Trip the Light

Come, and trip it as ye go On the light fantastic toe, And in thy right hand lead with thee, The mountain nymph, sweet Liberty ~ John Milton

Trip the Light Fantastic

I once commented that I love designers who create in multiple dimensions and one of my fave of these designers is Zib Skaggs of Zibska. She recently dropped me an early Christmas prezzy and now my dilemma is trying to figure out which items I want to wear first because I love them all! I settled on this for today, but  I know I will be delving back into the box in the near future. I hope you get a chance to stop by, especially if you are one of those certain Miss Virtual World candidates, because one of the perks about Zibska is she lets you modify most items and there  is usually a color-change HUD so you can find the perfect color for whatever your color needs are! I hope your weekend tripped the light fantastic so well that your Monday has turned out to be one of a low gravity sort!


Hair: Zibska, Arnelle

Top/Pants: Zibska, Izely,  **NEW**  ** **

Collar: Zibska, Alihar  ** **

Skin: October’s 4Seasons, Angelina (more info coming soon!)


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