What I Is

Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self. ~Queen Latifah

I haven’t always been this, as I say, swave, self-assured Cao you see before you. Heck, on most days I am still a bit gangly and awkward in social situations. But I can say a big step in my growth to what is the now “me” was to stop worrying about the worst that could happen in social situations. Dimes to donuts, in my case at least, the worst usually happened anyway and no amount of fretting was going to put a halt to it. I mean, seriously, do you recall me dancing at that wedding in my fancy, outrageously sexy white spanx with my palazzo pants waltzing romantically about my ankles? My life is so fly, I can’t possibly make this chit up.


How did I learn to relax? Easy! You may be surprised, but once you realize that at some point you are going to do something like trip over you own two feet, land on your arse, whilst knocking over the bean dip so it lands with a plop in your lap during the party, the actual event when it occurs is anticlimactic, and face it, kind of funny too. Learn to laugh at yourself both when it happens and afterward. Turn it into a funny story that you can share with others. And trust me, my friends and family have a TON of “remember when Cao” stories. But making mistakes lets people know that you’re not perfect and makes you feel more at ease, too. I’ve even heard it’s an attractive quality for someone to be able to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously!

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Take from? Yes, if you want one. Develop and express your individuality. Whether it’s your sense of style, your quirky-ness, or even your manner of speaking, whatever “it” is, be proud of it. Value the person you are, follow your own style, love your own personality, and embrace your flaws; because we all have them. In fact, if we weren’t so obsessed with our own faults, we’d notice others have them too. And by choosing to be ourselves when you reach the point in life where you have options, you can have them because of whom the real you is, not because of pretending you are someone else. You will be able to consider them and enjoy them and know they are truly there for the real you and not for some made up personality of a person you are pretending to be. I reckon there would be a lot less “be careful what you wish for’s” if more people were honest from the get go, don’t you? Ah well, it’s just a little of my thoughts, take them or discard as you will, I just wanted to throw it out here because like my dragon besty likes to remind me, I like to live my life by word and peace.


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14 thoughts on “What I Is

      1. This lady was rocking sheer black palazzo pantalones with a tuxedo jacket over it, trés chic until she lost her footing and fell. Guess who was wearing only a g-string. Schadenfreude baby!

  1. Laughing at own self realizing ones own mistake… great words!
    How many of us can actually accept our faults and be true to ourselves.. how many of us have to time to look into our hearts..
    Thanks Cao, your words always have so much depth in them.

  2. All so very true Dollface, and speaking of floor hugging, I did that just this morning and believe me it i easy to lose your footing when you are only really using one of them. Shower curtain came down after..but stuff happens. It is funny now, this morning not so much. Love the look today…but I always do ❤ love you more though

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