Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid. ~Hedy Lamarr

FlamingoOutfit: Zibska, Desiree **Love is in the Air** . Hair1: Boon YNO421 . Hair2: Miamai, Songe . Boot: Miamai, Karya .

Well, I survived the runway show without falling off the stage and landing in anyone’s lap. Thank you to all who showed up to catch me. I love a good turnout and I had a lot of friends attend. This is one of the incredible outfits I got to wear,”Desiree” isn’t it chic and cool as chit? I love this kind of designer, Zib Scaggs of Zibska never disappoints.

FlamingoHandbag: ^^Swallow^^, Single Lady Clutch . Chair: [*ARTDUMMY!], Study Chair **NEW** . Pillow, Me! 😉 .

It’s a high gravity Monday and I can’t seem to get out of the starting gate today, so I think I am going to ditch work, go home and start my Monday tomorrow. I’m just not getting there from here so it seems senseless to sit here and waste my co-workers time. Ever have a day like that? Some days I’m just not fit for man or beast.

FlamingoEye Makeup: Mons and Zibska . Lips: Mons . Jewelry set: MG, Aliah Moonshine **Love is in the Air** .

Take from? Yep even today. Hedy is kind of funny, but, ‘ell I reckon I believe that being smart has it’s own sort of glamorous appeal. Just be yourself and the rest will come. Or like I like to say, life sure is short, why waste a single moment trying to be someone else? Besides, I kinda like the you that you truly are just fine and if it’s good enough for a Lil Cao it should be good enough for the rest of the farm animals. ❤

The Children of Your Soul

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. ~Napoleon Hill

The Children of Your SoulHat: Pure Poison, Misaki **LOVE IS IN THE AIR EVENT** . Gown: {Meghindo’s}, Oriental .

GizzA Creations is proud to present
“Love is in the Air”.

Please join us February 13th through the 28th, 2014 as GizzA Creations brings to you 25 of the finest brands in Second Life. Each designer has created extraordinary “Love is in the Air” items for the event and they will be showcased on February 16th, 2014 at noon SLT, by GizzA’s inhouse super-models at a one of a kind runway show.

Come; be swept away on the gossamer wings of love with GizzA Creations. Show us your grand gestures of the heart and may your love story never end.

The designers participating in this fabulous event are: Akeyo, Azul, Boudoir, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture, Cheerno, Chic Zafari, D!va Hair, Dream Ink Designs,
Eclipse Designs, Finesmith, Gabriel, GizzA, Humanoid, Lagyo, Livglam, Maxi Gossamer Jewelry, Meghindo, Pure Poison, Ricielli, SoliDae FoliEs,
Son!a Luxury Fashion, sYs, Vanity Hair and Zibska.

The Children of Your Soul

We Will Never Be Royals

We Will Never Be Royals

It’s the weekend and for once I’ve decided to shut up. I hope you’re having an amazing one! Please don’t forget the “Love is in the Air Event!” It has started and I hear a little Cao might be falling on her face tomorrow at a runway show, so please come! I may never be a royal, but at least I can look like one thanks to Honey Bender the designer of Faster Pussycat! ❤

We Will Never Be Royals

Outfit: Faster Pussycat, Varla http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Resistance/77/59/22
Hair: Boon, YNO421
Earrings: Mandala, Pearl Rain Season2
Boots: Bax, Regency
Tiara: Lassitude and Ennui, Tiara
Chair: Floor Plan, Throne


Follow Me.. I’m Famous.

To be a Champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will ~Sugar Ray Robinson

Follow Me.. I'm Famous.Headpiece: [RO], Love Struck **FREE** . Hair: [Monso], Elsa **Collabor88** . Necklace: .Enfant Terrible., Candlelight Dinner **L’Accessoires** . Ribbon: [RO], Insignia (Just buy them ALL!) .

