Outfit One:
Drift, Flirtini, Cancun Stripes **New**
Hairs: Lelutka, Pocahontas
Bag: Toki D, Elephant Bag
Hat: LaGyo, Sombrero
Glasses: [sYs], Carmen glasses

It’s raining on and off today so that must mean Spring is right around the corner. I love Spring, I think it like taking out a drab rug and shaking out the bits of debris and dust that have accumulated over the winter. It’s Spring, so soon we will have a lot of new pretties to wear. I am hoping for a mesh bikini in Pantone’s color of the season, emerald green. *Hint* My friend Kallisto Destiny of Drift has started to put out her fresh new looks for Spring and boy do they put me in a beach state of mind. All of these outfits come with a Color HUD so you have at the very least 5 colors in each outfit. So what are you waiting for? Go get them! I’m so nice I even included the taxi for you! Taxi: All other LM’s should be on my “Last known SLURL’s” page, if not just give me a call.

As for me, I am going to wander away for the day, rainy days just somehow mean time to shop for me, and I’ve some Spring buying to do.


Outfit Two

Shirt: Drift, Hungover Tank **New**
Skirt: Maitreya, Leather Mini **New*
Hairs: Exile, Crazy in Love **New*



Hair: Exile, Crazy in Love
Hat: Lagyo, Sombrero
Glasses: [sYs], Carmen


laccessoires solidea cristalli lamour fou dura hairs 03 A Doll’s Girl Grows Up and Moves Away

Headpiece: SoliDea FoliEs, Cristalli *L’Accessoires*
Hairs: Dura, Girl03
Outfit: *SoliDea FoliEs*, L’Amour Fou
Head: *CoCo* Doll

Quick post today because so much to show and so little time. L’Accessoire’s is having another event, so run! I love accessories! Baubles, baubles I could bathe in them! And don’t get me started on shoos!!!! Lots to show, so I’ll hush my mouth and bring them on. I hope your weekend was an amazing experience! xo I enjoyed this experience so much, I even included the taxi for you! Taxi:

laccessoires bds yeriak shoos caoimhe handbag There are many advantages to having a really large handbag!

Shoos: {{BSD}}, Yeriak *L’Accessoires*
Handbag: {{BSD}}, Caoimhe **NEW**
Hairs: Dura, girl and Boy 40 **NEW**

laccessoires handverk leather feather clutch mansala ohoshisama earring osenbei neck steking ear hokusai watch lwl treet mini See? I’m in shape, I pump leather!

Purses: Handverk, Leather Feather clutch *L’Accessoires*
Necklace: Mandala, Osenbei **New**
Earrings: Mandala, Ohoshisama **NEW**
Watch Mandala, Hokusai
Ears: Mandala, Steking **New**
Cocktail: LWL, (Ladies Who Lunch), Street Mini
Hairs: [E], Conclusion

Laccessoires 22769 Lacante collar miamai luna Mandala rushana chopstick and steking ears

Hairs: Miamai, Luna
Collar: 22769, Lacante *L’Accessoires*
Hairsticks: Mandala, Rushana Chopstick **NEW**
Ears: Mandala, Steking **NEW**

Laccessoires Azoury Monster Glam Spike Shoulder pads Solidea Folies extinct Maddesigns aria Well there ya are, Proof I’ve been around since the dark ages! I’m almost extinct

Hat/Glasses: Azoury, Animal *L’Accessoires*
Shoulder Pads: Glam Affair, Spiked Shoulder Pads *L’Accessoires*
Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Extinct
Hairs: Maddesigns, Aria

Laccessoires b and w shena fulo gigi Everyone looks smart with a hat and a pair of killer earrings!

Hat: B and W, Shena *L’Accessoires*
Earrings: Fulo, Gigi *L’Accessoires*
Outfit: [sYs], Hussarde **GROUP GIFT**

laccessoires nyu cashmere tweed cap cherry velentine bow tote chanel infinity scarf nuuna skin graves latex and sakide garter Mannequins, the new sexy..

