I Love You, but I’m Not In Love With You..

I Love You, But I'm Not In Love With You

What’s it been? A month, maybe two, since the fated “blind” date? Boy time flies when you become a thirty-something single chick whose mum’s biological clock is ticking. These weeks have been filled with enough angst it’d make a healthy and normal twenty year old puke her brains out to get back her youthful girlish figure. I always swore I would never worship in that church because at some point in a relationship it shouldn’t be so hard and the couple should become comfortable, shouldn’t they? You know, kinda like a nicely worn and comfortable pair of Christian Louboutin smoking slippers. Right? And to be honest, lately, just every once in a while, I see this glaring sign above Jay’s head that glows a huge neon, “he’s not that into you.” I don’t know what it is, I suppose I could be imagining it, but it’s happened a few times, so at some point you just have to go with your gut instinct. Well, maybe you don’t, but I do. Why? Because I can compromise on some things. When I purchased my Jeep a few years ago, I compromised on power door locks to get the year and model in a white color that I wanted. I regret not having power locks at times, but I can live with it. But I can’t compromise on me. I won’t compromise when it comes to me, I am not the small stuff, I am the important stuff.

I Love You, But I'm Not In Love With You

The take from? There are so many degrees to love. You can love and marry a friend, and perhaps in the long run this kind of stability is what you are looking for. I believe my parents are of this nature, which is fine for many, I suppose. If you are the sort who prefers quiet comfortable penny loafers in a relationship, my hat’s off to you. But me? I want the Christian Louboutin’s of passion, worship, and love that will ignite and then slow burn to the softest brightest embers of old age. Is that so wrong? I know I might never get there, but for now, I think I am going to hold out for Lauren Bacall’s Bogart, Cleopatra’s Antony, or Yoko Ono’s John Lennon. ‘Course, I might just go buy a new pair of shoos instead, I haven’t quite decided yet.

Hair: Boudoir, Madama Pompadour
Bra Top:*SoliDea FoliEs* Venusia
Gown: Boudoir, Midnight Mermaid

The Seduction of Couture

07012013 Headpiece: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Mila. Skybox: Scarlet Creative for William Weaver gallery. Hairs: Tuty’s, Limbo Wet look. Makeup: Miamai
Yesterday I completed Second Life’s 10 year anniversary, 30 days 30 blogs challenge. I’d like to say it was difficult, but since I was blogging every day anyway, it truly wasn’t. But it did point out to me that it’s time to slow down. If I just found pictures online to blog around my words, it might be a little easier but I have to buy something, style and shoot the pictures too. I was a little disheartened yesterday because after spending an hour or so shooting the picture for my blog, I noticed my graphics were set to low. I have no clue how they reset, but it did. So while I tried to “cure” my picture in Photoshop I realized, in my rush to blog I had forgotten how much I love Photoshop itself. So another part of slowing down and resting is I can now relax and play more in photoshop. Hopefully I can produce some pictures worth seeing, only time and practice will tell that tale.

The Seduction of Couture Outfit: Champagne Sparkling Fashion, Breezy **NEW**. Shoos: [Gos] Grace sandal. Cigarette holder: JCNY, Madama Couture cigarette. Pose’s: Di’s Opera, Fatale Series.

A few weeks ago one of my mad and famous friends, Enzo Champagne asked me if I would model for a vendor picture for his store Champagne! Sparkling Fashion. I couldn’t possibly resist, I adore Enzo and he is actually an incredible photographer. So without further ado, here is Enzo’s newest creation, “Shaking.”


CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture’s new release, “SHAKING,” does this to you. This stunning vintage minidress has the extraordinary details that we have come to expect from CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture. A nod to the 1920’s, the look feels timeless, and could easily be imagined on the heroines of the period such as Lillian Gish, Marion Davies, or at any lush or swanky private soiree!


