I am quiet, in real life, honestly, I am. Very quiet and shy, almost awkwardly bookish. But this is a Second Life, and in there, I’m not your daddy’s dormouse. Just wanted to wind down with a fun mix and match, to end the week. Now, it’s time to get serious blogging two events, L’Accessoires and TOW (Tolerance is the Only Way). I hope you have a gorgeous weekend everyone, whether you are inworld or in the real world. xo

Credits for My prickly little Mouse:

Hat: Glam Affair, “Mouse studded Head piece” *new*
Hair: [[LD]] Major, “Socialite”
Jacket: Gizza, “Biker Jacket”
Necklace, Ring & Earrings: Mandala, “Ceekeey” & “Milky Way” Choker & “Matsumame”
Belt: Faster Pussy Cat, “Spikey Belt”
Pants: Faster Pussy Cat , “Tokyo Hotel Leggings”
Shoulder Bag: Glow Studio, “Spike”

2 thoughts on “Quiet.As.A.Church.Mouse.

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