Psyche.Space.Sugar.Candy. Jacket: Drift, City Coat. Pant: La Penderie De Nicole, My High Pant. Hair: Dura, Girl30. Hat: NYU, cashmere tweed. Purse: HoF, Vander Satchel. Shoos: Miamai, Lois.

I know I said today I would blog Unified Heart 2013, but I think it will hold until tomorrow the opening day. (Psyche) Because that was yesterday, then I read this on a friends FB page, “Did you know the people that are the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the one who takes care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the 3 hardest things to say are I love you, I’m sorry, and Help me.” And every single word pinged a little knock on my heart. In fact, while writing this I just had to take a moment to breathe, to reflect and to draw myself out of myself just to write the next sentence. To those I have hurt or not helped, I am sorry I thought what I was doing was so important I couldn’t help you. For those who have hurt me, I forgive you whether you want me to or not. For those who need care, I am here and my ears and my heart are open. For those who think this doesn’t apply to them, read it again and really think about yourself. Life is good, when we allow it to be so. Just realize, we all occupy space and at times it is a microcosm of it, so watch those elbows and knees, those thoughts and words, because our space often orbits one anothers. The take from, yep its here. Sugar is sucrose, which is actually two simple sugars stuck together: fructose and glucose. Adding a little acid (lemon juice or an acidic personality) causes sugar to break down, which can be okay, I suppose. We’ve all got THAT friend, right? But if you get too many acidic friends, the over-saturation causes the sugar to crystallize and it’s all, erm, uh, “gritty” from there. So I guess the take from is, do you want to be the sugar or the one who causes all the “grit”?

Psyche.Space.Sugar.Candy. Cocktail: Gizza, Karenina *NEW*, Jewelry: La Penderie De Nicole, Squared Diamonds

My friend Kallisto Destiny, bish that she is, emailed me yesterday a screen shot of her closet filled with the new items from Maitreya… Knowing I wouldn’t be inworld until today around 9AM SLT, but I forgive her, she’s not really the acidic kind, she’s more the pointy elbow person. I digress, but I had to put a little character assassination in there, because Cao’s are that way.(hmmm maybe I’m the acid) A few weeks ago, Kalli the designer for Drift, sent me this amazing “City” coat. I’ve always loved classic style and there is nothing more classic than a chic houndstooth, no? I paired the coat with a classic cut pant “My High Pant” from Marcopol Oh of La Penderie De Nicole. I’ve missed Marco a lot lately, but I finally spoke to him inworld a few days ago, he is doing fine, other than he is currently having computer issues, but his new computer is on the way and we should see him about again in February. And the best news is he is going to be opening a new store at Salimar’s new mall! YAY! For those who do not know, we have renovated Salimar and in addition to the bigger, brighter area for the Couturier’s Dock (shhhhh next round January 30,2013- more info later) there will be several stores available there including, *SoliDea FoliEs*, *LpD*, LD Major, AD Creations Dollhouse, HMAEM, Le Penderie De Nicole, just to name a few. I’m looking forward to his return, and the return of the Couturier’s Dock. I sure hope you are too. In the mean time, check out Gizza, Drift, Dura, and La Penderie, I know they have something for every taste! Look down below, I actually even included the taxi’s for you!

Psyche.Space.Sugar.Candy. Jewelry: La Penderie De Nicole, Squared Diamonds, My Pinned Cameo. Hairs: Dura, girl30

Drift: Taxi:
Gizza: Taxi:
Dura: Taxi:
La Penderie de Nicole: Taxi:


Caoimhe Lionheart My Precious Princess Face Photography by: Skip Staheli

I recently asked on FB whether there was anything anyone wanted me to blog and my friend Osprey Terasaur had a few items she wanted addressed. And as luck will have it, some of her questions segue perfectly in line with a subject I want to blog, tomorrow. The “Unified Heart – where 20 artists interpret the words of a Leonard Cohen song of their choice.” How does this fit her question? To shorten the length, I picked out a few of her items here, Osprey asked, “How you started SL … How you got into Modeling with the ups and downs of the whole thing … when was Caoimhe born on sl .. how old is she (your toon not you in RL) any background story you have made for her character …”