Combining the essence of sex with couture, “SHAKING” is a spaghetti string minidress, with very elaborate look, that resembles richly textured golden threads, cut to create an aesthetically pleasing feel. The arms, back, and shoulders are exposed in a seductive manner, as the dress swoops to frame the hips perfectly, stopping just at the thigh, which offers an elongated glimpse, all the way down to the ankles.


Mesh demo of CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture’s new release, “SHAKING,” is available at the mainstore location. This design is offered in purple, brown, blue and black. Always adding something special, included with the dress are gorgeous, shimmering, gold crush headpiece and hanging earrings, that are versatile and beautiful. The model bringing this masterpiece to life is Miss Caoimhe Lionheart.


Be sure to make your way to CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture, to collect the latest release “SHAKING!” This is one beautiful number, you surely do not want to miss!

Enzo Champagne

for a glittering life!


ATTRACTION By CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture

Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes ~ Joseph Roux

Poetry is Truth in its Sunday clothes

I can’t write a lick of it, but I do love to read it. Poetry is the most amazing thing to me. How a person can express their feelings and it creates music to the ears. Don’t know how I got here today, I suppose it’s because I’ve read a few rather poetic blogs recently. To those friends pouring their hearts out poetically from day to day, my hats off to you because you make me remember to feel life as I live it. As for the ciggy? Nasty habit I would never partake in, but think about it, kind of like poetry it elicits poetry of its own, a steamy affair, a last taste of a lover, ah, maybe that’s just what it feels like to me.

Poetry is Truth in its Sunday clothes a

Take from? If you have the ability to “wax poetic” as my friend Tocksin,( http://tocksin.wordpress.com/ ) calls it, don’t ever stop. Please don’t stop. It’s the poets of the world who dress up the crass and mundane rituals, polishing them softly to add dimension and color. Somehow, you just make life a little more live-able. Have a wonderfully gussied up Sunday. As for me, I think I’ll go take a nap.

Hairs: Dura, Boy 44 **NEW** ❤ this I'll use it again and again
Robe: Zaara, Mesh Ria Coverup **NEW**
Lingerie: Zaara, Aksaka
Shoos: [Gos], Eva sling back **NEW**
Hands: Slink
Lipstick: Miamai ❤
Poses: Di's Opera, Fatale series
Pouff: [Gos]
Skybox: Scarlet Creative

Girls spend hours deciding what to wear, and all guys do is try to picture us naked.

Spring 2013 kimono-esque

All business today. I am without a home for the moment, so the picture quality may decline a little bit. I shot and styled all of these in just an hour (incuding cropping). I hope the style stands on it’s own though. I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a model. A tiny fishing village does not equate to high fashion on any playing field. But, I am a thinker. And, a studier. As an aside, when I grew up I was taught to never start a sentence with “and” or “but.” When I went to college they said that particular rule of English structure has been thrown out the window. Ah well, so here I am, even I picked up some of those radical liberal viewpoints whilst being brainwashed in college. I’m glad my mom doesn’t read my blog, though, my common memory of her as I was growing up were comments like “don’t dangle your participle!” I’d imagine using and and but to lead a sentence would pretty much spell the end of her sanity. But… I digress, as I said. I am a studier and thinker.

Today I was following up on the current Trends for Spring 2013 as presented by Style.com. Thinking it over, I decided to try to throw my interpretation on them. I had one set back, Second Life’s Spring lines aren’t out yet. But I think I did okay, well okay for a Cao. Who’s not a model. I’ll start with the 2013 styles will include modern plays on the kimono. See above? I am starting here, because what can I say, I love kimono’s. But also, because this picture is about a year old. See you guys think I dress funny, sometimes I am just a year ahead of the trend. 😉

Spring 2013 Contrast

The second trend we should be seeing is a continuation of contrasting colors. Not just black and white, like seen here. Also, Blue and orange, red and green. It is typically what you would think is a cool color, like blue and team it with a warm color, like red. These are brought down to singular, basic colors, but with so many colors on a spectrum, the sky is truly the limit.

