Rolling the Paper

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.~
Willie Nelson

I don’t really have a blog picture yet, well I have this one, my first attempt at a recent BOSL magazine cast (I eventually went a different direction). But with a weekend full of family it’s difficult not to feel guilty about spending a lot of time creating blog pictures. I watched the Gator basketball games with my mum and other assorted family on Saturday and Sunday. I love watching basketball with my mum. She may have picked the wrong college (Auburn) but she’s doing a pretty good job of converting to the Gator Nation. I used to watch a lot of sports with my dad before he passed away, but he was easy, he knew the rules and he graduated from Auburn (Bachelor’s Degree) and Florida (Medical Doctor). Somehow though, enjoying them with my mum is just better. She get’s all crazy excited. Taylor has to patiently explain the rules to her (I would but I’m not very patient) 😉 but seeing her jumping and yelling is well worth the entry fee.

Rolling the PaperA style I discarded for a recent BOSL magazine casting, thinking it time to Spring up my attire

Taylor on the other hand, he is starting to drive me crazy. Seriously. Is it normal for a guy to walk in while you are using the bathroom? He thinks it’s funny. What’s up with that? I mean, I’ve kinda gotten used to Katy the Dee-Oh-Gee doing that over the years, I like to tell people she “rolls the paper” for me, but another human being? I somehow think what happens in the loo should stay in the loo and as long as there is only one toilet, it’s a one person room.. Heck, I am one of those people who would be mortified to use a public bathroom for anything more than a wiz and run.. Yeah, I know, this all sounds like the problem is me, not him and I will be the first to say, you’re right, it’s me, now git on out of here and leave me alone. Anyway just some random thoughts on a scattered Monday. I was just wondering if anyone else goes through this, um, crap when negotiating cohabitation?

Take from? Don’t take me seriously, I seldom do. But isn’t that what life is all about, loving yourself despite your neurosis’s? I like to think so, but then I suppose there could be a direct correlation betwixt my single status and my “issues.” Do you think it’s possible? Naw me either. Have a low gravity Monday! As for me, I’m going to try and scare up some tickets for a certain basketball game this Saturday. How’s that for replacing negative thoughts with positive? I think Ol’ Willie might be on to something. SLURL’s under “last known SLURL’s page.”

Hair: Boon, Huh031
Necklace: Ison, Nova Tribe, **NEW**
Earrings: [Mandala], DNA
Ring: [Mandala], Motsumame
Jacket: Color Me H.O.F., Retro Blazer
Dress: Maitreya, Vintage Lace (without lace)
Shoos: Miamai, Natur’O **NEW**
Handbag, Color Me H.O.F., Mesh Zanzi clutch, **instore Gacha**

4 thoughts on “Rolling the Paper

  1. ” I was just wondering if anyone else goes through this, um, crap when negotiating cohabitation?” Caught that 😛
    Seriously, though I’ve had relationships where we leave the door open when we pee, it is a solid no for anything more than that. My husband and I are in the “door closed” camp.
    Cute post and yay mom! / ❤ ❤

  2. I love the look…of the outfit. As for looking into the loo? That’s a definite NO! Although, like KT, Auds visits me and the loo is the one place she will be a lap cat. Yes, there is something very wrong about that, but I daren’t tell her 😉

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