Where Ya Goin’?

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ~ Charles Dickens


This picture has been sitting in my flickr waiting for me to pay attention to it for so long I’ve probably lost the credits. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I think it’s time for me to step down and let the real SL fashion bloggers take over the cyber world. These days I seem to style outfits, take pictures and, and, well that’s it, just and. So a short but sweet post today (and no I am not completely leaving blogging or SL).

But as I fade away, I want to share something. And, as always, it’s just my opinion, so you can take it away or shred it to oblivion. Over the weekend I was watching a story about a Canadian soccer player and he made a comment that caused me to stop and reflect. He said loosely, “Everyone who becomes someone great has someone who believed in them.” For him it was a beloved coach. I think that is something that is missing a lot in life these days and maybe the cause of a lot of the turmoil in the youth today. They have no one to believe in them, to push them to do better, to be better. No, not blow them full of hot air and tell them they are something they are not, that’s just a bunch of unrealistic lies. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves today, we put our children in sports, they play hard and in the end “everyone’s” the winner. No, somebody won and somebody lost. We can’t all be winners. In fact, we learn more from our losses then we ever do from our wins. And I reckon winning AND losing, are both a part of what creates our life, melds us into who we become as adults, and boy I’ve seen a lot of childish acting adults lately. Heck, read just about any headline involving the exploits of professional athletes these days. How the ‘ell did we become so spoiled that we walk all over, bad mouth, punch and kick anyone that isn’t acting how we want them to? What ever happened to I’m OK, but you know what? You are too. What ever happened to turning the other cheek or better yet, just walk away? I don’t know how I even got from up there to down here, it’s not even where I wanted my feet to land. But in a way, no wait, yes it is, I digressed. “Everyone who becomes someone great has someone who believed in them.” I want to be that person, that believer in youth. Don’t you?


Hair: Vanity Hair, Moon River
Earrings: ieQED, Araw
Necklaces: MG, Royal Khadijah & Celtic Cross
Jacket: *sigh* flog me bc I can’t find it… –.–
Skirt: *COCO*, Lace skirt
Shoos: Azoury, Leontine

13 thoughts on “Where Ya Goin’?

  1. *hugs Cao* You are that way in encouraging your little nieces. You set a good example for them all the time. SO let me just say…I believe in YOU. Even if the rest of the world drifts away as the fog lifts you will see this silly little red head standing there applauding you. Just for the record, I do not think I will be standing there alone.
    We all need to feel as if someone in the world is patting our back every so often. It’s not an age thing, I believe it’s a human thing. Encouragement, feeling appreciated…it;s all what drives us to do better, to be a better person, and soldier on. Humans are social animals. That is just the way we are wired.
    So..just know that being you makes us feel good. What ever would we all do without our stylist lil Cao showing us how it;’s done? *wink*

  2. I’ve been doing that too lately – take pictures and put them into my “Pictures to blog” folder, and take weeks to get to them. I do however copy to clipboard what I’m wearing, pose(s), and location (if any) and then paste to notepad. Because I know I will forget later when I go to blog lol.

    I have in my SL profile:
    ” Do you want to be right, or do what’s right? Challenge yourself each day to be a better person. ”
    because I have encountered too many people who want others to act in a certain way, and then throw tantrums when they realize that their peers are not robots. Too many who lose out on great opportunities and friendships because they were “right”.

    For sports, I don’t get this mentality about everyone winning. When I played basketball, sure we got a trophy at the end of the year for participating. No one said we were “winners” unless we actually placed 1st in whatever division or tournament we were in. And people understood this back then. When I got my MIP trophy one year, it was way bigger than any “default” trophy.

    if you think about anyone who is well-known today, they all attribute their successes to someone or some people who believed in them. There are so many negative people around that we all need someone to push us in the right direction at times.

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