Cao Red Silks by Skip Staheli <3 Photography by: Skip Staheli

In 2007 while in college at the University of Florida, (class of ’08, Go Gators!) extra credit for a computer class was to explore Second Life and talk about its pros and cons and about our thoughts on virtual computer platforms for social and business platforms. UF had an inworld campus much like the real world campus, it was amazing! So I began SL in March of 07 with my first avatar. Second Life is a wonderful experience, but by December 22, 2008 I grew so tired of the drama, and deleted the avatar. I am pretty mellow I guess and I never liked watching grown up’s filled with so much teenage angst all the time. Just the thought of it still makes me feel like I should be in a bathroom puking to get my youthful girlish figure back. No offense intended for those who enjoy the scene, it’s just not me.

Geisha by ShiffTy Ricantaur Photography by: ShiffTy Ricantaur

What I DID enjoy was the artistic perspective SL offered. I used to love recreating art, or creating pictures of fantasy, and where I lacked the skill to create it, I used photographers like Skip Staheli for that, I was good at styling the look. So if you look at a lot of my old work, it typically revolves around art or fantasy. Cao Fantasy: . I’d give Skip a picture or describe where I wanted the look to go, and he in his magical way would create the vision. I should note this is not exclusive to Skip, I used several very talented photographers, but he was the one I worked with the most for these artistic interpretations.

Cao~as Alice Photo by: Skip Staheli

So in reality, my dream has never been to be a Second Life model, my dream has always been to be a part of creating art in a virtual platform. I am now more model than clay, but I think that is just a bi-product of the need to blog. I am perhaps not the best person to get a perspective of SL modeling from, I’ve never really thought myself to be one, but I will cover my opinion of the ups and downs of being an SL model on a later date. For now, I’ve probably just cured the insomnia of 98% of my readers.

What.Is.And.What.Shall.Never.Be. My Interpretive Styling for Avenue Magazine’s Modern Romantic

So the take from, and yes, there is. I think 110% of styling, is going beyond what is apparent to the naked eye. For these contests, don’t just copy the theme, give it an unexpected interpretation. But also,and most importantly, give it an artistic interpretation, only then should you never go wrong. I want to leave here with a small teaser for tomorrows blog about a few of the artists in Second Life, because I hope you will make the time to see the exhibit “Unified Heart – where 20 artists interpret the words of a Leonard Cohen song of their choice.” (January 26th thru April 21st,2013) Here is one of my faves of the entries by the incredibly gifted Dantelicia Ethaniel. But I enjoy them all so much, I’ve even included the taxi for you:

I Left a Woman Waiting by Dantelicia Ethaniel “I Left A Woman Waiting” by: Dantelicia Enthaniel


kunglers tdr fusions paisley exile winters tale mons lips teefy vintage camera

Well I have to say, I am simply amazed. Last year someone had written a rather scathing comment about me on agency report, calling me a “scene girl.” It was immediately removed, but not before I painfully read it. In the ensuing days I wrote a response and posted it on my flickr, ironically under the profile picture the person on FB just “borrowed.” That pic, by Thati Boucher, has had 1,011 hits, 114 faves and 119 comments. I said then that I have been so incredibly blessed in my Second Life (my first too, but this blog is about you all). I don’t think I have ever met anyone in Second Life I do not like, and I am not just saying that. You all inspire me every single day. You inspire me to create, to be nice, to be helpful and to be silent when needed and to just think. The take from, yep, you don’t get by without one, keep being who you are because in you all I feel this wonderful hope for all that the real world can accomplish and you all have written your names on my heart with indelible ink.

