Lofty Dreams and Hobby Horses

Lofty Dreams and Hobby Horses Hair: Boon, KBO906 . Hat: *Lode*, Glitter Rose .

5000 L’s Has been bid on me for the Love Donna Flora event. A few months ago Mila Tatham of *SoliDea FoliEs* and I were chatting and dreaming about fashion. She is notoriously creative and such an amazing designer, I am so blessed she lets me hang around with her as she creates because her work is simply magic. We were talking about styles we like, and we somehow got to talking about how someone, well, that would be me, loves to where knickers as my main exterior clothing. I am an avid dreamer and often skim through the current fashions looking for ideas to style and to bookmark them I throw them up on my pinterest page. At some point during this conversation, I showed Mila my dream outfit. It’s an adorable knickered outfit created by Ulyana Sergeenko available in the Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 line. ( ) Mila exclaimed she would make it for me, but knowing how difficult it often is to translate the real world to the sculpts and meshes of Second Life, I figured it probably couldn’t be done. I should have known not to underestimate the determination of a stubborn, creatively talented Mila. She not only created it, she did it perfectly!

Lofty Dreams and Hobby Horses Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Caoimhe **NEW** ❤ . Shoos: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Caoimhe **NEW** . Jewelry: Mandala . Pose: Glitterati

I can’t imagine what I did in life to ever deserve the kindness of such an amazing person, I just know I love Mila so dearly. She is one of the true reasons virtual worlds hold so much potential for greatness. Second Life not only serves as a social platform to all nationalities, it fosters growth and creativity among it’s citizens. But whatever becomes of that world, I am forever grateful it allowed me to meet my crazy fun friends in Italy and all of the other wonderful countries where you all reside! You guys are my rock!

Lofty Dreams and Hobby Horses

Take from? Of course! I’d imagine the concept of creating a virtual world at one time was considered a rather lofty dream and hobby horses are those costumes that have a horse built into the jacket, making it look like the person is riding a horse. Their similarity is at some moment in time, both were just somebody’s dream that have now come to fruition. Life is often hard, sometimes frustrating, but then aren’t the best things in life the things we have worked so hard to achieve? Sure, anyone can dream, but why just dream? Why not make your dreams come true? Who knows? You just might be the next Steve Jobs or Alexander McQueen. Just something to think about. Thank you Mila for dressing up a Lil Cao and making her Second Life a dream come to fruition.

Senescence and a Life of Youthful Exuberance

Senescence and a Life of Youthful ExuberanceEars: [Mandala], Steking . Makeup: Mons ❤ . Hairs: Griddies, Fish

3500 L’s bid for the Love Donna Flora event.I spent the past four days being “educated” in living the life of a six year old. I have to admit, at times the task was daunting, and the final result exhausting, but overall it was an amazing experience. I am not much of a sun person; I tend to keep my beach times to early morning or late afternoon but this little one, she wanted to be in the thick of it from morning to afternoon. So with big floppy hat, long sleeve t-shirt and swathes of SPF a gazillion suntan lotion, I troopered on. I can’t blame her really, do you remember when you saw the ocean with the eyes of a child, rode laughingly, bobbing and eddying like a cork with the waves, or tried to dig your way to China? Me either, it’s been way too long since I cracked my heart that far open (just kidding, I’m still trying to get to China that way). As for the date? Believe it or not, Friday’s “date night” was kind of a gift this week. Jay and I took the little princess to see a movie chronicling the misspent youth of two monster’s friendship while at college. I have to admit, Jay and I kind of resembled some parts of the movie in our own college days, though neither of us are inclined to own up to it. He gets major kudos for this good with kid’s thing, though, for me, it’s more because he can deal with them better than me.

Senescence and a Life of Youthful Exuberance I am so rocking this metal bra 😉 Top: Uber, Hanna Spiked Bra . Pants: ..Mutresse.. , Dupla Ruffled leggins Bracelet: PP, Nairi Spiked bracelet . Shoos: [Whatever] Spiked heels . Purse: [Glow], Spiked bag

But the dilemma is Dr. Ben Dover (Taylor), he means so much to me, even though it’s admitting my mum may have good taste in men. When I mentioned Jay to him, he graciously said I should at least explore the possibility of seeing Jay further, just to make sure he is or isn’t “the one.” Taylor still calls me, and we go out, he is just patiently waiting for me to make up my mind. What’s wrong with that? Well probably nothing, I just don’t think I could ever be that mature about life and relationships. But for now, we will all three inch our way to whatever conclusion fate will hand us, even if it’s nothing a’tall. As for my six year old ward for the weekend? Her Aunty Cao got the last laugh (in secret, of course). At one point, when her back was to me digging away, I buried a clear, heavy, little glass sea shell in the sand and put a big “X” on the ground over it. When we went for a walk I asked her “what could it possibly be?” To which she smartly responded, “Pirates treasure!” She dug until she found it, smiling hugely at the big shell shaped “diamond.” Later in the evening she remarked she would keep forever the treasure the pirate left behind and one day give it to her own daughter, but then said “well maybe not, I’ll probably keep it for myself.” I had to smile at that one.