Skin: ++Nuuna++
Hat: NYU, Cashmere tweed cap *L’Accessoires*
Scarf: Cherry, Chanel Infinity *L’Accessoires*
Bag: Cherry, Valentine Bow Tote *L’Accessoires*
Latex: Graves
Garter: Sakide

laccessoires mons lion king set diva yuri RAWRRR, enough said!

Hairs: D!va, Yuri
Jewelry: Mons, Lion King set \O/ *L’Accessoires*

Laccessoires eclipse ancilla If you get in a celluar deadzone, put your shoo on your head!

Shoos: Eclipse, Ancilla! GORGIE! *L’Accessoires*

Whew! Outfit!



I know, I know, what the heck is with the title right? But honestly, I couldn’t think of a better one for what I just read. I know, Cao’s really shouldn’t read, it makes them think too much. It’s strange really, I don’t think I speak an odd language, it is kind of a blend of southern US drawl, some Brit-speak and perhaps a wafer or two of slang from time to time, but as an active blogger, the little ditty I just read has me concerned. Well quite aghast actually. I would think when one takes the time to blog they are creating a little chronical of history, some of us a little less than others, but history all the same. So when I just read this fact, “The language of a society changes slowly but steadily with the result that an educated person will not be able to read or understand words in his language written 500 years ago” from http://www.funology.com I decided to sound the alarm! All of this writing has been for naught! Ah well, at least it explains why I’ve never been able to understand William Shakespeare. Explains a lot about my “disability” in AP English class. Take from? Yep, here it is. Laugh every once in a while and never take yourself very seriously, in 500 years they probably won’t remember what you wrote anyway.

I love to look posh and chic, that’s why I chose to wear “Elam” from Djod Karu’s *Diram*. Well, for that reason and because Draakje Dailey likes to see me wearing knickers in public. It’s Wednesday, its a down-hill slide from here! Hey! I know you will enjoy the many styles of Diram so much, I’ve included the horse and buggy for you! Taxi:


vanity lady boy indyra leggins from venice finesmith feather story sys black swan diktator envy 1
Jacket: sYs, Black Swan (Love this!). Hairs: Vanity Hair, Lady Boy. Leggins: Indyra, from the Venice outfit. Earrings: Finesmith, Feather Story NEW!. Shoos: Diktator, Envy. Bra: Ladies Who Lunch. Ugly Ciggy: Di’s Opera Pose: DelMay

Ok, I know it and so do you. Second Life with it’s anonymity creates vast crevices where a ton of drama can pile up. The virtual world has a faster gossip mill than the Central Intelligence agency of most third world countries. Why? I suppose because some people thrive on it. Me? I prefer to keep my pixelated head entrenched deeply in the sand. The take from, and you know there always is one.

vanity lady boy indyra leggins from venice finesmith feather story sys black swan diktator envy It’s a high gravity Monday after taking 9 days off, I chose to dress like I mean business. In a cheeky way of course.

Everyone has some crazy friends, or coocoo family members. You know the ones, they can be a joy one moment or a living ‘ell the next. But you can’t fix crazy. You also shouldn’t spend a lot of time on worry, trust me this worry is probably small compared to the one waiting just around the corner for you to show up. As for the friend? And it may sound mean but their problems are theirs, not yours. What is important to you is how you let their problems effect you. Empathy for them is understandable and right. But as to their solution, this is where you make space for them to figure out their own. Let them know you are there for them and then step back and just be there.

diktator envy These shoos. mmmmm I smell sex and candy.. Hot, hot hot.

I did a mix and match today and have to say, I just love this jacket from sYs, so incredibly amazing! The shoos from Diktator need no introduction, but watch out, Draakje already licked the vendor.. The hair is from Vanity Hair and is a perfect have available in inventory style. I love to pull it out every once in a while because of its shorter length and pulled back style. I heard a rumor, but a good one, that Yula Finesmith of Finesmith Designs is back and back in style to boot. I just fell in love with this whispy and gorgeously feathered necklace and earring set. If you get a chance, swing by one or all of these designers stores, I know you will find the perfect attire for your drama free Monday as well. (The SLURL’s are under my “last known SLURL’s page.” I know, lazy Cao, but for today you will have to empathize with me, I’m just off vacation and running a little jagged.

