Save a Boyfriend for a Rainy Day

Save a Boyfriend for a Rainy DayTime-honored and fashionista-approved, a lush leather piece is more than worth adding to your spring shopping list.

and another in case it doesn’t rain. ~ Mae West . Well it’s that time again. At least I can’t blame my mum this time. This time it’s all my brother’s doing. This is some friend of my brother’s wife’s, brother thing. It gets really scary when it’s that many people removed from people I can actually trust. I can just hear the report on the news when I show up missing, “we aren’t sure who she was last seen with, I think it was the stepfather of her third cousin twice removed,” or some other red-neck sounding thing like that. The last guy I dated that was set up this way, I bought him a down jacket from the local outlet mall, I told him it perfectly matched his personality. He didn’t “get” it. Sometimes, I hate date night. I broke my standing rule too. He is taking me to dinner at some swanky reservations only restaurant. I hope he chews with his mouth closed, I somehow think if I look over at him lovingly and have to stab him with something, they probably won’t have a plastic spork anywhere within reach. I suppose I can bring my own…

Save a Boyfriend for a Rainy DayMinimalistic shapes, rich colors, and a no-fuss approach to the hair, makeup, and accessories make this look seem like they’re from 2013, not 1983.

The worst part about a blind first date at a fancy reservations only restaurant is you have to dress up. When I dress up, to hide those lines on my slinky cocktail dress I’ll probably wear spanks. (Spanks:) Have you ever worn them? They are wonderful for looking svelte, but you might as well forget eating or drinking much. Both of which kind of negate a first date at a posh restaurant. The eating relates to the restaurant, the drinking to the first date. The first time I wore a pair of spanks, I made the mistake of wearing them to a cocktail party at a friend’s house. I was surrounded by friends, oh and that one guy I was meeting for the first time, you know the poor soul picked to attend just to meet me? Luckily, all but THE guy know me and expect oddities in behavior here and there. To put Spanks on you practically have to lie on a bed and pull and wedge, grunt and coax them up. And I am terrible at consuming alcohol while wearing these things honestly. I guess since I have so little room inside, once I start to drink I fill up fast. It was okay the first few hours; I was the only one going to the bathroom. But by midnight, on my, I don’t know, twelfth or so visit, I ran out of luck. As I was struggling to pull the blasted things up I was groaning and grunting, maybe a little cursing as sweat popped out over my brow. When you’re in the midst of doing this, you aren’t listening to yourself, your just working, you know? Finally redressed, I walk out the door not only to find a line of three hugely smiling friends, but first in line is THE guy, with the oddest expression on his face. .. I wonder if its bad form to call tonight’s date and claim sick? I’m beginning to feel a case of the intentional flu.

Take from? Why not, at this point. When meeting someone for the first time, always be yourself, not some fake version of you. For one thing, it lets him see you as you truly are and there is no reason to keep up an artificial charade if there is a second date. Build a relation on an honest foundation and it creates a familiarity right from the start. Besides, sometimes it’s best to get the worse out there first because then things can only get better. Right? I hope that’s not famous last words..

Outfit One:

Hat: House of Fox, Roller Hat ❤
Hair: Tuty's, Bob
Glasses:House of Fox, 1960's glasses
Lipstick: Mons, LOVE!
Shoulder piece:House of Fox, Lita's shoulders
Belt: Anubis, Leather belt
Jacket: House of Fox, Scarlet Blazer
Shirt:House of Fox, Crop Corset
Skirt: Ricielli, Hi-Waist skirt, python
Shoos: [whatever], CG Spiked
Handbag: House of Fox, Steffani Lux tote


Breathing.Deep.Letting.Go. Dress: Drift Mood Dress. ❤ Hair: Tableau Vivant. Heels: Whatever. Balloons: What Next?

