gizza hooded sweater loose denim short exile raspberry beret gos wellington what next rainy day mandala senjyu earring_001

What a very true statement that is, I think Bob Dylan was a very wise man. And we all know those “get wet” people, they are the ones who consistently focus on their own discomfort instead of focusing outwards and realizing perhaps, in the long run, their own discomfort isn’t quite so bad after all. In Second Life, I like to relate this to constantly having your camera focused on your own avatar, instead of seeing with amazement all that surrounds you. So today, I have a new take from. (yes, there is one). I wanted to throw out some “News Year’s” resolutions for SL models and aspiring models. And maybe for some real world “avatars” as well. I’d love to hear some of yours too, if you’d like to comment. And I could think of no better designer’s design to wear today then my friend Giz Seorn of Gizza.

Gizza Anna vanity cotton club mimikri glove donna flora brenda samara watch arturo ring mons lips_001

1) My first and fave is: smile, it improves your face value. I personally love to smile, don’t you? When I chat with friends and strangers inworld sometimes I smile so much I swear my laptop thinks I am in love with it. 2) Be forever grateful of the gifts you receive, even if it is just a short hello. Because think about it, on that day someone thought of you kindly enough to say “hello.” 3) In return, always find something to compliment in others, every one has at least one something worthy of praise so learn to dedicate your space, your face, and your time to the wellness of others. 4) Follow the 3 question rule about things that bother you. a. How important is my complaint to the “big picture?” b. Is what I have to say important to others, or just myself? and c. Will it seem as important a week, month, year from now? If you answer yes truthfully, then approach it by thinking about and then saying what you feel. Words are weapons as sharp as any sword.

Gizza Linnda Lelutka pacahontas mimikri gloves mandala pearl rain

Resolutions for modeling in particular. 5) You are not marked by your past. What did or did not occur in the past, does not ever mean it will continue on into the future forever. Learn from what went wrong, or what went right, expand upon it and move on, healthier, happier and stronger for having experienced what happened. 6) If worried about trying, what ever it is, a casting, a contest, a school, a career.. remember to think about what’s the worst that can happen from trying? You fail and get made fun of? You fail and are out some money? What is so important that you would choose to live a life of unhappy sameness when you have the chance to succeed and live your dream, but if only you would just try? 7) Do not ever compare yourself to others, make yourself with your own hands. If Steve Jobs had failed (actually he did, several times) but if he failed and never made it, should we all have wrung our hands with shame, walked away and said “it’s impossible!”? I certainly hope not. If it’s not right, dust off the big girl knickers, regroup, realign, recreate and push on. Somewhere in each of us is this wonderful soul, heart and mind, well able to bring us what we seek, if only we could learn to let go of the “I can’ts”, “I faileds” and the “it cant be dones, especially by me(s)”. I know, my dragon friend Draakje, “word and peace.” I’ll silently move away before I’ve got you all snoring on your desktops, I was perhaps wandering away with the keyboard a little. I hope you all have a New Year that fulfills the delightful wonders being dreamt in your hearts. Slurls on SLurls page. And here’s one to Gizza: Taxi:

Outfit One:
Jacket: Gizza, hooded sweater
Shorts: Gizza, loose denim short *New*
Hairs/HatL Exile, raspberry beret
Boots: Gos, wellington
Umbrella/pose: What Next?, Rainy day
Earrings: Mandala, senjyu earring

Outfit Two:
Gown: Gizza, Anna *New*
Hairs: Vanity Hair, cotton club *NEW*
Gloves: Mimikri, glove
Jewelry: Donna Flora, Brenda earrings, Samara watch, Arturo ring
Makeup: Mons, lipstick

Outfit Three:
Gown w hat and gloves: Gizza, Linnda *New*
Hairs: Lelutka, pacahontas
Jewelry: Mandala, pearl

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