Senescence and a Life of Youthful Exuberance

Senescence and a Life of Youthful ExuberanceEars: [Mandala], Steking . Makeup: Mons ❤ . Hairs: Griddies, Fish

3500 L’s bid for the Love Donna Flora event.I spent the past four days being “educated” in living the life of a six year old. I have to admit, at times the task was daunting, and the final result exhausting, but overall it was an amazing experience. I am not much of a sun person; I tend to keep my beach times to early morning or late afternoon but this little one, she wanted to be in the thick of it from morning to afternoon. So with big floppy hat, long sleeve t-shirt and swathes of SPF a gazillion suntan lotion, I troopered on. I can’t blame her really, do you remember when you saw the ocean with the eyes of a child, rode laughingly, bobbing and eddying like a cork with the waves, or tried to dig your way to China? Me either, it’s been way too long since I cracked my heart that far open (just kidding, I’m still trying to get to China that way). As for the date? Believe it or not, Friday’s “date night” was kind of a gift this week. Jay and I took the little princess to see a movie chronicling the misspent youth of two monster’s friendship while at college. I have to admit, Jay and I kind of resembled some parts of the movie in our own college days, though neither of us are inclined to own up to it. He gets major kudos for this good with kid’s thing, though, for me, it’s more because he can deal with them better than me.

Senescence and a Life of Youthful Exuberance I am so rocking this metal bra 😉 Top: Uber, Hanna Spiked Bra . Pants: ..Mutresse.. , Dupla Ruffled leggins Bracelet: PP, Nairi Spiked bracelet . Shoos: [Whatever] Spiked heels . Purse: [Glow], Spiked bag

But the dilemma is Dr. Ben Dover (Taylor), he means so much to me, even though it’s admitting my mum may have good taste in men. When I mentioned Jay to him, he graciously said I should at least explore the possibility of seeing Jay further, just to make sure he is or isn’t “the one.” Taylor still calls me, and we go out, he is just patiently waiting for me to make up my mind. What’s wrong with that? Well probably nothing, I just don’t think I could ever be that mature about life and relationships. But for now, we will all three inch our way to whatever conclusion fate will hand us, even if it’s nothing a’tall. As for my six year old ward for the weekend? Her Aunty Cao got the last laugh (in secret, of course). At one point, when her back was to me digging away, I buried a clear, heavy, little glass sea shell in the sand and put a big “X” on the ground over it. When we went for a walk I asked her “what could it possibly be?” To which she smartly responded, “Pirates treasure!” She dug until she found it, smiling hugely at the big shell shaped “diamond.” Later in the evening she remarked she would keep forever the treasure the pirate left behind and one day give it to her own daughter, but then said “well maybe not, I’ll probably keep it for myself.” I had to smile at that one.

Take from? Of course! We all have to mature at some point in our lives, it’s a process of life and is called senescence, but there is a difference between maturity and having the heart of a child. One pays the bills, the other looks with unique newness at the world around them each and every day. A child is innocent and free of judgment. Don’t ever be afraid to live with childlike intent, and certainly know, even when you are OooOOOLLD, it’s still okay to keep something for yourself, just because you want to. Just something light to think about on a high gravity Monday. I hope your weekend was filled with a peaceful light as well! Please don’t forget, I am for sale until Friday, August 9th 2013 at noon! I hope someone will have it in their heart to give for the Love Donna Flora event! Heck, you can even buy me to clean your toilet’s if that’s what suits your fancy, I’m kind of easy-going like that! SLURL’s on the Last known SLURL’s page on the left of this page. xo

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