Love is Like the Wind

Love is Like the Wind

8000 L’s is the final bid on me for the Love Donna Flora event. The donator wishes to be anonynous, so I will say a Mr. A. Nony Moos won, but if you see me out wandering around with some “arm candy” you will know who he is. I am kind of looking forward to my “date,” someone this generous for a cause can’t be all bad can he? As an aside, my good friend Peep Sideshow is throwing in again. Gad, I love her so much! She is adding 5000L’s to the kitty, so we will be giving 21,000L’s to the Love Donna Flora event. My other friend Canary Beck bid on me, but was outbid, not one to give up, she came up with a pay it forward of her own. She is donating and match-funding all of the tips from the Basilique Performing Arts Company’s showing of Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet play Sunday August, 11, 2013. The information is here: I don’t know about you, but I love Romeo and Juliet, you can bet I’m going to be there. Thank you all, once again, for paying attention to me and my “causes.” I don’t think I would be here without the love and support of so many of you. Taxi to Romeo and Juliet: Limo

Love is Like the Wind

Take from? Yes, of course, the title. I often feel like the Beck song below, “Lost Cause” because I feel like I can stand on the beach with my arms wide, the sun kissing my face, my fingers splayed and wind whispering all about me, lifting my hair and bringing me shivers and so often it makes me think of love. This is how I feel about love, like the wind it whispers softly about me, through my fingertips, touching me but just out of my reach. Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, taste it or touch it and only with faith can it exist. You have to close your eyes, breathe deeply and just feel it moving within you. You just have to believe it’s there. It’s a Friday, so it’s “date night” I hope your night is an amazing one ❤

love donna flora

6 thoughts on “Love is Like the Wind

    1. I wouldn’t miss it Harvey, thank you! You’ll know me right off, I’ll be the one in the front row waving my “your #1” foam finger. 😀 have a great weekend and see you soon! ❤

  1. I think your focus on the world around you shines brighter than the North star. The world truly is a better place because you are part of it. Thank you for letting us have a window to your heart and soul through this blog. ~all hugs and smushy stuff

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