The Mix

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. ~ Tammy Faye Bakker

The Mix

Let’s face it, a lot of us in Second Life use shopping as retail therapy. Heck, I’d even go so far as to say Second Life has it’s fair share of enabler’s out there. Not to mention names, Draakje Dailey. Oh wait, I suppose that’s mentioning the name, my bad. But seriously, a little more seriously, I suppose, how many times have you finally after the twelve thousandth attempt F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. made it into an event and then had to stand there for 3 hours waiting for everything to rez, and when you finally find that one item you went to the event to pick up, the place is so crowded your purchase ends up un-delivered and wallowing just out of reach in the virtual dust of the world wide web? I’m sure I’m not the only one this happens to and I typically don’t attend events on the first day. But it has always been a pet peeve of mine that I am willing to pay to blog designer’s event items, but can’t get TO the items to blog them. By the time I make it into some events, I’ve seen the product so much even I know the fad is waning and shouldn’t be caught in the tail end of a style trend. The Point? And why the heck am I blogging when I promised I’d leave you alone the rest of the week? As a public service to all of you other serial shopper’s out there, of course! Just in time for your next round of event insanity, there is a new event to cure the itch! The best part? It brings the event to you, not drags you to some prim laden venue of cement shoes and naked bodies. Seriously, just say no to wearing mesh to events, in fact at events is the only time in my Second Life I see nudity, and a lot of it. Lots and lots of it. *soaps eyes*

The Mix

I digressed there a little, sorry. The Mix event includes a free HUD that teleports YOU to the location of the designer’s items, in their own store! The HUD is free, either from the Marketplace or by joining the group from the event’s website: or —> here . I joined the group from the website and it was very easy (you have to be inworld at the time and it just delivers you a group invite). The HUD itself you just attach, I swiped a screen print from the  Mix website, each button will have a stores name on it and is a teleport button, the columns listed in green are “New Items” being offered by a store and are typically regular priced, but you just could be the first Cao customer blogging the item it’s so easy to speed shop. The pink column is stores offering sale items at discounted prices, like this groovy dress I am wearing from La Penderie De Nicole, a STEAL at 50L’s, did you say deep discount? Yes, please!  And the yellow TP buttons are items designers make exclusively for the event. Something for every Second Lifian’s budget and with 132 designers already signed on to participate, something for every style too! “Duh, Winning!” *looks on her hard drive for her Charlie Sheen Gif* Naw, I wouldn’t do that to you. Don’t be Charlie Sheen, be as smart as a Cao! I’ll even make this easy for you, I’ll provide you the link-y to the Marketplace so you can get started going poor retail therapy-ing for sanity right now! I’m thinking of having T-shirts made!


Blog Post Brought to You By:
Hair: Rowne Mode, Natasha Style 02 **NEW**
Dress: La Penderie De Nicole, Odyssey @ Mix Event
Jewelry: Meva, Coins Set @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room Event


9 thoughts on “The Mix

  1. Awesome, I am not very good with hud (a total doh), but I might dare try it out. I think I did over 50 clicks before I got into farmesh yesterday only to arrive and there was a sim restart. When I logged in I ended up getting that one special outfit I wanted from there, only to leave with a sofa, and other furniture (still packaged) – shopping therapy – hell yah! I think I was so overcome with lag I did not want to have to go back… so spend over an hour there going through every item XD.

  2. I agree to events being sometimes hard to get into, especially the first day. What bothers me more than the time it takes to rez is when I do get all rezzed and ready to go crazy I see curtains over vendor spots that say coming soon. Now that really irks me, because I spent the good part of my morning getting there while many designers did not show up on time. This hud is going to be handy indeed….Love the look Dollface ❤ you too

    1. well in there defense, they seem to be doing a lot of events these days and I guess designers really can’t “run a little late” because like you, then they can’t get into the event to set up. I imagine its frustrating for them. I am about to log in and explore a little bit more. 😀

  3. I love this idea – I, too, hate trying to get into crowded events. I usually end up waiting for the rush to be over, and by then, everyone has already seen everything, and what’s the point? I went to many of the places for Mix yesterday, and I will be visiting the rest today. 🙂

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