Age is a number and mine is unlisted.


Naw, just kidding. I suppose this year I am on the 4th anniversary of my 32nd birthday. Either that or something else. Last I checked, I ain’t sayin’. I thought I’d have a quiet day, enjoy not being at work and all. I thought, but then at 6AM the posse showed up at my door. Gotta go, I will call if I need bail! As an aside, I found several “birthday” prezzy’s for myself the last two days. SQUEAAAAA!! The “Finrod” earrings have always been my favorite set from Kungler’s Extra. Let me re-phrase, my “new” favorite set that is. They have so many wonderful pieces I love them all! This week Eva Kungler released the matching necklace!!! And to add the ice cream to that big fat birthday cake, Baiastice released a high-waist short. I was so excited I ran around Collabor88 half nakey and bought the fatpack! Take that Draakje Dailey! The Cao has new wear everywhere clothes! Have a on the downside of the weekly gravitational pull kind of day, as for me? It’s the weekend!  *dances*

Hair: Vanity Hair, Asunder
Earrings: Kungler’s Extra, Finrod
Necklace:Kungler’s Extra, Finrod @Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Pants: Baiastice, Vigo high waist short @ Collabor88
Top: Baiastice, Kasia

Ear Worm

6 thoughts on “Number

    1. es muh birfday Lil Dragon. I gots my knickers on, I gots my party hat and whoopty-doo party horn. The only missing is choo! Hurry up! Yer icy cream is melting!!! ❤

  1. Happy birthday, Miss Caoimhe! Mine is in a few weeks, and I love your “4th anniversary of 32” outlook! I may or many not be ever so slightly north of 30 myself, so it’s wonderful to be in such good company. ^_^ Hope you have a brilliant day, and lovely to meet you!

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