Take from? Of course! We all have to mature at some point in our lives, it’s a process of life and is called senescence, but there is a difference between maturity and having the heart of a child. One pays the bills, the other looks with unique newness at the world around them each and every day. A child is innocent and free of judgment. Don’t ever be afraid to live with childlike intent, and certainly know, even when you are OooOOOLLD, it’s still okay to keep something for yourself, just because you want to. Just something light to think about on a high gravity Monday. I hope your weekend was filled with a peaceful light as well! Please don’t forget, I am for sale until Friday, August 9th 2013 at noon! I hope someone will have it in their heart to give for the Love Donna Flora event! Heck, you can even buy me to clean your toilet’s if that’s what suits your fancy, I’m kind of easy-going like that! SLURL’s on the Last known SLURL’s page on the left of this page. xo

Being Here, Breathing Air

I didn’t even change my hair from yesterday I was so lazy on Wednesday. Bad bad Cao, but I am unrepentant, I love the hairs. Hair: Dura, Boy44 . Earrings: [Mandala], TefuTefu

I am so mellowed out I can’t even be arsed to worry about it being Date Night. But, I am going out with Jay and we pretty much have run through all the mishaps, so I’m not likely to crash and burn. Hopefully he won’t try to run me over this time. 😉 I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! This is the outfit Zanze is offering for the Love Donna Flora event. Hopefully you have all been there and bought a few things already. I know I’ve loved all I have seen. So if you get a chance, check it out!

08022013aDress: Zanze, Donna *FOR LOVE DONNA FLORA*, Shoos: BSD Design Studio, Serendipity

Not much else, just hope you are having fun, behaving, but missing me a little bit too. ❤

En Vogue

08012013Glasses: *+Crie Style+*, Kabuki . Earring: [Mandala], TefuTefu . Hair: Dura, Boy44

Yep still taking the weekend off, I set this up before I left. I hope everyone is having a low gravity Thursday and looking forward to Friday. Knowing me, I am probably recovering from Girls night out. Just wanted to show you .Shi has some new stuffs out that you probably will want to check out! As an aside, I have been thinking, I sold my shape for Wigs for Kids, Donna Flora, well that’s personal. Squinternet is a friend in need, who would I be not to give her the same? So for her I am putting me up for auction. I am giving someone 3 hours of my time. To shop, style, dance, chat, photograph, be photographed, I am selling myself to the highest bidder. If you want virtual sex, no, I am not offering that. Ever. Love is too spiritual to me to ever give away or sell. But if you want to help a friend in need, please bid. I ask that the bid start at 3,000 L’s, and I hope some of you will step up for such a worthy cause. Have fun and enjoy your friday eve eve. xo

08012013aVest: .Shi, Couveture . Skirt: Ison, pencil skirt . Watch: [Mandala], Hokusia . Bandeau: Drift

Send a NC, email, or FB chat to me and to Draakje Dailey, that way it won’t be lost.. Oh! And don’t tell a certain little dragon, but I’m not wearing knickers for once…. (she thinks that’s all I ever wear..and she is mostly right honestly) The SLURL’s are under my last known SLURL’s page. I’m kinda nice that way.

08012013b Jumper: .Shi, Drape jumper

Have a wonderful day! Xo

Breaking Good and Being There

Breaking Good and Being There Hair: Miamai, Anna . Jewelry: Donna Flora, Samara Watch, Alma Bracelet, Pasqualina necklace Earrings

I have to tell you, I’m actually not one to laugh at those in pain, but sometimes it’s just too funny not to. Last night a friend of mine walked into my recently cleaned sliding doors thinking they were open, the look of shock on her face was so priceless, I couldn’t help it, the laughter poured out of me. I know, what kind of friend am I anyway? But really, it’s so novel to me because usually I’m the one running into glass and falling on my arse. When I get this way, I know, it’s time. It’s time for another one of our “girl’s nights out.” We haven’t had one in a few months, which isn’t typical for us, we are at the minimum once a month subscribers to the club, but summer seems to have pulled us all in different directions, especially those with children out of school. Feeling the withdrawals, I rounded them all up and we are meeting tonight for dinner and… I like to keep these things open ended depending on all of our moods when we get there.

