Among the blessings of love there is hardly one more exquisite than the sense that in uniting the beloved life to ours we can watch over its happiness, bring comfort where hardship was, and over memories of privation and suffering open the sweetest fountains of joy. ~GEORGE ELIOT

Love Bandana: Lelutka, Zahara . Earrings: Kungler’s, Luna **L’Accessories** . Hands: SLink . Nails: Nailedit! .
Pose: Aerial Poses, Gift pose ( )

I wanted to remind everyone, this is the last day of THE 2014 Hair Fair in Second Life. I hope by now you’ve at least stopped in and bought a single hairs. Remember, a portion of the sale goes to Wigs for Kids and organization that provides wigs to children with terminal illnesses. You wear hairs, why not buy from an event that helps children? As the last day of Hair Fair, today is bandana day. These stores are located on each SIM. All the bandana’s are 50 Lindens and 100% of the proceeds goes to Wigs for Kids. 100% help. That’s just a no brainer. As an aside, I said this year, instead of selling my shape I am going to go out on my own and just make a donation to Wigs for Kids.


Today I made my donation to the charitable Avatar HairFairSL Core. Why? Because I love children and want to help. I hope your weekend is filled with people who love you too.

2014-07-27 11:13:01 e55e5dab Destination: HairFairSL Core
Gift L$32000
Region: Melody

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