Life, Is It Just a Box of Cereal?

Live life to the fullest, for the future is scarce. ~ Nick Carter

Life Is It Just a Box of Cereal

I sometimes wonder what I will do on the last day of my life. I never used to think about this a’tall, but I guess when one loses their beloved father they tend to reflect on the missing now and again and sometimes painfully wonder if their father is looking down on them with pride or disappointment. My father was bigger than life to me, so smart, a doctor, so kind, a pediatrician, a stead-fast and true friend. If the apocalypse happened today, what would your last breaths of life entail? Ask me this a few years ago and I would probably say I’d spend it cowering under the bed covers, but truth be told, that doesn’t prolong the day, you will die anyway, so why shouldn’t you spend it squeezing every last ounce of joy out of it? The sad truth is, it’s easy to believe we are living when we go through the motions every single day by rote. But are we truly living up to our potential? I think to truly live we have to leave our comfort zone, don’t hide under the bed, go up on that hill and face death with a ferocity and clarity not yet felt before. Feel a little pain, every single day, because it’s the pain that grows the wings that allows us to soar.


Well, at least that’s my thoughts on it today, tomorrow I might just go and cower again, it’s a fifty-fifty shot, I reckon. Just a little heavy thought as we slide into the weekend. Take a minute and think about the question if you can because like that commercial on TV, “Carolyn didn’t know this afternoon she’d have a heart attack”, we DON’T know what’s going to happen in the future so it behooves us to readjust our sails regularly because once “it” happens, no matter what in our future “it” is, it would be nice to know we’d done the best we could for ourselves and somehow left the world just a little better for us having visited. A life comfortably lived in, I kinda like the thought of that. Just a random thought for the day, take it for what it’s worth to you.

Bracelet: Kungler’s, Yennefer **NEW**
Hair: Magika, Falling
Dress: Baiastice, Roxette
Purse: *Cashmere*, Pyramid purse
Sandal: ::C’est la Cie!::, Effy Sandal Maitreya
Pose: Ridic, Bare

4 thoughts on “Life, Is It Just a Box of Cereal?

  1. While I wish my life was like Lucky Charms, I suspect if I were honest it would be more Fruit Loops. Soooo if you are going to be under that bed let’s grab a box and some milk and have a party? Anyone want to join us? Who’s bringing the blankets and pillows?

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