as he/she would appear in your nationality. An Eastern European woman would look different than a Scandinavian, or an Asian, or an African, Latino, etc. If you need help just google image the “Beautiful women of (country),” sure you might get “those” websites, set your search to safe so you wont be surprised, appalled, frightened, fired because you’re at work… Even with blended cultures, regions don’t lose the markers that make them unique. As an Asian, I am notoriously small, hence the name Lil. When you have the base of your qualities of your face, tweak it to give it uniqueness. I have to say strongly here, sometimes it is the imperfections that make a person truly unique and beautiful.Don’t be afraid to add imperfections, look at it this way, everyone goes for the perfect beauty, so the only way you can make yourself stand out is to have small imperfections and make them a part of you in every single model activity you do, so others will see your face and know its you. Without having to look over your head at your name. This is the single most important part of branding yourself as a model, face recognition.

Take from? Yes, creating your model avatar is the first step and is important to spend time on. Take the time to do it right. Network and get feedback. Don’t be scared to scrap it and start over because in the beginning of your career is the only time you should be tweaking your face. If you always show up looking differently, who will know you by sight? Remember, your brand and goal is face recognition. Create carefully and don’t fall so in love with your face when you are creating it that you become blind to what you are looking at, look at the face not as if it is YOU, look at it objectively like it belongs to someone else, so you can see where you have made mistakes (if you have). Do the hard groundwork now, and hopefully one day, like the Duck Dynasty, you too can go Hah-leewood.


Chains.And.Things.I’ve always wanted to be cool enough to pull off a really groovy hat. L’Accessoire’s . Hat: Lode, Magnoli . Necklace: E-Clipse, LaSchiaca

I don’t know, the day didn’t start out this way. Sometimes it’s there when you wake up, oft your day progresses normally but then at some point, some memory hidden deep in your soul, some key phrase or word from a friend or co-worker and it drops about you like a massive smothering cloak. Today I blame it on this BB King, Dave Matthews Band auditory concoction I’ve been imbibing on all morning. They always tend to bring out my more sensitive sensibilities. They make me feel, they make me think. Chains. We all have them. Responsibilites, addictions, all the pieces of flotsam and jetsam that leaves litter about the journey of our life. I suppose if we didn’t, we’d all float away into the sky. But honestly, what are we afraid of? Is floating away such a bad thing?

Chains.And.Things. L’Accessoires . Hat: Baoba, Lluvia . Necklace: MiWardrobe, Indigo . Earrings: Cherry, Larisa . Purse: Handverk, Flamingo .

Take from? yes. Short blog today, I am having focus problems. And since I’ve switched to Incubus’s “Morning View” I’ve already started to break some chains, that’s my breakup album. Life is so short, and honestly it can end with the quickness of an intake of breath. Do you suppose singer songwriter Jason Molina knew he would be dead at 39? Why do we choose to suffer with all these chains? If something is making you miserable, do you really owe a continued allegiance to it? Live a life that is fulfilling, it starts with one step. A purpose driven life is more about balance. Balance the chains that must adorn you, but unlink the chains that are just weighting you down. And while your floating about, check out L’accessoires. Lots of great finds this month! I’ve lost enough dead weight today, I can even afford the taxi for you: Taxi:


Outfit One:
Hat: Baoba, Lluvia . **L’Accessoire**
Necklace: MiWardrobe, Indigo . **L’Accessoire**
Earrings: Cherry. Larisa . **L’Accessoire**
Purse: Handverk, Flamingo . **L’Accessoire**
Shoos: BSD, Angel Hair . **L’Accessoire**
Dress: Leezu!, Oxford **New**
Knickers: Maitreya, Allure Girdle
Hairs: Boon, KBO906
Hosery: Angel Dessous, Rike


I was watching ESPN last night, you know, the sports channel. Man television. I know, I know, lots of fashion going on there right? I can’t help it, I’ve never met a collegiate sport I didn’t like and it is time for March Madness. But that’s not why I watched, I was watching a story about the 1983 NC State basketball team. NC State had a coach named Jim Valvano and I was amazed at how insightful he was and the success of the team all started with a dream from one person. When Valvano started coaching at NC State every single year he would dedicate one practice entirely to everyone on the team cutting one link to a basketball net. The first year the players thought this very strange, but by the fourth year, the habit ingrained, the symbol of a winning team came to fruition. They won the National Championship and got to do the symbolic taking down of the net.