Kunglers Ciara Dress robotic anemona jewelry boon kbo906

I love Kungler’s, AvaGardner Kungler and Barbra Kungler know fashion, whether its for clothes or their incredibly Earthy jewelry. The Jewelry is large enough to be visible on the runway, but has an Earthy feel that completely matches my inner Earth Mother. The choices of colors, metals, and stones are always, simply divine! If you get a chance, check out Kungler’s today. I know they have something perfect for everyone! I like them so much, I even included the taxi for you! Taxi:

mimikri cuff gloves kunglers ciara dress roboticankle boot snake anemona boon kbo906

As an aside, for this New Year, I’ve decided to retire, retire. I know, I did this last year, right? I will continue to do charity work. Relay for Life is coming up, and thats one of my fave projects for personal reasons, so look for it! But blogging for designer’s singularly, I think I am too tired. I am doing a disservice to blog for designers because by the time I actually blog the items, they’ve already been seen everywhere on the grid. I am not slow, just suffer a little from ADHD, I take the pictures, but then in my random Cao way, say “hey! I want to blog such and such” and wander away from the project I was working on. So, well thats it today! Love the day you are in!

Outfit One:
Dress: Kunglers, TDR, Fusion Paisley
Hair/Hat: Exile, Winters Tale
Makeup: Mons
Camera: Teefy, vintage camera

Outfit Two:
Hair: Boon, KBO 906
Dress: Kunglers, Ciara Robitic
Boots: Kunglers, Ankle boot, snake
Jewelry: Kngler’s Anemona
Gloves: Mimikri, cuff gloves


lwl street mini mandala polly miamai syle

I had planned to take only Friday off, but as life has it, sometimes the smallest of minutiae can toss you on your arse and leave you soundly and resolutely locked with inertia. Words can be more powerful and deadly than the dirtiest of bombs at times. Friday, a dear friend showed me that an unknown person took my profile picture and made it their own. Filled with self-righteous indignation, I went through the loops fondly known by me as Facebook non-administration, to confront the person. The nerve, impersonating me! (I know, I sound sanctimonious, right?) On Saturday, the person messaged me back with this:

“Im sorry but I take it from flicker and is this a sin like gaining any else pic for example when we use actress pic and singers and I thought its the same????? And I look at your fb profile im not stealing any pic just liked this pic on flicker and u also posted it on fb too dont have any bad idea about me and I dont want pretend any pic as me or my avi so delete that post on fb whoch said I stole your pic if u r gr8 in sl then im much more gt8er in rl.”

Leezu Tasia times square boot, lwl street mini miamai syle

I couldn’t respond to the comments, Facebook wouldn’t let me, so I was left hanging in the wind, forming thoughts, words, and gasping for air. I was angry because I do feel putting someone, anyone’s, picture as your profile picture is misleading, but I also feel that just the fact that it IS an avatar may be worse than using a celebrity’s pic, because an avatar is one persons, the users, artistic rendition of their virtual selves, so in a vague way, it is stealing someone’s art. However,the occurrence was explained, I accept the explanation, so you would think I could move on. But, as I said, a complete lethargy overwhelmed me. Words are bombs. I am over the act of stealing the pic, but I can’t move past the last words spoken, and I have no recourse to address them; “if u r gr8 in sl then im much more gt8er in rl.” Hear that? Now THAT’s a verbal bomb. We all want to be liked, we all know there will be those who don’t like us. I’m not a Second Life avatar, I HAVE a Second Life avatar. Big Difference. I am a great and worthy person in real life, just as everyone else is.

I believe we should always try to walk with a soft tongue and an accurate measuring stick when chatting, whether in real life or a virtual life. I, myself, recently on two occasions, once inworld and recently when commenting on anothers blog, miscalculated the measure of my words and hurt the person at the other end. Inworld, since I was listening to the words following my err, I could pick up I had said something wrong, I asked what I said wrong and clarified my poor choice of words right then. I truly meant to say nothing wrong, in my haste to log, I accidentally short-handed my words to where they were construed as meaning something else entirely. On the blog, the offending term was pointed out to me and I immediately apologized. Words are bombs, they can hurt.


A take from? Yeah, there is. When you are chatting, verbally or written, before you say something think about it and word it to construe your best meaning. Also though, if you hear something and it offends/angers/upsets you, don’t stew on it, immediately say to the person, this is what I heard just then, is that what you meant to say? And always, always don’t just jump ship. Give the person a chance to explain their feelings, to find the rights words for what they meant. It’s so easy to just write people off, but what if by writing this person off, you have cut out one of the major players in the story of your life?


