On Not Being Perfect

The secret to modeling is not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new. ~ Karl Lagerfeld

On Not Being PerfectPose: Sue Hunniton, Pics N Poses .

Something rather unusual happened to me in May, I was asked to model for two different magazines. I blogged the first one, Inovare a week ago here: That isn’t unusual, I’ve modeled in a few over the years, but this time I was asked not only to model, but to be the photographer as well. I’ve always thought of myself as a simple point and shoot photographer. Sure, I clip and glance over traces of mistakes in Photoshop before uploading for my blog but that’s about it. I am sort of a “mass-media” production photographer among true creative genius virtual artists. Trust me, I study so many of you, you truly are. Honestly, when I was first asked by both groups I was like that famous skit where the person points at their self, looks around thinking they must be talking to someone over their shoulder, and says “who me?” I agreed to do them the best I could, lived through the most angst I’ve had in years, but in the end, was OK with my finished product. The funny thing is, when I saw the magazines I realized, I was right, I am a sub-par point and shoot photographer surrounded with genius. I was simply astounded at how gorgeous both magazines turned out. So this blog is to show you the second magazine Versus. I hope you will click through and check it out! Of course, if you want the credits on anything, they can be found betwixt the pages.

Not Being PerfectPose: {Nantra} .

The take from today? Well other than check out the magazine, it’s the quote. I just found this Lagerfield quote today but oddly it’s something I’ve been telling new models for years. In a virtual world of sameness, your face is your brand and you need to create a face that other people will recognize without your name floating over your head. But also, in a world of artifice and some hidden realities, your ethic, your personality and treatment of others is just as much your brand. Be kind and true to all, finish what you commit to, make yourself unique, study hard, and have fun. Because then, even if you don’t reach some fictional goal you created for yourself at least you had fun and made true friends along the way. I know I sure have. I hope your weekend is shaping into something uniquely beautiful!

11 thoughts on “On Not Being Perfect

  1. You, woman! I can NOT keep up with you. Do you have 30 fingers to type and blog?? Lol. But now I am sitting here and going to ‘attack’ your blog so brace yourself. ❤

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