Learning to Be Quiet

Learning to Be Quiet

I’ve mentioned a few times how much I appreciate you all in this time, those who give comments, those who give none too. I am a very quiet person by nature, so it would stand to reason I probably won’t talk about this too much. A take it back, there is one someone I have talked quite a bit about it to. The someone who has been my friend and confidante for fourteen years now. I introduced her quite a bit in a previous blog, my little Jack Russell Terrior-ist KT, her spelling, not mine. My name for her is Katy Foo Fighter, but she doesn’t spell very well, having only made it through kindergarten before they kicked her out for biting the teacher. For an introduction to my best friend for life, it was in this blog: http://anchailinalainn.com/2013/07/23/kt-the-davil-dog-and-doctor-ben-dover/ I hope you will visit there because there is a point to blogging about her now.

Learning to Be Quiet

And lest you think me a few tacos short of a combination platter, I am not the only person who finds comfort in a four-legged friend. Do you remember right after the Sandy Hook tragedy, when we were all up in arms, about arms, ranting and raving about gun control? While we did nothing but scream about the injustice of it all, a real group of heros traveled to that grief stricken city and really rolled up the proverbial sleeves and got to work. This group of good will samaritans? Well they were nothing more than specially trained golden retrievers. They can’t speak, all they could do was what they were trained to do, be an affectionate presence. And you know what? The traumatized children of violence opened up to them, telling them of their fears, angst and painful emotions. Words they were unable to say to a single adult.

Learning to Be Quiet

The take from? Yep, I still have them. The biggest part of our animals natural born empathy, is their ability to just be quiet. People in grief don’t always needs words, sometimes we just need someone to set a spell, silently holding our hand, to just listen when we speak and to hug us when our grief turns to tears. You would be amazed the amount of comfort one can receive just feeling the presence of another who is willing to just be still. Well, thats my wooden nickle on it anyway.

Dress: Miamai, Shae **New from the Golden Thread Line**
Hat: Miamai, Titiana **New from the Golden Thread Line**

9 thoughts on “Learning to Be Quiet

  1. Not going to say too much, shhhhhh! trying to be quiet too. Lets not forget about Cats, they may not seem as smart as dogs and probably aren’t but they sooth us all the same. My Taz has been gone for little over a month and I defiantly miss his calming effect. Dogs, on the other hand sense when we are sad, angry, upset or just pensive. I want a terrier..ist of my own. As for my beautiful lil Cao and her styling today, it kinda reminds me of an avant garde Alice in Wonderland complete with the caterpillar. I am sure that was not where you were going with it but that is what I see 🙂 and it moves me. La you Cao ❤

    1. thats EXACTLY! where I was going! I was actually thinking about that caterpillar sitting on the mushroom smoking the hookah from the Disney cartoon. (Now tell me you use that sentence every day) 😉 I’ve been watching a LOT of the old Disney movies lately and, erm, they are definitely not overly politically correct.. From Peter Pan, the song “what made the red man red.” (Kid you not) And you are right cats too, tho I sometimes think they are more planning our demise then empathising our plight in life. 😉 But I think on the first you are backwards, they are planning our demise because its cats that are so smart. Dogs, aren’t smart enough to do that. lol Love you so Spirit, I’ve missed you but hope your holiday was grand ❤

  2. HAHA,not politically correct is a mild understatement. The holidays well, just like any other day here. But I hope yours was nice or at the very least tolerable:-) Casino life remember, I would not even know it was a holiday if people didn’t keep saying merry this and happy that. Missed you too Doll face, I will be peeking in on you tomorrow. Much love my friend

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