Mixed Emotions

It’s the Sunday before the New Year, so I won’t torture you endlessly today. Hear that Draakje Dailey, minimal word and peace! With the New Year fast approaching I want to ask you to think about something the next few days. I am sure through this year you were hit with both sadness and happiness, joy and pain. I am also sure at times the two groups were not mutually exclusive. One of the happiest moments in my year was right before Christmas, Taylor took me to dinner, gave me a gorgeous necklace and whispered, “I love you.” You would think it the happiest moment of my life, but it was poignantly laced with the pain of my father never knowing his youngest daughter actually found a man, a good man, who could love her just as she is.

Mixed Emotions

The experience is typical of this world we live in, because in so many areas of our lives we are broken. But luckily though, we live in a world with good and bad moments, so we can grab the happy breaths of space and hopefully intertwine it amongst the bad in the hopes of minimalizing the pain. It’s my grown up dream anyway. And this year, I am going to have a grown up New Years Eve.

Mixed Emotions

Take from? Yes, we are all awkward at times and sometimes don’t show our best light to the world. For New Years, let’s dwell on the future, hug close the positive and let go and forgive ourselves the moments we were less than stellar in actions or movement. The wonderful thing about life is we do get multiple reset buttons, so we can create a way to live that is a positive impact on those about us, by simply changing direction. January first is almost here, and will be whether we are ready or not, so why not buckle-in and be ready to make this the best one yet?

Hair: Lelutka, Yves
Hat: Lode, Lill **NEW**
Dress: Mohna Lisa Couture, Angelina
Earrings: .Shi, Mermaid
Necklace/Ring/Bracelet: Vexiin, Verse
Shoos: Miamai, NaturA **L’Accessiores**

15 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions

  1. I had to step away from blogging for a while to care for a loved one and just had a chance to see what you have been up to and truly it continues to take my breath away. What a delight for the eyes and senses. It’s great to be back and Happy New Year.

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