Spring 2013 Collage

The next trend mentioned is collage. I earned a collage degree in 2008, oh wait. nevermind. I earned a college degree. The collage look is the use of sewing together different patterns to create a new look. They always seem to look a bit ethnic, or eclectic to me. Perhaps a bit Boho chic. Zaara is already in the game for this look since this is a last years sundress.

Springs 2013 veiled sheers

The next trend for Spring will be what is called “veiled” styling. There were a lot of sheer see-thru materials out this year during the RL fashion weeks.This one just hasn’t really come about much in Second Life yet, but it will be fun to see it if any designer’s decide to play with it. I’m wearing the sheer blouse from Gizza included in the Blazer suit outfit. (found by way of Chloe, kudos girl!). The rest of the look should be layered elements, but I stalled here due to time constraints and threw on a pair of quasi-layered pants.

Spring 2013 flounces

The next fashion trend you should be seeing this Spring is the flounce. I really like this look there are a lot of romantic and elegant things you can create with a flounce. Without the adorable layers of this dress, it would lose a lot of its depth and would be too plain to wear for anything other than everyday wear. I particularly love this look for Second Life because it adds a 3 dimensional effect in a basically two dimensional world.

Springs 2013 alpha females

And last, but certainly not least, and this is afterall, a look I wear more than others is the alpha female trend. Fuller eyebrows on women are back in (think Brooke Shields in the 70’s), as well as man cut jackets and pants. I like the look, but tend to like to soften it up some with things like wearing a bra as a shirt, or feminine jewelry.

Take from? Well of course, Second Life modeling isn’t really about playing dressup with your Barbie doll. You need to keep up with current styles, learn new styles or create a new trend in styles. It’s fun to throw on clothes, but to be the best at something you need to lead others by introducing those looks other avatars will crave to wear and own. I hope this was enough to get you excited about the coming Spring Fashions. Heck, I am just a lil Cao, a non-model. Just imagine what YOU could do! SLURLS are under the “Last known SLURLS page.

Outfit One:
Hair: Boon, BNG331
Makeup: Blackliquid, Winehouse
Earrings: Zaara, Hiral Wood
Necklace: ChopZuey, La Cascadeuse
Shirt: .Shi, Wrap Blouse
Skirt: Mon Tissu, Westberry
Shoes: Diktator, Dare Horseshoe

Outfit Two: Contrast
Jacket: Gizza, Blazer suit (female)
Pants: LWL, Harem IKat
Makeup: *LpD* Gia, eyes
Hair: Madesigns, Aria
Hairbase: 99 elephants, shaved
Jewelry: Mandala, Senjyu

Outfit Three: Collage
Dress: Zaara, Kitika Maxi dress
Hairs: Boon, PKJ371
Jewelry: Zaara, Hiral earrings, Parnini necklace

Outfit Four: Veiled
Shirt: Gizza, included in the Blazer suit (female)
Pants: Glam Affair, July
Hairs: Boon, PKJ371
Jewelry: A la folie

Outfit Five: Flounced
Dress: Tee*fy, Orelle
Necklace: LaGyo, Triumph
Earrings: Indy and Co, Maelle
Hairs: Boon, KBO906

Outfit Six: Alpha Female
Jacket: Gizza, Blazer suit (male)
Bra: Sea Hole, Catalina lingerie
Pants: Maitreya, Leggins
Hairs: Dura, boy/girl03
Jewelry: Mandala, ceekeeey earrings, Amida necklace



Okay, I don’t know. I got nothing. I’ve been feeling this way all week. I think it’s one of the reasons I hesitate to blog events. Events are no brainers, you just repost what was already posted, so easy I reckon even a Cao can do it. But it makes your creatively lazy. I do want to say, to all those who made the next round of Avenue, I send out a huge congrats! I tried out, did you know that? Yeah. I did. Didn’t get far though, one round. I guess me walking down the runway isn’t on their agenda. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not broken up about it a single bit, heck, on the notecard where they asked why do you want to be an Avenue model, I wrote, I only walk runway for charitable events these days, I’m retired. So I suppose since I wasn’t willing to waste time on them, they weren’t going to waste time on me either.


