Winds Whispering Change

Winds Whispering ChangeHair: Vanity Hair, Boys will be Boys . Earrings: [Mandala], Ohoshisama .

I am going to be very low gravity today, Nevery Lorakeet of *LpD* just released a marvey little dress perfect for all occasions. The *Eri* comes in three colors, white, black and pink and it moves divinely, looks chic and is perfect for all types of events where you want to look pulled together with crossed T’s and dotted i’s. Throw in some jewelry from Mandala, a glam ring from NYU from the current round of L’accessoires, one and done.

Winds Whispering ChangeDress: *LpD*, *Eri* **NEW** . Necklace/watch/bracelet: [Mandala], Osenbei, Utamaro, Hokusia . Ring: NYU, Minimal Bold **L’Accessoires** . Pose: Inflorescence ♥

Take from? It’s the title. There’s changes coming, I’m not sure exactly what they are but I feel them all the same. Have a wonderful Monday, and while you are out and about enjoying your day, telephone or agree to meet a friend or family you know lives alone. Because to many people you may be just one person in a vast world of people, but to this person, who perhaps is lonely, you just possibly could be THE one person in the world they want to talk to. How’s that for short and sweet Draakje Dailey? Here’s you a taxi: Taxi:

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