I hate it when I grow up and make a rational grown-up decision. I really do. I’ve done something pretty rare in Second Life. I’ve lived in the same place for 3 years now. Three real life years. And it’s time to let it go. To prepare, I sent a letter to the people I lease the land from about three weeks ago, because I knew mentally this will be difficult to do. You would think it wouldn’t be, it’s not like I have had more than eight people come visit me in all that time, I truly am a recluse. But its been a labor of love the entire way. I think where it started to change was this year it took all my energy to change to a snowy landscape. Then this past few months, I hardly even travel down there, choosing to stay on my platform in the sky shooting pictures. It’s not like I spend much time in Second Life these days. An hour a day on weekdays maybe four hours a day on the weekend, so it hardly seems to be a viable expense anymore. It doesn’t take a business degree to figure out its money wasted. My only fear is it may signal as my waning days in Second Life, but I won’t think about or accept that at this point, I’m shoving it to the back of the inventory for now. Why? Because, I have so many very real friends in SL, including the designer of the Drift brand clothes I am wearing for this blog. Kallisto Destiny, a friend, designer, blogger, and excellent photographer, is one of the things I simply love about Second Life, the creativity abounds here in so many places and details.

Siochan Leat eire

As you can see, my house is a bit of a mutt. I’ve melded two seperate Leezu! homes into one. I used to just have the white house, but along the way, I wanted to add a bedroom, well, mainly so I could decorate with more “stuff.” In the foreground is my bath house, its a beach shop created by Teefy. I just love the areas and gardens of this property, every bit of it has been a labor of love. But, well perhaps a Second Life mimics a first and I find now that I am “old,” virtually 5! It has become time to downsize. I’ll be okay, I think. 🙂

Breathing.Deep.Letting.Go. Dress: Drift, Maxi Dress. Hairs: Tableau Vivant ❤

Take from? yep, it’s here. I never thought I was the type of person who would let possessions possess me. I am, by all accounts a minimalist in real life. But sometimes, you pour so much of your heart into a project that at some point you don’t know where it starts and where you end. I think the take from for me is, it’s okay. It’s never easy to let go, the trick is in learning to move forward without any doubts. To grow and try something new. So forward on, I go. If you get a chance, check out Drift this weekend. I know you will absolutely adore what you find there, soothing comfort clothes. What can I say, they go good with my macaroni and cheese… Here ya are, I even included the taxi for once: Taxi:

siochan leat Siochan Leat, Eire



Life always seems to be about thin lines, doesn’t it? There is a thin line between love and hate. Empty and full. Madness and genius. My mind travels far in a day, my body seldom follows. They are incompatible to say the least, I have the mind of a world traveler, but the body and heart to stay hidden from the world. It is one of my greatest tortures. On days like today, it is best to hide. When I write, I misspell the simplest of words by transposing letters. I think with clarity but it is lost between the brain and fingers. With each misspell, erase, rewrite slower, I slip into sullen madness. There is no explanation, I know not the trigger, I just tell my self, as I oft say when I am here, “you can’t cure crazy.” I slip lower until I am unseen, resting, shielded from the worlds view. Will you wait for me, my friends? I often think not, but I surely hope so.


Take from? And yes, even today there is one. What’s the relation between Ambergris and Madame Tussauds? Ambergris is a waxy substance found floating in or on the shores of tropical waters, it is believed to originate in the intestines of the sperm whale. But in itself it still has purpose and is used for beauty, it is used in perfume. Perhaps at one point in our existence we are all a blob of wax, floating in the bowels of some heavenly body. Life gently shapes and moulds us to the beautyful creatures we become. And beautyful we DO become, each and every one of us unique and gorgeously defined, worthy of any exhibition in Madame Tussauds. Bet you wondered how I was going to get there from here.

Hair: Loovus Dzevavor, Beret
Jumpsuit: Ricielli, Papi
Earrings: Indy and Company, Sylph doorknockers
Ring and Necklaces: Ryca
Bracelet: La Gyo
Shoos: Whatever, CG Spikes *New*
Purse: Swallow, Rockstud *New*



For some off reason, perhaps it’s because I not only live in Florida, I also live very near the the oldest city in the United States, but at this melancholy time of year I always seem to think of pirates. Did you know pirates rarely buried their treasure? Kind of sad because when I was young I used to always dig on the beach hoping to find a treasure chest. All that digging was in vain. Well, I probably would have blown it all on ice cream and stuffed animals, but thats okay, the needs of a young pirate are so few. I suppose that is how I am most like a pirate, because pirates never buried their treasure because they would rather divide it up and spend it right then. Ah, the life of a pirate. And before you shake your finger at me and say “silly girl, everyone knows girls can’t be pirates” I should let you know, yeah, they can. I know of ten such women, one of which, Grace O’Malley, an Irish pirate, commanded 3 galley ships and over 200 men. Their pirate heritage is forever written in history. But, well, I’m not very strong, or fierce, I’m just a Cao, so all I do is think about being a pirate. Oh, or digging to China. Yep, that was big too.


