The other day I was fooling with an outfit from Miamai, I know, I seem to be stuck in Monica Outlander’s design house lately, I don’t mean to be, its just things I already have in my inventory. I keep looking back through, deleting some things, you know what I mean, that 2008 noob style, trust me (and you know who you are that still have this stuff), it’s not coming back! Other outfits that I see I think “Oh wow! I bought this because I thought it would make such a cool picture” and instantly forgot it. I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I am a disorganized Cao by all accounts, it’s one of the reasons I keep my dragon friend and super model, Draakje Dailey near, she often has to sort me out. It’s a good thing I dress slightly eclectic or I’d get a lot of WTH was she thinking? Now I mostly hear whisperings of, “oh, that’s just Cao.” Anyway, I digress, I will be out shopping, fall in love with an outfit and someone will IM me right in the middle and I will forget it forever, well, until I scroll through my inventory, let’s see, Modavia Fashion Week, September, October, November has it been about 10 months or so? So this is what I found out from this blog, if you don’t like your view, tweak it a little. The designer’s vision of an outfit doesn’t have to be yours. If you don’t like your “lot” in life, change your scenery and no, I don’t think it’s easy to fix, seldom are the things that are worth fighting for easy to come by. But sitting on the bench of life isn’t going to grab you any dreams a’tall.

Miamai CassandrahMorrighan Ex Mai Extreme bootsPM Exa

Well, right off the bat, this pants from the Cassandrah outfit came with a lacy top with black poofy sleeves. It was a nice outfit for sure. I am just not sure it was one I could give much dedication too, so I took everything off except the pants. (I will insert here, the waist of the pants are a black lace that “fit” to the bodice and could not be removed, I had to photoshop a new waistline to match the lower pants, that was my only digital post-photography dickering.) I always call this “going back to tacks,” and if you try it, I mean all the way back, no shoos, no hairs, no makeup, anything. I flipped through folder’s and tried different options, nothing worked so I threw on a T-shirt, snuck over to the store and milled through until I found the Morrighan jacket. When I saw this jacket, I thought to heck with Cassandrah, if it doesn’t work I will build around this jacket! Isn’t it funny how fashion works? I know so many of you have probably done the same thing, I mean, why sink with the ship? Luckily, it kind of worked! After fitting the jacket, I added, the Exa hairs from Poulet Koenkamp of Purple Moon, Mai Extreme Platform Boots from my friend Ezura Xue of + eX +, the blindfold included in the Cassandrah outfit and a pose from Del May. Done? I thought so, then I began to process the pic in Photoshop. I didn’t like it completely.. Sooooooo back to tacks..

Miamai CassandrahMorrighan Ex Mai Extreme bootsPM Exa 2

By keeping everything almost the same, I want to show how I went from an outfit I’d have to photoshop to one I could wear out and about. I changed the really cool Miamai Cassandrah pants for a pair (also found in my inventory) from Vogue, the Alitza pants, the belt is part of the waist prim so it’s included. I wore the same Del May pose and, well, tweaked the view. So for the price of one jacket, an entirely new look was created and my blog was completed. Blogs don’t have to be about what’s fresh out of the shop, it can also be about creating new from the old. So now, I want to challenge all of my blogger, facebook and flickr friends. Clean out your inventory and let us all see something really hip and groovy you have squirreled away! Who knows, you may fall in love with what you already have, just like I did.