Selecting Battles

Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul. ~Ezra Taft Benson

Selecting Battles

There was a time when I would drop my hat for a fight of self-righteous indignation if I saw a wrong transpire. Heck, I can think of three “the bullchit stops here” posts I’ve done since starting this blog. There was a time I’d fight, “was” being the correct term. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t enjoy confrontation, but somewhere between youth and right here where I stand now, I grew tired of being taken advantage of and decided it was OK to express feelings when others chose to stomp all over mine. But it’s definitely not going to be a chit stops here day because I put this one on my “is it going to be all that important to me in ten years?” scale and it came up woefully lacking. That’s the thing about toxic people, they seem toxic at the moment but down the road, you probably won’t even remember the event, much less the person. So, to say what I have to say, I will do so in a vague sense.

I blogged a small time event once. I was leery of getting involved because I knew I was having surgery, but rather unfortunately it turned out, against my better judgment I did join in. When it was over, the person in charge said I didn’t blog enough though I had blogged over fifteen designers. She grew very irate, blocked me, muted me, and snuffed me off the face of her virtual world. The thing is, in the two and a half years since this has happened I not once have thought of the person. Not once. So what’s my issue now? A designer who is a very dear, very old friend to me rents a store space on her SIM. I tried to visit my friend to purchase a few items to blog but I couldn’t go there because I am banned. So this idjit for a lack of a better word, no wait, moron might work too, is keeping a designer, who pays to sell on her SIM from having paying customers. First of all, what professional-business minded individual would do that? And second, designers, beware, this could happen to you too, you might want to see who your SIM owner has banned and ask why, because they may be keeping you from having paying customers too.

Ah ‘ell, looky there, I suppose it mattered a little bit to me after all. Sorry for the rant, but gee I feel much better. I’ve been carrying that extra weight for over two weeks now. Don’t believe me? Just ask my dragon, I chewed her ear off over a week ago. Drat, I almost matured there for a second. Just goes to show, even a mature Cao is still just a Cao.

Hair: D!va, Kelly @The Season’s Story
Outfit: .enfant terrible., Ivy dress & crown @The Season’s Story
Pose: Katink @2015 Pose Fair
Nails: Nailedit!
Skin: Glam Affair
Flowers: [keke], Potted Magnolia’s @The Season’s Story

Ear Wax

2 thoughts on “Selecting Battles

  1. I think you made a perfectly legitimate & helpful point! Because of this person’s, frankly petty, behavior of banning you … your friend can’t sell to you at her store. Your 2nd point of how many others may she have banned is a good one as well … I have to say if she has banned you, who is more than easy to get along with, then reason alone would point that it is more than likely she has a long ban list which results in depriving her renters from possibly many paying customers … as you wisely points out! But, More important, I am glad you were able to get this off your chest and maybe feel a bit better about the whole thing. Honestly, as for the maturity point … I’d say you have displayed more maturity than this other person has hands-down … Beside who wants to be mature 100% of the time … where is the fun in that? ❤

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