Spanish Tango

Spanish Tango 2

Spanish Argentine Tango (Thank You for correcting me Ewan Crumb, it appears the pieces haven’t quite fallen in the right spot yet 😉 ) I just had one of THOSE Second Life days where nothing would photograph correctly, but well, spork me I am done. My eyes are tired and I am about to shove off for a little holiday and vacation time.I may try to fix the photography on the skirt on Friday, or more than likely will not. If it shows better when I log in perhaps I will just restyle and use it another time. I love mix and match and this skirt has a lot of possibilities, doesn’t it? Or perhaps you can’t tell since someone, who shall be nameless (CAO!), forgot to pay her taxes to Guvner Linden and so he declared today a Cao No Picture Day. Pfffft! But how could I pay now? I found out earlier today that in my amazing intelligence I paid my mortgage payment to the electric company. I know right? Will someone please come sort me out already? And don’t worry about the lights getting shut off, the way I figure it, I am paid up for the next two and a half years..


Take From? If you are having one of THOSE days, take a moment, grab a friend and just dance. Everything in life is a little better and brighter when you can dance. Besides, I read somewhere once, when your world is falling apart, be patient, because just maybe, it’s falling into the right places. That’s what I’m banking on anyway. I’m heading home, but don’t worry, I’ll keep the light on for you, apparently for the next two and a half years.

Hairs: Vanity Hair, Shizuka
Makeup: MONS….
Earrings: Dahlinks, Fan
Dress: Fellini Couture, Abanico
Boots: Belgravia, ELectra
Fan: Tuty’s, Scripted Fan Geisha
Pose: Del May

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