Garden Party

Garden Party

I am going to a party today, it’s going to be fun. When I saw this dress on Giz Seorn of Gizza’s flickr the other day, I knew, it’s ME! See Dragon? Even your boss makes Cao friendly knicker outfits! Love, love, Love! It even comes with a matching pearl necklace but I was aching to wear this vintage jewelry from Donna Flora today. I always run to classic pieces my mama would own when I am upset. And today I am very upset. I tried to help a designer with something I thought was confusing advertising and he muted me AND banned me from his store. For trying to help. With items I PURCHASED to blog.. *head desk* Well the jury is still out on whether I will blog about the incident tomorrow. I’ll wear this anger for a little bit and see where it settles, I am not one for drama, but sometimes, people shouldn’t be allowed to treat others this unkindly. Did I say I was trying to help? Well you get the picture.

Garden Party

My dragon besty, Draakje Daily and my dear model friend Sothis Sirius talked me down from the ledge, but tomorrow. If you want to know who the designer is, it may be written here. After all, I purchase most of my items and have always considered my self the blogger of the consumer. I’m just not sure if I will. Yet. As a business person this one is going to take some serious considering. Have a gorgeous Saturday! I hope you all have your own parties to attend!

Garden Party

Outfit One:
Dress: Gizza, Romantic Rendez-vous **NEW**
Gloves: Mimikri
Necklace: Donna Flora, Vivian
Earrings: Donna Flora, Brenda
Ring: Donna Flora, Vito
Hairs: Boon, KBO906
Shoos: [Gos], Mae Platform
Poses: Del May and Manifeste

14 thoughts on “Garden Party

  1. What a lovely outfit! I’m sure you will be the center flower of the party!
    And as for the banning thing, I don’t think that guy should be doing that. I mean you’re a customer and trying to make his business running better.
    Don’t be upset! Be happy during the party!

  2. Beautiful styling Cao, clear your mind and enjoy your party. I am one that’s not for drama of any kind, and I have yet to put anyone on Blast even if I thought they deserved it, I’m a firm believer that “Whats done in the dark, will come to light” not to mention “Karma” , but this is your dilemma, and you have to do what you feel is right (for you). G’luck Sweetie ❤

  3. I love that outfit and bought it myself day before yesterday. As far as business owner goes. I am not sure what happened but to ban and mute you is very unprofessional and the best way to deal with someone like that is to no longer blog his things. He is the one that loses because you are the bomb. Avoid the drama and enjoy your garden party. Don’t give this person another thought. People you don’t think about have no power over you. Hugss precious Cao.

  4. I agree with Spirit, blacquartz and Aarya. Go, enjoy, be the belle of the ball and be a “silent boycotter,” to steal Berry’s phrase. In the long run, the designer will be the one who loses out and you will have gained the high ground. Which is where my dear friend Cao belongs!

    Besides…there’s no such thing as “bad publicity.” Don’t give this designer the satisfaction of seeing his name in print!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful time at your party … your Outfit is just beautiful and love love the Hat!!!

    As for the other matter I also believe in Karma … If you blog about the matter as a form of revenge/anger towards this rude person, then that may not be great Karma. But if you’re Blogging as a warning to your readers, “Buyer Beware the Owner of this Place is a bit of an Rude Nut Case”, I see nothing wrong with that.

    You Blog to inform us of all the wonderful things and stores you find items from and as readers we also like to hear about shops that are rip offs, undesirable to go to or the owners are just too rude or full of themselves to bother giving them our time or business. That is why your Blog is so valuable because you give us your honest opinion and information on the “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” 🙂

    So really it is up to you and the reasons you are blogging. Knowing what a kind, sweet, loving person you are if you do blog about it there will be no doubt in my mind it is because you are looking out for us and not a form of revenge because frankly I don’t believe you are capable of that. I know for me personally I would rather pass by a store that treats customers who are only trying to help by banning them. Either way, because of Karma, his dues will be paid one one way or another in due time!

    ❤ Os

    1. It was awesome! Just what I needed, in fact. Nothing like being surrounded by real world friends to put being angry at the Internet in perspective Osprey. Thank you so much, always!! for your very kind words. I hope your weekend was gorgeous! ❤

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