Breaking Good and Being ThereGown: Living Imagination, Shine of Hope for Love Donna Flora event

The one thing I know I will find? That we will overindulge in emotionally supportive behavior by generally validating the living chit out of each other. Halfway through the night the evening will turn into “a total rager,” with us sharing excessive amounts of admiration, empathy, and encouragement for one another. I’d expect no less tonight. We’ve always been a group of friends who listens hard, and consoles even harder. At some point late in the night we will grow a little tipsy, and get completely out of hand, respecting and valuing each other and by closing time, we will all be pretty sloppy with our affirmations, corroborating anything and everything that’s said.

Take from? Sure, everyone should have friends that will uplift you, support you passionately and watch your back. But the last time we went out, I woke up with a stiff neck I’d nodded in agreement so much, a hangover from drinking wine and a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. The bad feeling? Well that’s because I kept agreeing with one of my girlfriends that it was a good move and I was happy for her that she and her husband had decided to try and work things out. What was I thinking? That guys a real chit heel if there ever was one. The point? Sometimes it’s okay to express your concerns then step away and just offer moral support. Just because your friend see’s the guy as the best thing since sliced bread doesn’t mean you have to agree. If you turn out to be wrong, well good for your friend, if you turn out to be right, it sounds like a another good reason to have a Girls Night Out. Don’t forget Love Donna Flora is going on until August 11th! As for me? I’m taking a few days off, so I am out of here, you guys have fun and play nice, okay?

Being Creative in Ambiguous Times

I don’t know if you realize it, but we are at an incredibly articulate point historically. We are living and working in a fast moving digitally driven, globally connected society where change is constant and ambiguity is certain. It’s very possible, in years to come, it may be noted that this generation gave the world one of its greatest gifts, instant connectivity, effectively shrinking down the size of the world. I mean think about it, social media platforms allow a silly little Cao from a drinking village with a fishing problem to communicate, share creative freedom and ideas with other like-minded people from locales throughout the world. My mind liquefies with the thought of the potential to connect and learn.

Being Creative in ambiguous Times 2 Outfit: [AD], 50’s Mesh Swimsuit

But with the rapidity of change there are the inherent problems of this pace: fear, distrust and uncertainty. Though passionate positive energy can bring confidence and the power to transform things for the better, we have to counter-balance this weight with trust, belief and intuition to get the lofty goals off the ground. In the dubious void of social media platforms and virtual worlds, our strongest alliance is our own inner intuition because that little niggling sensation in your gut? Well, it’s more often right than wrong because it’s the wisdom formed by our feelings and instincts. Think of it as God’s “gift” to us of knowing something without using your senses. Like if you hold my arms in the air and wiggle your fingers at my armpits, I am going to giggle whether you touch me or not, the action doesn’t have to actually occur my intuition tells me it will tickle.

Being Creative in Ambiguous Times Pose: Pretense Poses for the Love Donna Flora Event

Also needed is trust. Trust is the basis for all human relationships and where we derive our greatest inner strength. Where do we typically feel our most positive energy? When we are surrounded with people we trust, such as family, friends, and co-workers. So to unlock the freedom to explore and create in social media platforms we have to surround ourselves with those people who nourish this sense of trust in themselves and others. But last, and certainly not least, there is a third leg to lend stability to our social media creativity platform, belief. With newfound support, ignited by hope for the future, supported by our virtual social circle, belief creates a new confidence to set our creative dreams in motion, allowing you to open your mind and freely connect, learn and create. Kind of like the think tanks popular in the early 2000’s have grown up and become some sort of oxymoronic virtually vast microcosm ready for the exploring.

Being Creative in Ambiguous Times 3Pose: Flash Friendy Pose for the Love Donna Flora Event

Take from? Sure, though at this point, I’m not sure I even made sense. As a generation, we have been given the amazing gift of social media platforms in which we have the tools to empower, create, and educate. But built into this gift we should endow seven core values: accountability, altruism, compassion, excellence, integrity, professionalism and social responsibility. Because without these instilled values we limit the platforms boundless potential for creativity, collaboration, and invention. Whew, I don’t know about you, but to me that was exhausting. But lucky me, I have just enough time to go look at some of the creative content being offered at the Love Donna Flora event. Don’t take my word for it though, you can find all the information you need right here.

Being Me Among the Hoi Polloi

Being Me Among the Hoi PolloiHairs: Vanity Hair: Boys Will Be Boys . Necklace: [Mandala], Mandala .