Yeah, yeah, I know. Famous in my own mind right? But the truth is, the Aesop Fable about the Tortoise and the Hare (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tortoise_and_the_Hare)? Sometimes it’s not so very far from the truth, and in the end the Tortoise is the one ends up with the mega million contract and the Gatorade Ads. I kinda like it when the underdog finally wins one, don’t you? Right here is where I have to insert an adamant, I totally do not get into Winter Olympics, but heck, why should I really? Florida has no snow, no mountains, no really cute ski bunny outfits. It’s not my people’s thing, yanno? But, with everything turned to reruns, I’ve half-heartedly watched. I love beyond measure the speedskating, what is there like, zero room for error in that sport? Can’t make me watch ice skating, it always seems the judging is less than stellar. Curling? yeah, I’d like to get a team of them together sometime and have them curl my kitchen floors a time or two. I mean really, exactly how much do you have to imbibe to make that sport fun? Last night I watched the first ever slopestyle ski event, I enjoyed it, they actually ski down a mountain like I would.. Backwards.. Though mine probably wouldn’t be by choice. It caught my attention because one skier, the Gold Medalist Joss Christensen, was from Park City, Utah. I have a relative who lives there. It’s a small place, so I actually texted the relative to see if he knows him, and true to form he responded, yeah, sort of, I know his sister. Yep, like me, this particular relative is going to be single a very long time. I’m sure our mother’s get together and lament this fact all the time.

Follow Me.. I'm Famous.Jacket/Shirt: Color Me HOF Satin Bomber **Collabor88** . Pants: Ison, Razzle Pleated Pants . Shoos: Tulip., Twisted **Collabor88** . Bassett Hound: Gifty from Logan Mcmahn . Rice Paper Lamps: Moco Emporium **NEW** . Chair: NYU, Kin **Collabor88** . Table: Trompe L’Oeil, Contempo Circle . Flowers: ^FDLFS^, Veronicalynn Parx, gifty from Ms.Chevia \o/ .

The incredible thing about Joss Christensen is, if his hater’s had their way, he wouldn’t have even been there. When he went to a World Cup event in New Zealand, his father passed away and he had to return home without participating. He did win the final qualifier in Utah and the season in fourth place but he struggled at the Olympic tryouts ending up in seventh place. On these teams, first through third get to be on the Olympic team, and the coaches have a fourth discretionary pick. Joss’ detractors felt the fourth spot should go to Tom Wallisch, the 2013 X-Games champ, even started a twitter campaign demanding the coaches reverse this decision. Wallisch was injured, but it still didn’t seem to matter, haters are haters afterall. Gosh, imagine how difficult that must have been for Joss. People hating on you, bullying you on the Internet. Sound familiar? Yeah, sadly it does to me too.

The take from? We all have detractors, negative nilly’s, and trolls in our lives from time to time. The trick is, are you going to let them decide what you can, or can not do? Or, like Joss, are you going mute their noise and get down to business and do the best you possibly can? I kinda of like the thought of driving my own destiny because it means I get to wear my big girl knickers. And there are quite a few of you who know thats my “go to” outfit of choice. Just wanted to give you something to think about on this love-filled, pink glitter and sparkly Valentines Day, which perfectly segued into a weekend. A three day lovefest, who could complain about that? My mum thinks I’m going to get hitched. As an aside, if you are ever looking for products that are a little off mainstream, I just absolutely love Axsis Thorn’s “Remarkable Oblivion” [RO]. I’ve blogged the store several times and every time I shop there I can’t help but feel like a child in a candy store. The cupid’s arrow through the head? Somebody stop me now, FREE group gift! And everyone needs a ribbon every once in a while, I mean, I have to let everyone know I’m famous, right? Check it out, there is some incredible inventory there. But don’t take my word for it, here, I’ll even include the Taxi:. I’m kinda nice like that. Happy Valentines!

I’ll marry the guy who will sing this song to me 😉

I Promise To

I Promise ToHair:Tram C407 . Glasses: Steinwerk, Etienne . Earrings: Kunglers, Lexie **L’Accessories** .

Yeah I know, my style has nothing to do with the title, but this was thrown on me a day ago and I shoot my pictures on the weekend but in a way, it fits. This friend fits casually into my life style like a well worn soft and fuzzy sweatshirt. I mean that in the best of ways. Winter always brings that out of me. The second I get home I leave a trail of work clothes from the front door, down the hall, to the bedroom where I don a new (to me) favorite beaten up old college sweatshirt that belongs to my moosh (Taylor). Get it? I’m a little moo and he’s my moosh. Yeah, I’m subtle like that. Throw in some socks and thats my evening wear. But this isn’t about me, or my lack of grace. This is a toast (slàinte) to my XiuXiu Bean, http://www.flickr.com/photos/xiulanquan/ on the eve of the biggest day of her life, tomorrow she will marry for the first and only time, to the beloved man of her dreams.