The take from for all this? Of course there is one! Don’t try out for things unless you are willing to fight 110% to win it. Because if you aren’t completely invested, it’s not worth your time, but its’s a waste of their time too. So just say no. However, for those who made it, again, congrats! I hope you enjoy the next round and if it’s really what you want, I hope your dream is fulfilled! Oh, and since your not going to be eating those, could you pass me your Dorito’s?

Outfit One:
Pose: Manifeste
Hairs: Maitreya, Aisha
Face Jewelry (Bindi): Eshi, Shakti **NEW**
Dress: GIZZA, Hankie Dress **NEW**
Necklace: Zaara, Atiriya **NEW**
Shoos: Zaara, Ilaida Mojri


There are lots of news at *LpD* recently and I just wanted to share a few. Above is the gorgeous Porcelain Doll skin available only at The Couturier’s Dock. Only 35 will be sold so runnnnnn! If you do miss out on this Nevery Lorakeet has plently of amazing skins available at her main store. The makeup is also available at *LpD* I love this so much, on my “Last Known SLURLS” page I have a LM to The Couturier’s Dock and to *LpD*

Out yesterday, at the mainstore I picked up these really groovy “Geena” boots and bag. Available in lots of colors, so just go pick out your fave! Suede and stylish, they will pull any outfit together in chic style. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself. I think you will find something just perfect for your glamorous style! xo

Outfit One:

Skin: *LpD* “Porcelain Doll”
Makeup: *LpD*, “Eve”
Jewelry, Donna Flora, “Oriente”
Kimono black: .Shi, “Chinoi homme”
Kimono red: Sweetaholic, “Ryouga”

Outfit Two:

Hair: Dura, “girl 29”
Earrings: Zaara, “Hiral
Collar: Mimikri, “Fur Collar”
Dress: *LpD*, “Balloon dress”
gloves: Mimikri, “Cuff gloves”
Bag and Boots: *LpD*, “Geena”


A couple of times now, people have contacted me to co-blog with them. I’ve never done it before, actually a little leery of trying it, after all I am a blogger for a Second Life, but not especially a First Life, and these bloggers are typically real life authors. So I was surprised when once again I was asked, by a person named Anya Sarre, link: Chief Accessories and Handbag Stylist for Kim Kardashian’s multi-million dollar website Shoedazzle link:. My first response is obviously along the lines of “get the heck out of town, I’m just a Cao” but Anya grabbed my heart because first of all, she sells shoos! I happen to love shoos! Second, she is a stylist! I like to style! And third, she has a new baby! I love babies! But seriously, the silliness aside, I read the blog she wrote, and her advice is solid, in both a real life and a second life, so I am hereby turning my blog over to Anya Sarre for the day. The outfit I am wearing for Anya’s post will be credited at the end. I added the Lelutka hairs and a Gizza hat and easy as pie, chic, quirky and 110% Lil Cao, showing Anya Sarre layering in a Second reality.


Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. With no further adieu, here is Anya Sarre’s excellent advice to Fashionista’s and her included pictures for her blog:

“While I love the long and warm days of summer, but I have to admit that I cannot wait for fall. Fall is when all the big fashion designers start trotting out their new red carpet fashions. If you are a big fashionista like I am, it’s the time to look around! I’ve discovered that there are just a few essentials that every girl needs for this fall!

When it comes to nailing this fall’s look, I’m going to have to say that it’s all about layering. Unfortunately, most people think about layering as that unpleasant thing they do with sweaters and thermals in the winter. The truth of the matter is that layering can be amazingly versatile if you know how to do it. The key is to keep your layers very thin. Start with a thin camisole, top it off with a skimpy shrug and throw a lovely shawl on over the top of that. You can even layer long shorts with thin leggings for a bohemian look.