You may not believe this, but some days it’s really hard being me. I am a self-confessed introvert, clumsy and on the best of days see everything a little left of normal. How do I deal with being me? Well, it hasn’t always been this easy, and I can honestly say looking back, I probably didn’t always handle it well, but I’ve learned some since the beginning, accepted the rigid parts, softened the pointy parts, and along the way, I grew used to myself. How? By defining who I am in my own terms. I took the time to dwell on what I value and considered what makes up the essence of who I am. Don’t get me wrong, as I grew in wisdom, I would have to occasionally reassess my core values, because if you are spiritually growing, your values may change, but the point is, I didn’t remain static and glued to one spot. We should always allow ourselves space to grow, to improve, to become wiser. Want to know a few truths I’ve learned? Well if you do, onward ho!

Being Me Among the Hoi PolloiPOSES: //elephante poses//, I Need Your Love for Love Donna Flora event . Dress: *LpD*, Tea Dress

Most of all, be honest and open about yourself and your limitations. We’re all imperfect, if you feel ashamed or insecure about any aspect of yourself and you feel that you have to hide those parts of you, whether physically or emotionally then you need to come to terms with yourself and realize these are probably not flaws a’tall. Hug these oddities close because they are the gifts that make you the unique wonderful individual you are destined to be and are. Be honest with yourself, but don’t beat yourself up, big difference. And while you’re at it, apply this philosophy to others, as well. There is a difference between being critical and being honest; learn to watch the way you say things to yourself and others when being honest. Just because you believe what you are saying or feeling is honest doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not hurtful or even crucial that it be said.

Being Me Among the Hoi PolloiHairs: Miamai, Rorilee . Dress: *LpD*, Giuletta (w.hat)

A big step in my growth was to stop worrying about the worst that could happen in social situations. Dimes to donuts, in my case at least, the worst usually happened anyway. How did I learn to relax? You may be surprised, but once you realize that at some point you are going to do something like trip over you own two feet, land on your arse knocking over the bean dip so it lands with a plop in your lap during the party, the actual event is anticlimactic, and face it, kind of funny too. Learn to laugh at yourself both when it happens and afterward. Turn it into a funny story that you can share with others. It lets them know that you’re not perfect and makes you feel more at ease, too. I’ve even heard it’s an attractive quality for someone to be able to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously!

Take from? Yes, if you want one. Interesting weekend I had. Taylor is a great guy, and lo and behold Jay’s easing back into the picture, so for the first time in a long time, I’ve a few options to stress and angst over. Oh wait, that wasn’t it. Take from? Develop and express your individuality. Whether it’s your sense of style, or even your manner of speaking, whatever it is, be proud of it. Value the person you are, follow your own style, love your own personality, and embrace your flaws; we all have them. That way when you reach the point in life where you have options, you can have them because of whom the real you is. You will be able to consider them and enjoy them and know they are truly there for the real you and not for some made up personality of a person you are pretending to be. Just a little thought, take them or discard as you will, I just wanted to throw it out here because like my dragon besty likes to remind me, I like to live my life by word and peace.

A Friend In Deed

A Friend In DeedLet show support for children with terminal illness, pull off those “wigs” and don your bandana July 28th 2013 on the final day of the 2013 Hair Fair benefitting Wigs for Kids

56,502L’s. When I asked my friends to pony up and give to Wigs for Kids, they not only opened their hearts, they opened their wallets. Wide. Take that person-whose-name-shall-not-be-uttered-on-my-blog-zita. You may think you stole my shape, but you will never steal the heart of Cao, she belongs to her Second Life friends. Hate will never win when you surround yourself with the love of friends. And to me, these friends are love and kindness and I will be forever grateful. They are, in no particular order (too lazy to alphabetize them):

Ava Jhamin
Caoimhe Lionheart
XiuLan Quan
Mila Tatham
Peep Sideshow
Draakje Dailey
SeleneLily Galicia-Firecaster
Alvina Fejui
FloraClayflower Beeswing
Basile Wheelwright
Karn Bracken

A Friend in Deed Wigs for Kids . Bandana: House of London, Tinnie Mouse . Love Donna Flora: Tee-shirt: .:Somnia:., Mew Tee . Shorts: {Mon Tissu}, Cuffed short dotted .

July 28th is the last day of Hair Fair and also Bandana Day. On the last day of the fair, it has been a tradition for many years for people to remove their hair and wear one of the bandanas being sold at the fair. Bandana booths can be found on all four sims for L$50 each. 100% of the proceeds from the bandanas will go to Wigs for Kids. I’ve picked up a few each year and I wear them often, not just on Bandana day. Some are kicky and cool others chic and divine, definitely something for everyone. So go check it out. Leave those hairs at home and come support a meaningful cause to boot!

Receipt for Wigs for Kids