Be.A.Dreamer. **NEW** L’Accessoire’s Headpiece: 22769 Scantera Crown. Makeup: Zibska

He was an incredible man, this coach. A positive influence to so many people but always so quick to give thanks to those who helped him. In a motivational speech he was giving he stated, “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” What a profound gift indeed. Imagine, a father, or mother who decides to step back and let their child make their own decisions. A parent who says, “you will be fine, and do great things, because I believe in you.” Like this outfit. If I showed up at my parents house and said “dad, I am going to be fierce and rule the world”, I’m just not sure “I believe in you” will be part of the ensuing conversation. Coach Valvano’s dad, in blind belief, kept a suitcase packed for several years and every time he saw his son he’d say, “see this bag? It’s because I am going to be with you when you win a National Championship.” Thats the kind of parent I want to be.

Be.A.Dreamer.**NEW** L’Accessoire’s Headpiece: 22769, “Scantera Crown”. Outfit: The Old Forge, “Chi” Makeup: Zibska

Take from? Of course! Blind faith. Belief in yourself. Dreamer. Are these such bad habits? Set yourself a goal, visualize yourself obtaining the goal. Don’t tuck it away as a some day kind of dream. Live it, breathe it. A great example of this is weight loss. Buy that little black cocktail dress a size too small, visualize yourself in it, live it, breathe it. Work daily to obtain it. If you do, I sure wish I could be there to see you cut down that basketball net.

As an aside, I personally want to thank each and every one of you who participated and made the 2013 Fashion for Life in Second Life a grand success. Be a Dreamer. This dreamer’s dream came true. You all gave me such a huge smile. Over twenty one thousand in US dollars was raised for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. I chose Coach Valvano on purpose for this blog. While teaching his players to dream, to visualize winning the National Championship, he was terminally ill with cancer. He didn’t choose to quit and suffer in silence, he continued on with his dream, after all, he was one of the people who had a specific loop of the net to cut down. I think when he gave a speech at the ESPY awards, he taught us one more lesson (he died a few months later) He said: “To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. And number three is, you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. But think about it. If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.”




Well, Fashion for Life week is almost done. Today is the last day. I am a little melancholy actually. Something about this week always makes me miss my sister in law Kim who died from leukemia a few years ago. I think one of the saddest realizations of cancer is we can’t always save our loved ones, family, or friends. But it’s nice to know we can have a part in trying to help others, to save others. I am a little extra sad today because I set a rather lofty goal this year of six million and we are a little short. Just a little bit. It’s true I only bought one outfit from the event. I bought it this morning, but that is because as a blogger we could receive all the outfits for free to blog. But I do believe in standing behind what I am selling to my followers, this morning I went to the “Kiosk of Hope” and I dropped my Lindens in the bucket. A hundred US dollars worth actually. Because if there is even a 1 percent chance that my donation will save someone from the loneliness I feel at the loss of my best friend, I would gladly give all I have so someone else doesn’t have to feel like this. It’s not for any self-satisfaction, it’s just the right thing to do. If you find the time, please stop by. If you don’t have enough or don’t want any of the 100% donation outfits, please just drop a Linden in the bucket like I did. One Linden can make a difference, every single Linden counts, every single Linden is donated to Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. Please, just do it, show me, show everyone, sometimes even a lofty goal can come true. I’ll even make it simple and include the taxi for you, it means so much: Taxi:

little lola lola soleil crown b


Hair: Lelutka, Vibrato
Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs* Little LolaLola
Crown: *SoliDea FoliEs* Soliel Crown **L’Accessoires** Exclusive to new Round!


*SoliDea FoliEs presents. Lolly.

A tribute to Galliano. Lolly

The show went on, the dream of a dress is out now. I hope you enjoy this gown as much as I do! Thank you to each of you who have participated in Fashion for Life’s Relay for Life event. We couldn’t do it without your generous donations to the American Cancer Society. Don’t forget the raffle starts today. The LM is on the blog post prior to this. And here is the list of remaining events. I hope to see you there! =**






*BOSL Radio will also stream across all 9 sims in partnership with SL club ‘The Velvet’.

* There will be a public ‘BEST FFL PHOTO CONTEST’ for the duration of this event. The winner will receive items from participating FFL designers.

“When I saw the amount of new and beautiful creations being made for FASHION FOR LIFE 2013, my head span like Linda Blair’s in her best moment. How could we possibly showcase all this new fashion in one week while organizing the event at the same time? Thank God for SL FASHION AGENCIES! They all graciously jumped in to give us a hand. I am forever grateful.” Frolic Mills, BOSL & Co, CEO