Finesmith feather story Cao’s in feathers, I’m sure there is a nursery rhyme in there somewhere.


Be.Merry. I wonder if any dragons will be wandering by? So many snowballs, so little time… (snowball included w. pose) Dragon’s Lair:

Andy Goldsworthy was once quoted as saying, “Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” I’ve never seen snow, but I can tell you, the thought of it sure makes me think of childhood. I don’t know why, but I supposed its because it conjures up every single Christmas cartoon, movie, greeting card, and gingerbread house I’ve ever seen. I think today’s blog is simple. In all the stress and hustle and bustle of the holiday season, always take a moment, stop, take a big breath and just simply smile and be merry. But most importantly, share that smile and merriment with someone who really needs it. Now THATS the reason for the season, Peace on Earth and Goodwill.

Be.Merry. Do these pants make my arse look big? ;P

As the second blog of the wonderful posemakers of Second Life, I want to share Sue Hunniton of Pics N Poses spin on goodwill to others. These two poses are part of the “Womenstuff Hunt” currently going on inworld until January 2nd, 2013 and are free! Here is the information Sue kindly provided about the hunt itself. “About the Womenstuff Hunt – I have the group joiner at the front of my store. Anyone can join the group and go through the hunt which has over 200 of SL’s top designers. Not good at hunting? As a Womenstuff group member, they can also go to the Womenstuff lounge and grab the prizes that cover the wall.” See? Now that’s the holiday spirit! Have a gorgeous evening and a happy hunting to all and to all a good night! I know you will enjoy the poses at Pics N Poses so much, I included the sleigh ride for you! Taxi:

Hat: Eshi
Hairs: LaViere, Natasha
Scarf: Maitreya, Evi
Jacket: [sYs], Ynuit
Pants: Maitreya, leggins
Boots: [sYs], Ynuit


Snow.Days.[sYs] just released a line of winter outfits, all stylish and perfect for boosting your chic wardrobe!

Let face it, Florida gets cheated. We don’t have seasons. We don’t have snow. We don’t have mini-vacations in the midst of the school year drudgery due to “snow days.” Bummer. When I was young I used to dream about how fun it would be to ditch school and play in the snow. Those children up there have it made. But I suppose these days, now older and without the need to purchase a coat or to feel the effects of the lack of sunshine, I’ve come to terms with what is lacking in my life. Flipside, I can walk along the beach in the winter wearing a pair of shorts and windbreaker. That should mean something right? Yes, it should mean something and it does. But drat it all, just once I’d love to flop back in the snow and make a snow angel.

Snow.Days. The new releases also include elegant jackets and pants combo’s in a variety of styles and materials, so don’t miss out!

I love Second Life modeling. I love the playfulness of the outfits, I love how a look can be so completely different from one model to another, depending on their style preferences. I love how really cool sets can be created for pictures and it doesn’t require a mop and bucket to clean up the mess afterward… Life is so good! Oh and don’t try this scene at home. Messy. Taxi:

Outfit One:
Dress: [sYs] Kiinyaa Dress and leggins *New*
Hat: [sYs] Kazakh Cap *New*
Boots: Maitreya, Stagiono Boots

Outfit Two & Three:
Jacket: [sYs] Taban *New*
Pants: [sYs] Balkai *New*
Shirt: Gawk! Zebra1 laced top
Shoos: Nardcotix, Shana
handbag: Je Suis, Zebra mesh clutch
Makeups: Nuuna, Astroglam, Zion and Kati
Hairs: Tukinowagma
Props: [LA] Industry Mannequins & BehaviorBody, Chaise

Snow.Days. Elegant enough to make a Cao look posh, no?



I wonder, after Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband Menelaus, the king of Sparta and he stood around and waited for the Achaeans to bring it on, do you think he wore a really way too cool collar like this one? I love random finds like this, so unique. In fact, so unique to me, I had to blog it.