Blue and yellow adds delightful color on a dull day

If I have one fashion must-have for fall, it’s tights. Now the truth is that I love tights, but this year, it is easy for everyone to love tights. For those who prefer a more conservative look, there are the standard black tights that go with just about everything, but beyond that, you’ll find a whole world of possibility. For example, when you are headed out for a fun night, why not put on a pair of tights with some shimmery, sparkly glitter knit into the fabric? If you are feeling in a colorful mood, choose tights with a fun swirl of color printed on it. Tights are a fantastic way to add color to your outfit, especially if you tend towards more neutral colors in general.

Don’t forget that fashion doesn’t chop off at the shoulders. Hats haven’t been a common sight since the fifties, but with more and more people discovering their appeal, you’ll find that there are more them on the streets lately. If you are after a very soft, very feminine look, consider choosing a drooping cloche hat in black, gray or lilac. These hats compliment a wide variety of faces, and they are perfect if you are curious about adding a retro touch to your appearance. On the other end of the spectrum is the lovely masculine fedora. Dare to accessorize and pair the perfect shoes with your fabulous fashionista look this fall!”


Fall fashions are a time for a girl to embrace her favorite look. What’s yours, and how are you going to reveal this year?”

Outfit One:

Hat: Gizza, Rococo
Hairs: Lelutka, Blake
Jacket: House of Fox, Scarlet
Scarf: Maitreya, Long scarf
Shorts: Toki Doki, Cocoro short
Leggings: Zaara
Bag: Baiastice, Ikna
Boots: Maitreya, Devi



I dance most of the days of the week, what can I say? I love Second Life, I love all the residents who contact me when I log in, I love the ones who do not because they are too busy working on their creative endeavors. You are all so amazing, gifted, funny and always so very nice! For this, I thank you! No blog today, it’s a casual weekend for me, a three day weekend no less, so I may wander away a bit. I just wanted to wish you all a gorgeous and peaceful weekend, and enough time in your day that you can free your mind of all cares and worries, and just dance, even if only in your heart.


Outfit One:
Hair: Boon, BNG331
Makeup: Blackliquid, Winehouse
Earrings: Zaara, Hiral Wood
Necklace: ChopZuey, La Cascadeuse
Shirt: .Shi, Wrap Blouse
Skirt: Mon Tissu, Westberry
Shoes: Diktator, Dare Horseshoe

Outfit Two:
Hair: LaViere, Ambush
Earrings: Mandala, Senjyu
Shirts: .Shi, Bareback Turtleneck sheer with halter
Pants: Glam Affair, Lou
Bracelet: Mandala, Hokusai
Shoes: Nardcotix, Mana



I think one of the most eye catching ideas in fashion is playing with texture. Recently while perusing a Vogue magazine, I stumbled across a picture of a model in a spiked jacket and a romantically ruffled skirt and I fell in love. It’s amazing the nuances, the visual dimensions you can create by doing the unexpected with what you have on. It would have been okay to wear a soft top with this soft “Aviary tutu” skirt from Ladies Who Lunch, in fact it comes with a feathered top, but why keep so much sameness? To me the look was just itching for the Gizza “biker” jacket in black leather. The easy crowning piece for the ruffly rumped tutu is, of course, MaDesigns Aria hair in Club colors, this style is perfect for making a scene or being seen, whether on the runway or hanging at your fave rave.

I’ve had fun exploring with this, try mixing and matching your favorite textures yourself and let me know how you do and whether you like it or not. I’d love to hear from you all!

Outfit One:
Hairs: MaDesigns, Aria
Earrings: Rozoregalia,Gemma
Jacket: Gizza, Biker
Skirt: [LWL], Aviary Tutu
Cuff: Zaara, Prata
Leggings: CK (Curious Kitties), Fishnets
Shoos: [LWL], Trooper