I Promise ToTop/Skirt: Ricielli, Minitop/HiWaist Skirt . Collar: Modern Couture, Seductions **L”Accessoires** .

Xiu, I wish you more valleys than hills in your travels together. I pray though you love and cherish him, you remain a person, not just become a couple and continue to enjoy those things you alone are passionate for. I beg you never fight over money, it’s a senseless argument as there never seems to be enough of it to go around. I hope you never go to bed angry, choosing to hold each other close and discuss that which doesn’t quite fit. That in those moments you disagree, you write each others transgressions in sand, not stone, so that the morning rain will wash them away. And that in this, this mature love, you find you do not spend the time looking at one another, but spend it more wisely looking outward in the same direction forging a future that is a testimony to both of your lives legacy’s. And last, but certainly not least, I pray you both always remember marriage isn’t truly 50/50. There will be times when he gives 10% and you 90% but other times when you give less and he gives more. It is in these times of mutual disproportionate sharing that love builds the rock of its creation from which your family tree will take root, thrive and blossom.

The take from? Words are what brought you to me XiuXiu Bean. The richest thing I own is words, so what sort of friend would I be to hold them to myself and not share them with you on this, the eve of the rest of your life. Godspeed to you both.

Crustimoney Proseedcake Day

If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear. ~ Winnie the Pooh

Crustimoney Proseedcake DayHair: Tram, C411 . Glasses: ~AG~ Flowery Spring **L’Accessoires** . Necklace: Pure Poison, Poison Love **Love is in the Air** event .

I want to do something today, and I hope you will participate. If you don’t, I fear this will fall resoundingly flat. Lately so many people seem a little down, I suppose it could be the winter and lack of sun, but I myself can’t really use that as an excuse, being in Florida. So perhaps it’s a little bit of sitting with our face so close to a screen we miss the real world as life ambles on by us. So last night, whilst contemplating the blues, mine in particular, and reading the troll-like comments I find randomly on FB (typically about communications with others inworld), I want to declare tomorrow, and every February 13th henceforth “Crustimony Proceedcake Day.” Don’t worry, the cost is virtually free other than a moment’s time. All you have to do is create a Notecard and on it type “I want you to know I think you are” and include three positive words on it, sign it and give it to as many friends (at least 10) that you can. Heck, I reckon if you don’t want to write three individual words about each friend and want to keep it really simple, use my new mantra ( totally swiped from “The Help”) You are nice. You are smart. You are important. and share it with your friends. Why should we do this? Because. With one simple effort we can brighten someones day, and you never know, their life might need brightening right exactly at the moment. But the important thing is, the “gift” creates a soft ripple of kindess. A ripple that could take root and grow, and spread, possibly reaching a person you don’t even know, and meeting some need they have right at that moment. Because that’s the thing about kindness, sometimes giving kindness, even if just a smile, or a word, it triggers the response in others to follow suit.

Crustimoney Proseedcake DayClutch: HMAEM, Buffy Clutch **L’Accessoires** . Dress: Loovus Dzevavor, Missing You .

The take from? Please, let’s do this. What could it possibly harm? Random giggles and smiles? Warm feelings of appreciation sprinkled with happy thoughts? I don’t know, but I can find no scenario where it’s a bad thing. What’s with the holiday’s name you may ask? Why, it’s from my favorite author of course! My fondest memories of childhood are Christmas’ when my father used to read to me from it’s hallowed pages. In 1926, AA Milne wrote in a converse betwixt Owl and Pooh:

” ‘Well,’ said Owl, ‘the customary procedure in such cases is as follows.’

‘What does Crustimoney Proseedcake mean?’ said Pooh. ‘For I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words Bother me.’

‘It means the Thing to Do.’

‘As long as it means that, I don’t mind,’ said Pooh humbly.’ ”

You know what? I don’t mind either. So even if I am a revolution of one, I’m going to do it. Happy Crustimoney Proseedcake Day!

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