Hair: Miamai, Syle
Jacket: Leezu! Tasia
Dress: Ladies Who Lunch, [LWL], Street Mini
Shoos!!: Leezu!, Times Square Boot
Jewelry: Mandala



I need a “break” today. As I sit here with a weeks worth of designers to blog all I can think of is wandering away for a bit. Those who follow me, know I’ve been known to do so. The added bonus for me today is here I am, winter in Florida. I live, in this podunk fishing village, in my little condo on the beach and the past three days the temperature has been in the 80’s, so after work I am going to turn my laptop off for the evening, take my Jack Russell Terrior-ist for a long walk, and enjoy the taste of the salty air. Virtuality is fun, but always remember, life is filled with smells and tastes too, so don’t get so wrapped up in the aquarium of Second Life that you neglect to truly live.


As for the title, and the take from. Yes, there always is one. I think I’ve been thinking about all these inworld contests I’ve been reading about lately. I believe most of them are above-board and truly try to pick the most qualified “best on that day” model but some will not be, it’s human nature for some judges to just pick their favorites. I always say “best on that day” because I think we judge one another on the basis of our history of knowledge of each other so we can always say “I didn’t win but I am a much better model than so and so and they won. It’s rigged.” But perhaps, just maybe, on that day, she or he was a little better than YOU. I digress, I was schooled today to not use “but” because it shows a loss of thought, had he only known I suffer from many losses of thought, anyway, why not join the contests for the fun of the challenge, the good natured competition and the time spent with friends? That way, if you do happen to be the best on that day, it becomes a welcome surprise instead of an assurance that you are worthy of reward. Because I think every single model I know, ‘ell every single human too, is worthy of some reward, we all do the best we can, with the limitations we have, and all work pretty hard to perfect ourselves. No? Just a thought…. And looky there, absolutely no outfits to list SLURLS for… Now THAT’s a lazy Friday Cao…


Second Life gives us so much freedom, and as models we should take advantage of all the freedoms. I can’t say it often enough, play with color, bend a concept, take a road less travelled. Face it, we can all style “off the rack.” The problem with styling that way is you will end up dressed the same as three quarter’s of the models on the grid. Have you ever noticed how many models you see dressed the same as a new fave designer releases an item? It’s why I will be the first to admit, I am usually the last to blog a current inventory, unless I mix and match a part of the outfit only.

Cao~Travelling worlds

But this blog isn’t just about fashion today. Sometimes its fun to take a day just for you, get down to the bare avatar, and play outside your model world. Wear extreme makeups, hairs, outfits. Play with colors, or try to achieve very little color at all. I was thinking about one of my favorite pics a few days ago, “Cao~Travelling Worlds” as the creator Skip Staheli called it. Sometimes when I find creative real world pics, photographer extraordinaire Tatiana Valitchkov is a truly inspiring one, I ask my friend Skip to photograph my version of it. I like to do these “personal challenges,” first because I know he will make an awesome picture out of it, and second it trains my brain to think outside the box, because in SL you rarely find things created just as they are in the real world, so you have to improvise. The hair on this one was a two hour ordeal honestly, I had to turn it upside down, and individually shrink all but the braids into my head. But, well, sometimes its okay to take a lesson in patience, even if I am a self-professed ADHD candidate. Below is the actual picture by Tatiana Valitchkov, if you can, check out her website, I think you too will be so amazed! I have to add, I had the pose made by my very good friend, Sue Hunniton of Pics N Poses, she has made a few custom poses for me, so if you ever need one, ring her up!


So as I said in the beginning, I was thinking of this pic and wanted to figure out what the moths “country cousin” looked like. Yeah, I know, my mind wanders to weird places at times. So, though this isn’t anywhere near the calibre of Skip’s pic, it is just a inworld snapshot, I hope you like it. The makeups are LovelyMi, Nuuna, and White Widow. If you want to know the wings you’ll have to give me an IM. =) I sure hope you all have a gorgeous weekend!

The moth becomes a butterfly