I think this is how I dress on most days in SL. Not too flashy, and well, either in knickers or men’s pants. What does that say about me? I don’t know, I’m scared to ask. This tuxedo jacket and shirt are for women and are made by Coco. Coco has lots of new things instore so if you’re not too busy digging, check them out. The pants are for men, but I don’t care. They are the men’s tuxedo pants from Gizza, I’m tall and skeeeeny, so I can pull it off. Do I want to look all masculine, no, of course not, I am a girly girl, so I wouldn’t be caught dead without a few pieces of Finesmith’s Edina baroque jewelry, and my fave Mandala Rushana Chopsticks. Kiku San is my soul mate, he just doesn’t know it. 😉 As for the foots? I think there is nothing more divine than to feel your way in your journey thru life, that way you remember the feel of the hard times, the moments that barbed you and the times in life that soothed you.

Take from? yeah. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something. Only you can limit yourself that way. If I’d a kept digging I’d probably be half to China by now. Just think about it, it will come to you.

Outfit: (SLURLS in Last Known Page)
Hair: Miamai, Luna
Sticks: Mandala, Rushana Chopsticks
Jewelry: Finesmith, Edina Baroque *NEW* and LOVE!
Jacket: Coco, Tuxedo Jacket
Pants: Gizza, Tuxedo pant
Chair: Art Dummy! Drafting Chair
Pose: DelMay, Chilled sit



I knew I was sunk Friday when I left work and my throat was on fire. It’s my own fault really. You see, on the way to work my vehicle broke down and I took it to a garage around the corner from my work instead of her usual mechanic. I know, I know, Bad Cao. There are two things I know for sure, you should never sneak around with some unknown garage or hang out at the local elementary school, you never know what you will “catch”. The first, obviously I know from experience, the second is from overhearing some of the conversations of co-workers with children. As far as I can tell, those little ones are harbingers of more bacteria than most third world countries actively practicing germ warfare produce. Oh come on, if you have them, you know this is kind of true..


Now, obviously I wouldn’t be caught dead lying around on the couch in a huge T-shirt and yoga pants. *Looks down* Thank goodness I don’t have a webcam. By Saturday, I was lying around for sure and what better way to do it than with this sexy cocktail from AnnaGrey designer from [Whatever]? I mean look at it! It has spikes! Nothing says “do me…but from a distance” better than spikes, right? To make it perfect, I chose the new “Love is Blind” fold from Mila Tatham of *SoliDea FoliEs*, it is available in limited quantity at Fashion Limited, so run! As you may remember, this is version 2, the first was sold for Valentines last year and was a very popular item, so don’t wait until it’s too late. So let me regather a second. Incapacitated, blind folded, lying on a couch, wearing a fancy little cocktail.. Where are all the good guys bearing chicken soup?

Take from, and yes there is. Look your best, even if you are just running out to the store for one item, because you never know who you might run into. As Coco Chanel once said, “A woman is closest to being naked when she is well dressed.” Deep words for a high gravity Monday. I hope yours is much more enjoyable than mine. You’ll have to forgive me this time, the SLURL’s are on my “last known SLURL’s” page.


Hair: Lelutka, Salome (couch) and Rykiel (standing)
Blindfold: *SoliDea FoliEs* Love is Blindness
Dress: [whatever], Spiked Dress zebra
Stockings: Angel Dessous, Rike
Collar: [Whatever], Spike bun (Accessory for hair, edited)
Boots: Belgravia
Purse: [Glow] Studio, Spiked bag
Sunglasses: CeLoe