Oh. And for the purests out there who like to correct me if I err.. I’m not off topic, this IS a fashion blog, SL modeling is war! If you don’t believe me, just ask Frolic.

Hairs: MaDesigns, Maya
Collar: …:::Scrub:::… Troya Collar
Shirt: [sYs], part of the Ynuit outfit
Leggings: [sYs], Fatale
Earrings: Indy& Co, Maelle



Its not always about your face. It’s about the fashion. I think thats why you sometimes see the use of masks or “veils” in fashion. You know, don’t look at my face, look at this really groovy outfit I have on! Maison Martin Margiela’s Fall 2012 Couture show was filled with models wearing sequined and beaded face covers, and you know what? While looking at the pictures, I couldn’t take my eyes off the clothes. Google it, see if you feel the same, I am thinking of trying it my next runway show. Please, let me know what you think.

Cao~Grá i gcónaí....

I originally purchased this jacket a few months ago, back when everyone else did, the week Ladies Who Lunch released it. I couldn’t make a decent picture out of it, so I tucked it away as an item to try and restyle later. I have an entire folder in my inventory labeled “Things to Try Over” because I am an “accidental” model at best, I have to feel it to be able to style it. Knowing I had a photoshoot with Skip Staheli, and also knowing he would be able to take whatever I style and make a gorgeous and usable piece of art with it, I pulled it back out and worked with it a few days. What I found from this, nothing is important to this style but the oversized coat. Everything else should be minimized, including my face. Once I figured that out, I darkened the face, further hid it behind hair, wore less clothes elsewhere, just turned the focus to the unique coat and let Skip do his thing. I really like what Skip created, what do you think about the result?

Outfit One:

Coat: Ladies Who Lunch, “Beast Shrug”
Hair: .:EMO-tions.., “White Feather”
Shirt: [sYs], piece of “Ynuit pullover” (undershirt)
Pants: Zaara, leggings (as a hint, I wear these, and the [VG] beater from yesterday a lot because they are modify so you can change their color, if you are looking for two rock solid base pieces)
Gaiters: [sYs], “Ynuit”
Makeup: The Plank/Plank Couture
Lips: Miamai, “Dark Desires”



Modeling is backwards sometimes. Recently while either flickr scanning, or possibly blog reading I ran across this clock from Gala Charron of [*Art Dummy!] called “In Time.” My Interior designer’s heart had a visceral response and I knew I had to blog around it but more strongly my musical heart immediately heard the piano riffs of Coldplay’s song “Clocks”. I have to admit, it’s often I think that way. I have always loved the song, it reminds me to slow down, enjoy life first and worry about the clock never, because worry seldom gets things accomplished.

I commented to Gala about how I was on my way to buy the clock, it was part of the 50 Linden Friday event so many designers are a part of, but when I arrived inworld, She had kindly given it to me. (Thank you! xo) The clock comes with 3 styles in the package and they actually work! Though my intention was to just blog it, it has now become a permanent fixture in my SL home.

So obviously, this is a blog about creating a look around an accessory, the accessory being the clock. So to complete the outfit I will list all the styling elements below. As an aside, the clothes style was built around an accessory as well. I saw this really groovy collar recently while visiting my friend Zib Scaggs of Zibska and Zibware’s marketplace and just knew I wanted to create an outfit around it. It’s one of those multi-dimensional eye-catching pieces that create a visual centerpiece guaranteed to draw attention.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, as for me, I am looking forward to the weekend! Too many walls and clocks during the work week! Muwah! ❤

Style One:
Clock: [*Art Dummy!], “In Time” Taxi:
Headphones: Neurolab Inc Taxi:
Hairs: Boon, “KOM372” Taxi:
Collar: Zibska and Zibware, “Hedge” collar Taxi:
Jacket: [SyS], “Vega” Taxi:
Bodysuit: The Sea Hole, “Yena” Taxi:
Boots: [SyS], “Pinky” boots